Feb. 6th, 2010

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Last night was so weird. ALL WEEK I've been waiting for the weekend and knowing when it came I'd be sleeping like a motherfucker because everything at work has been SO SO SO SO SHITTY. Last night around 7:30 I was SO TIRED that I laid down in bed (I don't even remember doing it) and slept for three hours, I think. I'm pretty sure it was around 7:30 I laid down but for all I know I slept at my desk for an hour.

Then I stayed up until about 1:30, tried to go back to sleep but kept having flashes of daddy longlegs in my head (I don't even know--they were HUGE, too. Like a couple feet wide. LASHBDFKLJABD) so I didn't get back to sleep until about almost 3, I think. I got up to pee around 9am, thought about staying up but fell BACK to sleep and slept until noon. I feel delightful right now. Still kinda loopy and achy but nice.

My back has been a mess this week. Last Sunday I had the aching that goes down into my arms and I've been taking pain pills all week, more than usual. Yesterday I had a pain behind my left shoulder blade that was sharper than I ever remember feeling. Every day it's a new thing with this fucking accident. It's been EIGHT goddamn months since the second accident. :(


Watched this last night and made some comments about the recent PR ep )


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