Mar. 1st, 2010

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I almost think wonky aspect ratio is worse when it's just a LITTLE off. Not so bad that you look at the icon/image, laugh and bemoan the state of icon making that someone can't tell that they've squished their subject into a munchkin.

But when you look at an icon especially, and do a double take, then move your head this way and that in front of the monitor to see if the screen's slanted or the light's hitting it weird, then contemplate posting it to ask people what they think but decline in case YOU'RE the one that's wrong and there's nothing wrong with the icon after all, despite your eyes going a bit crosseyed when you look away--THAT'S the worst.

It's been an interesting day, for sure. Not Monday-like which makes me wonder what the rest of the week will hold.

I was wearing a pretty cool, spring-y outfit, it IS spring-y outside (seriously, SO nice! I haven't had socks on since last Wednesday!) and just YAY! It's ASTOUNDING how a couple days of melting snow and sun can change my mood. I feel like a whole new person. Wonderful!


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