Mar. 7th, 2010

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-- It's gorgeous outside again today. 12 degrees, kids are skateboarding down the sidewalk, they're down at the skate ramps, people are out walking, sunbathing, etc. GORGEOUS.

-- I'm having the Oscar get togeher tonight (good time to have it, right? On Oscar night :P) so people are going to swing by in a couple hours.

-- I booked my car for when I go home. It's a bit of a unecessary expense for the time I'm there except that I'm surprising my mom for when I go home and showing up a day early and I'm leaving at like- 12am the night I leave and I'm flying in 4 hours from home so my mom doesn't have to worry about any of that stuff. I have to find somewhere new to stay because where I thought I'd be able to crash has fallen through and that upset me a bit. Both because of the extra expense and because I thought I might be able to stay with friends who I doubt I'll see otherwise now. Just gottan roll with the punches, I guess.

-- I have finally updated my caps list. I believe I have successfully changed over all the links in every post to the new website so my caps will actually, you know, show up now and people can dl them. If you do happen to run across a post with non-updated links please let me know. The updated caps list is here.

-- [ profile] apocalyptothon is taking noms for fandoms for this go around. I nominated The Vampire Diaries, Primeval and CW RPS/F. If anyone else wanted to go over and nom the same (esp TVD!) you could do so here. *nudge nudge*

-- Finally, I did that meme that everyone and their dogs have done. 80 things about me )
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how happy I am with the outcome of the Oscars this year. My heart is buoyant.


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