Mar. 28th, 2010

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Oh, flist, it has been a whackadoodle few days, let me tell you what!

I can't even remember the last time I posted as I have been working and getting ready for coming home and coming home and playing with my iPhone and whatnot.

Wednesday I got up at 6:40-ish, worked all day, went home at 5pm to shower, was on the road at 6pm. Drove 1.5 hours to meet up with Todd where I peed at Chapters and it was good and we ate at Boston Pizza before driving 2.5 hours to the Calgary airport. Todd hung out with me at the airport until 2:30am, found me a safer place in the entrance area to sit so the crazy dude from Fort Mac wouldn't harrass me, then took off back to Lethbridge so he could go and, you know, do his job. So I slept maybe a half hour between 3 and 3:30 because baggage drop off opened at 4. Got through security like a pro, then I sat around my departure gate until 6:30-ish when we boarded.

I slept pretty much from when I got buckled in (even through take off!) until we landed in Hamilton 3.5 hours later. We sat on the tarmac and refueled and whatnot and some people got off/on, then continued to Moncton for another 1.45h or so.

THEN I drove 3-ish hours home from Moncton. I made excellent time since the highways are ALLLLLL twinned in this province (seriously, Alberta, get with the motherfucking programme!), although I stopped in the town a half hour away to get some eats (only had a muffin & crispers to this point in the day) and got a bit lost as it's been more than 2 years since I've been there.

FINALLY I got home. Parked in the space beside the house that isn't visible from the living room and called my mom. She had NO idea. Walked up to the house (shades were all down, thank god) and knocked on the door. My mom was all, "*sigh* Just a second, someone at the door." And BAM! There I was! She was taken SO off guard so it was cool. No water works, which was nice, but it really did take her off guard because the house wasn't ready for me. Like, my room was full of crap and the sheets weren't washed and... well, my mom's kinda a hoarder. Not AS bad as the people on the show, but yeah. Hoarder. So she took Friday off to clean all that up since I wasn't coming until Saturday. Oops! It's not like I haven't lived through it before, LOL.

So here I am, at home. The internet here is .... I can't even explain how slow. It could give dial up a run for its money, the only advantage being that this internet doesn't kick off when someone calls and it doesn't make that screechy noise. I can't really use the computer in the day when Mom's on her computer because even my iPhone gets angry with me when loading apps at the same time. I'd throw the computer across the room if I had to wait for it to load with her doing her stuff, too.

So that's why no posts of late (kinda, also on account of me being a lazy mofo) and why no TVD caps (it would take me until I leave to get a GB file dled so I might as well just wait & get this past week's and next week's the day I get back in the same time it takes me to get ready in the morning).

I've only been home a couple days so I'm not TOTALLY bored yet but it's getting there. I keep staying up super late (well, right now it's almost 4pm Atlantic time) because I want to try to keep somewhat adjusted to Ab time since it's 3 hours behind. It won't be hard to adjust back to but I'm only home until next Saturday (this exact time next Saturday I should be rolling into Dieppe for my return flight, actually) I might as well try and stay on track with things.

I'm taking mom out for dinner tomorrow as it's her birthday and we're going over across to Maine on Thursday. Not sure what else we have planned but we'll go to the town a half hour away, maybe to a movie there, and we're going to look into taking a chip factory tour in the next town over.

Seriously, you guys, there's like- NOTHING to do here. But I did find a hot-ass scarf at a new store here and hopefully they'll have new stuff next week before I leave so I can check out more, YAY!

ANYWAY. Enough rambling on, going to maybe go to bed now. Don't know just yet. We'll see.

OH OH! Todd and I also decided on the drive that next Spring in April/May we're going to take a trip to NYC. I've wanted to go back for YEARS now and Todd's never been and he's always gung-ho for shit to do so we're in! New Yorkers--when would be the best time to come? Late April or into May? I want to come when it's warmer than March with no snow but not when the heavy tourist season starts and it gets too hot.


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