May. 2nd, 2010

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We booked our hotel today!

It's really fucking happening! We're going to NYC this summer!

I bought a new laptop case on Friday. I have one that goes over the shoulder but with my back being so bad and us doing SO MUCH walking while we're there I can't have my back start out the journey in a bad way (not carrying my laptop around with me but if my back hurts at the start of the trip it'll never stop) and I don't want to tote my small rollable suitcase around on the planes like I did when I went home last month.

Anyway, long story short--I know have a kick ass, more fashionable rollable laptop case. See? )

ANYWAY. So we're staying in a hotel in Queens bc for the price and a bit more security than a hostel it seemed to be the best way to go. Is the estimation of an hour into Manhattan more or less accurace from Bayside, whatever part of Queens that is?

Right now I'm watching Undercover Blues (my mom and I watched it ALL THE time when I was younger) and just chilling, trying to get rid of a headache. I heart Dennis Quaid in it.

I still have a Tumblr, too. Follow me at funikethat.

My firefox is regressing to shittiness again. Now when I hover over my FF icon in Win7 and it previews the windows for me I see like- five windows instead of two. Some of the tabs are appearing as windows but when I close them the tabs close in the actual window and when I close ALL of the extra "windows" the window they're SUPPOSED to be in closes, too. But now some tabs I've already closed in the original window are appearing as new "windows" and won't let me close them. Jesus, Firefox. Suck harder. I know you can do it.

But who cares? I'm going to NEW YORK!


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