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See it here at [ profile] morbid_girls

Have now started Generation Kill. Not sure what to think yet. It's certainly intriguing. It's a pretty show, for sure. And I like seeing Alexander SkarsgÄrd in something other than True Blood. I like the way he sounds.

The Zombie Diaries was not that great. At all. Very Blair Witch Project and the characters weren't very appealing or intriguing.

I think I'll be doing an icon dump because I've just noticed icons in my folder from December of '07. I NEED to stop hoarding.

lazy days

Apr. 18th, 2009 07:59 pm
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Today's been kind of awesome and I haven't even done anything. I went to the gym and that's it.

I was rear ended last night. I'm okay, although I'm achy today. I expect to feel my back/neck hurting more in the next couple days if the last time I was in a car that went off the road is any indication. I didn't get whiplash until three days later. My back, neck and shoulder all hurt a little and I have a mark on my neck from the seat belt. YAY FOR SEAT BELTS!

Basically, I stopped at a yellow, dude was distracted by his grand daughter in the backseat and Edward got smashed into. :( :( Looking at him you'd never know he was hit, really. The back is a bit scratched and my license plate is bent but there looks to be some possible cracks, too, so I'll have to take it in and put it through insurance, depending on my deductible and all. Sucks.

I reacted... not well. The guy (who turned out to be really nice) got out of the car and came to see me and I was like, "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" and then I cried and hyperventilated, all while still in my car with my foot on the brake, even though I had it in park. I shook for about a half hour. I called my aunt and she came, then the police who also came quickly. One officer, who wasn't assigned to the case, was on patrol and directed us off the road into the college parking lot, then the other two came about five minutes later.

I'll call Toyota on Monday and ask them how to proceed and go from there. Awesome.

After all that I went to 17 Again which was for the win. Very funny, very entertaining. A lot of ... awkward moments, moreso than I thought. Our group was the total back row and definitely enjoyed themselves the most, I think. Zac Efron? HELLO!

Still holding out hope that someone might have a spare Dreamwidth invite hanging about. Maybe? Possibly?

Going to have Harper's Island caps up tonight, too.
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Just got back from Adventureland. I really liked it. It wasn't the best film ever and it wasn't the smartest or funniest (although I laughed a lot, including snorting loudly at a part only I thought was funny) but I super enjoyed myself. It reminded me so much of my days at the theatre. KStew did the weird head-shake thing she did in Twilight but she kept her blinks to a minimum and, you know what? I just plain like her. I don't know how or why but I do.

Adventureland = fun times had by all.

Hey, Tessa from SPN is on House.

Everyone freaking out about Dreamwidth? There's no need. Seriously. How many other journaling systems have started up in the past five years that have either died or just been an alternate dumping ground when people get pissed at LJ or when it goes down? A lot. And we're still here. Dreamwidth isn't going to be any different.

I'll get one when I can and I might use it but it's more because I've been thinking about changing things up a bit, but not in a fandom-related way. That'll always be LJ for me.

I'm failing hardcore on BigBang and I don't know what to do about it.

Lotsa stuff

Apr. 7th, 2009 09:52 pm
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~~ Well, now that Kings is on its way to dead and buried, I won't be doing the caps anymore. I'm not often home on Saturdays or watching normal TV, anyway. But whatever, NBC. Whatever.

~~ Work is... work this week. Monday was hectic and I wanted to stab my eyes out. Today was hectic, too, but less stressful and I was in a better mood. Tomorrow I'll just have to wait and see.

~~ It was 18C here today, which is 64F. Tomorrow it'll likely be 18 again and Thursday I hear it'll be 18, which will likely be more like 22C or 72F. And people are still wearing effing winter coats! I wore skirts the last two days! SKIRTS! It was 3C a couple weeks ago and I was like- SUMMER'S HERE! *puts on strappy sandals*

~~ I think I restarted my BigBang last night. I honestly don't know if I'll be getting it done by May. I want to, but I'm seriously in a place where the writing isn't coming. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm a little sadface over it since I've enjoyed the experience the last two years but I'm coming to accept that I can't force what doesn't want to happen. I'm not Edward Cullen, after all.

~~ Finally, two people in my RL are reading "Breaking Dawn". Someone will now know the pain I've suffered through since last July. Oh, "Twilight". How I love to hate you. I have to bring in the window-sized banner of Edward Cullen from HMV that's in my car right now. I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna do with it.

~~ Project Runway Canada finale... next week? And new Fringe right now! Adventureland (I hope) and Hannah Montana this week! WHEE! AND AND AND! SHORT WEEK!!!!!!!
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Iron & Wine music meme snagged from [ profile] wherethewind

Music meme, now with dl'able music! )

So [ profile] machiiina did this meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. and I bit. These are the things she gave me.

Supernatural - involving unspoiled S4 spec, new!ruby, etc )

screencaps )

horror movies )

Lily Allen )

Canada )

Oh. Drew Barrymoore is apparently in talks to direct the third Twilight movie. Brace yo'selves.

And this is the comment I made to the [ profile] ohnotheydidnt post regarding Rihanna and CB reuniting. Fuck, I hope it's wrong.

I really hope this is fake. I know, People is reliable, blah blah, but I really hope that they jumped the gun and it's wrong.

If it is true (and I'm expecting it is) it becomes a particularly frustrating situation for people watching this incident, fans, friends and family all inclusive.

Yes, this is an abuse case and this is something unfortunately typical of people in abusive relationships. Returning to the abuser for whatever reasons (any number) is horrific and, well, retarded.

But what makes this even more mind-boggling is that Rihanna doesn't need to return to CB for money or security or stability. They don't have kids, he can't ruin her life, etc. It's not like John and Jane Smith down the street who are everyday people and one of them thinks they couldn't possibly survive without the assistance of the other or that they'd have to face the shame of going to a shelter to get themselves back on track.

Rihanna has money, a support system, her own EVERYTHING. And yet she returns to a man who police want to lay attempted murder charges against. ALL cases where the victim returns to the abuser are annoyingly frustrating but in this case there's so much more of a WHAT THE FUCK? aspect to this.

Way to end the post on a downer moment, eh?
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It's been years since I've seen The Fast and the Furious in its entirety.

And now that I'm watching it now...

I see now why people ship Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's characters in it. If I could work up more creative gumption I might even want to write a one-off about them. Literally and literally.
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Sorry for the spam, people on my flist.

BUT. Voting is over for the PCA awards! Well, kinda. If you click through there's still two awards for new comedy and new drama. I don't watch any of the comedies so I just picked Worst Week because I've heard good things. And for the drama I picked Fringe because if it could hook me a little bit more it would be a new fandom for me. As it is right now I enjoy watching it when it's on and I look forward to the next episodes but I kind of have to remind myself that it's on Tuesdays.

I want to see this so badly now:

LOVE! Also, Max Brooks' World War Z is being made (or already is?) into a movie so I'm going to go pick up the book tomorrow because it sounds AWESOME. 10 years in the future, post zombie-apocalypse? HELLO! I stumbled across an author named David Wellington when I was looking up the Brooks book. Has anyone ever heard of this guy or read his books, Monster Island, Monster Nation and Monster Planet? If you have, are they worth it?

BWAH is all I have to say about Catherine Hardwicke being fired from the next two planned Twilight movies.

Feeling the urge to do something fannish like make a fanmix or a wallpaper or something. Damn Sunday nights when I have to go to bed soon. :(
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Saw Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist tonight. Twas cute. Hung out with the non!LJ fangirls again. One of them, K, is like- an internet fangirl but NOT an LJ fangirl, alas. She even asked me if I was a Sam or Dean girl AND uttered the phrase 'Mary Sue'. I've never heard someone say that in regular conversation in RL so it was pretty cool.

Going to have an HMV Thanksgiving next weekend and I'm SO jazzed. My fam is abandoning me to go visit my cousin (damn him from coming back from his tour in Afghanistan and her wanting to see him after months of being away and almost getting seriously injured. GOD) so I'm having my own holiday celebration! To be honest, Thanksgiving isn't a big thing for me but for some reason I'm looking forward to it this year. So people are coming over and bringing food and I'm making a chicken, I think, and a pie (lemon!) and other people are bringing stuffing and potatoes and pumpkin pie and shit. And then we'll play the Wii that I don't know how to turn on and drink and it shall be fun.

I gassed up my car for the first time since I got it over 2 weeks ago and it only cost 38$ to fill it. And the tank wasn't even on empty yet. I probably could have gone until like- Wednesday without NEEDING to fill it up. I heart you, car!Edward.


Aug. 24th, 2008 01:34 pm
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There is something incredibly wrong about watching Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol 2 on Peachtree (like TBS).

For instance, near the beginning-ish when the Bride first wakes up from her coma they black out the part when she rips out the almost-rapist's tongue with her teeth. Then when Buck comes in to 'fuck' they changed it to party. 'My name is Buck and I'm here to party.' They also edited the 'pussy' on his key chain to say 'party'.

If you have to edit a movie that much for tv maybe it's a sign that you just shouldn't edit the damn thing to begin with.

I'm going to have textures later and possibly something else.

o rly

Aug. 10th, 2008 05:47 pm
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I'm playing Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City and I just tried to raise the population by getting one of my female villagers pregnant. She 'went indoors' (the special baby-making hut is decorated with flowers) with THREE different guys, the last being the Chief, and then went to bathe right after the last encounter. She's still not pregnant.

I got nothin'.

I'm watching Titanic. Whee!

Oh, and is anyone else's LJ Addons refusing to refresh the new entries count when you refresh your flist?

Also, SPN friending meme. I commented, despite my better judgment.
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So the JCP commercial ripping off The Breakfast Club for me was sacrilege enough. But I've just heard something that I know will bother a lot more people even more. Even though I'm not really a fan I know it's a bad idea and I'm dreading it.

MTV to remake "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

(I feel like I should duck and cover my ears here)

The ONTD post and the Coming Sooon post.

Jesus Christ, Hollywood. Get some fucking ORIGINAL ideas. Like Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera or whatever it's called. Musical, sci-fi, ORIGINAL.

Gonna post textures in a bit and do hardcore work on my Sweet Charity icons. I made 20 last night so woo!
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I just got back from Batman and I don't have anything else to add that hasn't already been said except... (spoilers) )

When I came home I noticed that a bunch of the roses I got from the classified girls had wilted from the heat in this room. They were relatively fine when I left, showing signs of natural wilting and decay since they're four or five days old, but now a couple of them are almost dead and I only have one that's totally unscathed from the heat. They're still gorgeous but I would have liked them to stay fresher longer. :( Maybe I'll buy some fake ones, LOL. I took some pictures of them when they were still fresh so I'll have to post those when I find the cord to my camera.

OH and hey! Is anyone else having issues with their LJ not staying logged in each time they restart FF? AND is anyone else having trouble with their LJ Addons not refreshing the posts to reflect the read ones when you refresh so you have to do it manually?
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I don't know if I heard it 100% but on Peachtree they edited a line in Blade Trinity from 'Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt' to 'Croc juggling thunder chunk', or something very close to that.

Um. Wow.

In other news I think I'm going to apply for a new job, a better paying job, on the local college campus. Even though I'm not happy with my current job I can't help but feel a lot of guilt at the thought of applying/interviewing/possibly leaving.
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I've decided to try these this year. Why I never attempted the movie one while I was working at the theatre, I'll never know. It probably wasn't around then.

I'm going to list ALL the movies I watch but I'll indicate new ones I've seen because I like to re-watch movies again and again.

100 Movies in 2008 )

20 Books in 2008 )

500 Episodes in 2008 )

I'll link this with in my intro post because I have too many stickies as it is.

Hi, Random!

Dec. 2nd, 2007 07:20 pm
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Critics be damned, know what movie I love and watch almost every time it's on? Hook. I love just about every part of it and I've seen it so many times that I can recite the words with the movie. The last ten minutes make me SO happy and I cry. When the old guy gets his marbles back? *TEARS* And the mom can't believe her kids are back? *SOBS*

I also watched Bring it On today and I can also recite pretty much every single line from that one, too. Sad? Maybe. Guilty pleasure? Hells yeah. I actually have caps from that movie to post...

I've been in a procrastinate-y mood the past few days and with the new limit on tags (still not sure if it's all tags combined or separate tag categories, as I've heard both) I decided to do an overhaul on my memories. I'm almost done and I've already started going through and adding some of my own stuff to them again. One good thing about the memories (well, a couple) is that when you add something to memories you can SEE the categories for them and also, there's no 100 link limit for each one. So that's nice. I'm getting frustrated by my tags because they're so disorganized (because I have to switch windows to find the tags I want in my list to see what they are exactly) and I hate the scrolling box I have there now. They're SO mish-mashed and I hate that damn box. But I don't know how to get it back to a standard listing. I'm also pissed off at my tag cloud listing. I'm just in a mood to change everything, it seems. Anyone know how to change that coding?

I also changed my FO post around a little and edited my about me post slightly. See? I AM changing everything!

I found these caramel-filled brownie muffins I've been looking for for awhile. They were at a different grocery store. It's been a good day. Balls to the wall cold, but good.

I appear to have heartburn.



Jun. 3rd, 2007 03:14 am
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Gggooooooddddd. Last night's/yesterday's episode of Doctor Who? Heart-wrenching. Really. Some of it I didn't really buy into (for the same reasons that I didn't buy into the Sam/Madison deal in "Heart") but by the end I was still in tears. I love the direction that they're going in this season, although I'm not sure of the staying power of Martha (don't get me wrong, I like her) but after Rose is ANYONE going to be able to live up to that? I can't wait for what's coming at the end of the season.

Saw Knocked Up tonight, too. No spoilers cause I really don't have anything to say about it but it was funny and well done. A little too long like 40 Year-Old Virgin was but worth it. I was hoping for a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer before it but I suppose that's not really an HP-friendly movie for it, eh? The bulb in our projector was flickering REALLY badly, though, and it pissed me off through the whole movie. The theatre here is very poorly run and makes me long for my old one.

It feels earlier than it is and I should be in bed but I want to get things done. I have to get a banner or layout or SOMETHING up at [ profile] spn_fanmix so that can get up and running and I should be working on my [ profile] slashfest fics. I'm about 2000+ words in on one and the other is in my head, so that's a start. ALSO! Still time to sign up for [ profile] super_summer! Please, tell a friend to come join, as well. Some episodes are still hard up for people so I really want more people to join. Pimp it out, tell a friend, bribe someone- anything. I'll love you forever!

I get to post my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic in TEN days! All... six posts worth. *facepalm*

AND! If you're participating in [ profile] spn_iconathon and have not submitted an icon this week, please do so as we only have 16 so far!


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