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Even though I'm not in SPN fandom anymore I obviously still hear what's going on. I'd have to live under a rock to not hear what went on this weekend and the resulting out pouring of sharing between people all around LJ as a result.

I'm not going to weigh in one way or another on what's been said or done or who's right and wrong because other people have said it far better than I ever could. I also can't comment on anything that has been shared or post anything personal because I have been unbelievably lucky throughout my 27 years to never be in a situation where I've felt or been threatened, assaulted or powerless so I feel very inadequate in understanding completely what many of you have gone through.

I just wanted to say thank you to the people who have shared their stories and who have been arguing and fighting through all of this to not only keep the reality of the situation on focus but for educating others, including myself, who I'm willing to bet did not previously realize that things they may have gone through in their lives were wrong and 100% not their fault. You're some of the smartest, strongest people I've ever known/heard of/read about and that everyone is standing up to protect their own is amazing. You're all the reason why this fandom is the smartest one I've ever been in.
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Iron & Wine music meme snagged from [ profile] wherethewind

Music meme, now with dl'able music! )

So [ profile] machiiina did this meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. and I bit. These are the things she gave me.

Supernatural - involving unspoiled S4 spec, new!ruby, etc )

screencaps )

horror movies )

Lily Allen )

Canada )

Oh. Drew Barrymoore is apparently in talks to direct the third Twilight movie. Brace yo'selves.

And this is the comment I made to the [ profile] ohnotheydidnt post regarding Rihanna and CB reuniting. Fuck, I hope it's wrong.

I really hope this is fake. I know, People is reliable, blah blah, but I really hope that they jumped the gun and it's wrong.

If it is true (and I'm expecting it is) it becomes a particularly frustrating situation for people watching this incident, fans, friends and family all inclusive.

Yes, this is an abuse case and this is something unfortunately typical of people in abusive relationships. Returning to the abuser for whatever reasons (any number) is horrific and, well, retarded.

But what makes this even more mind-boggling is that Rihanna doesn't need to return to CB for money or security or stability. They don't have kids, he can't ruin her life, etc. It's not like John and Jane Smith down the street who are everyday people and one of them thinks they couldn't possibly survive without the assistance of the other or that they'd have to face the shame of going to a shelter to get themselves back on track.

Rihanna has money, a support system, her own EVERYTHING. And yet she returns to a man who police want to lay attempted murder charges against. ALL cases where the victim returns to the abuser are annoyingly frustrating but in this case there's so much more of a WHAT THE FUCK? aspect to this.

Way to end the post on a downer moment, eh?

well, okay

Dec. 18th, 2008 10:46 pm
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I just got an email from "myself" (marishna @ with the subject "give it to her from behind" and this picture on the inside:

there's no nudity but it's mildly nsfw )

So... yeah. I apparently did her from behind so hard that she lost her FACE.

Before I go sleep like the dead: new Katie pictures. I MISS YOU.
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Woman walking out to parking lot to random guy: Hey dude, I have a picture of you in your underwear! Are you Jared's roommate? from here


Just think, at the beginning of this week very few of us would have made that connection. Now we ALLLLL make that connection.

I'm calling this morning and saying yes to the car. WHEE! NEW CAR, NEW CAR! Now I have to track down insurance agents.
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- [ profile] kallysten is a writer who's had a bunch of things published through Alinar Publishing. Right now there's a Preditors and Editors poll going on for fics and writers of 2007. Her fic "Over the Edge" is up here and "Dare I?" is up here. Could you all take a few seconds out of your day to go vote for her? Voting ends on the 15th!

- The Futon Critic listed the best 50 episodes of 2007 (from January 7th, here) and SPN made the list! I'm not sure I necessarily agree with their choice but hey! It made a list! WOO!

45. "Supernatural: Hollywood Babylon" (the cw)
(originally aired: april 19, 2007)
Sure the in-jokes here alone are worth a spot on this list ("Boogeyman," "Gilmore Girls," etc.) but it's the zeal in which Dean (Jensen Ackles) embraces his undercover PA job that really seals the deal.

- WTF Tori Spelling on Smallville? I know I don't watch the show but you'd think I'd have noticed something as cracky as that.

- The fanmix requests from this post are coming slowly but also getting out of control. I have a fic started for one of them. :| I'm trying to work out the plans for how my [ profile] abouttwoboys fic is going to go but I'm having issues with the characters. There will be a post coming up about that soon for help and opinions.

* 1280x720 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
* Comment and CREDIT if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

Gossip Girl 107 set 1 (313 caps ~ 28.4MB) // Gossip Girl 107 set 2 (313 caps ~ 27.8MB) // Gossip Girl 107 set 3 (313 caps ~ 24.8MB) // Gossip Girl 107 set 4 (315 caps ~ 22.6MB) // gallery

Gossip Girl // 107 Victor/Victrola // 1254 caps total )

Gossip Girl 109 set 1 (273 caps ~ 28.5MB) // Gossip Girl 109 set 2 (273 caps ~ 22.8MB) // Gossip Girl 109 set 3 (273 caps ~ 22.7MB) // Gossip Girl 109 set 4 (273 caps ~ 23.9MB) // Gossip Girl 109 set 5 (275 caps ~ 24.4MB) // gallery

Gossip Girl // 109 Blair Waldorf Must Pie! // 1367 caps total )

Gossip Girl 110 set 1 (309 caps ~ 25.6MB) // Gossip Girl 110 set 2 (309 caps ~ 24.8MB) // Gossip Girl 110 set 3 (309 caps ~ 26.6MB) // Gossip Girl 110 set 4 (312 caps ~ 21.6MB) // gallery

Gossip Girl // 110 Hi Society // 1239 caps total )

Gossip Girl 113 set 1 (320 caps ~ 33.1MB) // Gossip Girl 113 set 2 (320 caps ~ 28.2MB) // Gossip Girl 113 set 3 (320 caps ~ 30.3MB) // Gossip Girl 113 set 4 (321 caps ~ 25.4MB) // gallery

Gossip Girl // 113 A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate // 1281 caps total )


Oct. 25th, 2007 07:04 pm
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Imma be over here, waiting for the torrent and avoiding... everything. :(

Any one else waiting for the torrent and/or a later airing time? Want to have a drabble off or something?

OMG Why was I just on baseball? The announcers had to explain that the "Bare Naked Ladies" are a band. LOSE, BASEBALL ANNOUNCERS. LOSE.
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I just saw Mama Winchester in an asmanex commercial on Spike.

Aaaaand... that's all. I'll probably have caps later.

I did it!

Sep. 6th, 2007 12:31 am
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I bit the bullet and signed up for Sweet Charity. I wasn't going to because I still haven't fulfilled the bids from the last round BUT! I've started the fic and made good headway today (and started what could be a really long fic and another short one both inspired by the songs like last nigh'ts) and [ profile] __tiana__ and I have something worked out. *taps foot and waits for pictures*

I thought I'd only do icons but I'd like to offer fic, as well, so I'm doing them both again this time around. They won't be due until the end of December so I"m hoping I'll have lots of time to crank something out between now and then. Here's hoping! Check out my offers and all the other AMAZING ones by other people here.

Also, for some reason I sat down and started watching The Office today. I'm now dling a full s2 torrent as I type. *facepalm* I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR ANOTHER SHOW. Dammit.

Oh, fandom

Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:51 pm
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01) Dear SPN fandom (or any fandom, really):

If your GEN fic has a pairing significant enough to appear in your header? It's NO LONGER GEN.

Love n' hugs, Mari

02) So LJ's gone a little batshit again and now Ponderosa121 has been suspended. Hi, lame. If anything ever happens or if I finally shoot the shit out of this place like a rabid postal worker you can find me at:

Insane Journal || Journal Fen || Greatest Journal
Tumblr ||

Basically- just about ANYWHERE you can create a journal or profile for yourself I am Marishna. It's unlikely I'll ever be anything else. Feel free to friend away and I'll more than likely friend you back since there's really nothing overly personal on those sites yet. Go. Shoo! Friend!

03) I want to do those gift and love meme things but signing up for other people's means I have to reciprocate and I honestly don't know if I'll ever get around to it. I know I suck at those memes and although I really WANT to do them I don't know if I WOULD and that isn't fair. How about I just say that I love you all and love is my gift. Not death, though. Not today. Sorry. Come back tomorrow for that one.

04) "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5 is what I believe to be Sandy's song when she finds out Jared's cheating on her and I want to write that fic SO BADLY. In fact, I want to write a series of fics, of sorts, based on that whole CD. The next [ profile] spn_fanmix challenge, perhaps? Go join.

05) I would, however, like to do that WIP snippet meme. Basically- you post a snippet from your WIPs. Sound simple? Yeah. Only I have something close to 40+ fics in varying stages of serious work right now. I start them and then leave them to kind of... mature. Ferment, if you will. And then I go back and write more or sometimes! SOMETIMES! I even finish them!


Jared/Jensen, titled 'Jared's married'. Because I'm creative like that )

Sam/Chris 1. Actually, this fic is finished. But I've been working on the other parts to this and wanting to get a start on those before I posted the first part. It was written for Gwen because she asked for it in a meme or something and it kind of took on a life of its own )

Sam/Chris 2. I've been hoping to get parts 2 and 3 knocked out all this time )

Jared/Jensen // Slashfest fic 2, for Wendy that hasn't quite gotten finished yet. I WILL, THOUGH! )

Sam/Dean // what if the apocalypse came before Dean could get to Sam in the pilot? - this fic is something that I've been working on for months now and I love it like a loving thing. It's got a couple parts to it, maybe three, I think. And I've been writing in all of them which is why it's not finished in any way at all. But I LOVE this fic. Is it right to love your own fic so much? )

Jared/Jensen // This one is titled 'Jared's a virgin' in my google docs )

Jared/Jensen // basically- Jared buys a house in Vancouver. Blame Wendy, it's all her fault'. )

Dean/Jessica // titled 'WIaWSNB fic Dean/Jessica' in Google Docs )

Jared/Jensen // titled 'Jared and Jensen meet in a bar' (I know, how creative am I?) I love this fic too. I have the whole thing plotted out in my plot bunnies doc on Google. Said plotbunnies doc? 48 items long and doesn't include everything I have started within the Docs thing )

Girl!Sam 2 // sequel/second part to the first girl!Sam fic I did a while back )

Gen? // Five Times Dean was naked in the Impala- started this a looooooooong time ago when I did the five things meme last fall. Yeah. I rescued it from languishing as a doc on my computer and now it's languishing as a doc on Google )

Jared/Jensen // Titled 'Virginia's plotbunny' because seedyapartment threw a plotbunny out there back in like... February? Yeah. :| :| Sorry. )

Sam/Dean? // 'Sam's in the army, Dean's captured'. I LOVE this fic, too. I started it earlier this year and I have this one planned out pretty well, too.  )

I have to stop there. There's just too many. Jared and Jensen get stoned, more of the office!verse I started earlier this year, gap fillers, a wing!fic... yeah. I have TOTAL ADD when it comes to writing. I'm amazed I get anything done at all. To be fair, though, BigBang took up A LOT of my attention for the first 6 months of the year. It's pretty much the only thing I did for a while there.

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Someone make me finish my [ profile] apocalyptothon fic! HOMG. I have over 2000 words so far but have NO IDEA how to finish it. Goddammit. The first bit came so EASILY and now, less than 24 hours to go and I'm like... stuck. Thank GOD the [ profile] spn_harlequin fic doesn't have to be done until SOMETIME in August.

Also, I got my [ profile] spn_remix person thing. It's very exciting but right now I'm trying to get into "end-of-the-world" mode so I can't go play with other people's fics yet.

GAH! [ profile] apocalyptothon! Help?


Apr. 19th, 2007 08:19 am
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When you see this on your flist, make a post and quote Supernatural in your journal.

"House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole."

*pumps fist in air*

*trudges off to work*



Apr. 16th, 2007 03:21 pm
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So this is apparently going to be the cover art for the UK release of season 2, volume 1.

SPN dvd cover )

I'm not sure what to think. I don't MIND it but I much prefer the cover for the first season compared to this. They made some slight alterations from the UK release cover to the N. American one, right? Smaaaaaallll things but alterations, nonetheless?

Kinda got to say, I hope they change it. Well, maybe not. I don't know. I'm torn between liking it and wishing for something else. Opinions? Comments? Concerns?

Is there really anything I can say about the Virginia Tech shooting today that hasn't already been said or that won't sound hollow and meaningless? I won't even go into the rant I gave to my aunt this afternoon about Bush's first statement and his assurance that American's need to have the right to bear arms. Just... hang in there. I suck at this stuff.
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Cut for rambling/semi ranting about fics and questions about the classification of them )

spn_fridayfive )

I've signed up for too many fic challenges, I can already tell. [ profile] svmadelyn's Kink and Cliche ficathon, [ profile] dooooooom, a fic for the person who won me for Sweet Charity, I REALLY want to do [ profile] sevenfists Evil!Sam ficathon and [ profile] oxoniensis Hugs, Kisses and Cuddles fic thing, I'm still contemplating the [ profile] spn_summergen ficathon and I have the sinking suspicion I signed up for something else but I can't remem- oh, right. I signed up for two requests at [ profile] slashfest. OH. AND [ profile] highwaymiles just re-opened. AND AND AND I have this little thing called [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang happening. [ profile] super_summer has to be started somewhere in the midst of all these due dates, too. [ETA] Riiiiiight. AND I signed up for the [ profile] apocalyptothon. Yeeeah.



LOVE MEME over at [ profile] jellicle's! Pimp this mofo out, eh?

HI BEST MANIPS EVA! *squishes [ profile] lostt1*

ALSO! [ profile] spn_iconathon participants! Please to be getting your icons in ASAP, mmkay?
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Forgive the potential stupidness of this question, I seriously wondered this earlier this morning: are bananas the seeds that more banana trees grow from?

Who's excited for a long weekend? *raises two hands*

If I were to write a gen fic (and this might be for [ profile] spn_summergen or whatever the comm's called, if I can swing it for that challenge) - oh, wait. I can't ask anything about it cause it's anon, eh? Dammit. I lose.

BigBang's going well, I guess. I broke 22,000 last night, no end in sight. Seriously. I've thought about the sexin' so far, but that's about it. I've only just written their first kiss. :| Maybe I'll post some snippets later today or something, cause it feels like some of the dialogue is stilted in places. How's everyone else doing?

There are TOO MANY challenges popping up and I want to join them all. Plot bunnies are eating my brain (including another part to the office!verse I tentatively started that popped up this morning while on the bus, the gen!fic that I want to write with or without the comm challenge, and a John-catches-Sam-and-Dean fic) but BigBang HAS to take priority. :| :| I KNOW I have drabbles to write too, I'm working on them, I swear.

How's everyone else doing today? What's up? What are your plans for the long weekend? What kind of fics do you have on the go?
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How's it going? What 'cha doin'? What'd you have for dinner? Anything interesting happen to you today? Excited for hump day tomorrow?

Anyone want to have a little drabble off or something? I prompt you so you write something and then you prompt me and so forth? Anyone? Bueller?

I'll just put these out here and y'all can take a stab if you want:

Sam & Dean and the Harry Potter books
Jared & Jensen and Jared's awesome lunch

Wincest or J2 optional.

My aunt and uncle are going to watch The Departed on Pay-Per-View but they talk through movies and I might end up killing them. So I guess I'll opt out this time.


Mar. 26th, 2007 09:30 pm
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[ profile] lostt1- I SEE YOUR CARD!


Seriously, you have NO IDEA how excited and happy and amazed and just plain .... EVERYTHING this makes me feel!



Mar. 21st, 2007 11:22 am
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I posted a tutorial here for the icon I'm using right now. Go check it out!

Also, I got hit with overwhelming excitement for the new episode. *sits on hands and tries to make time pass faster* I can't even explain what it is that's made me so excited for it all of a sudden. Whee!
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Only a little over an hour until bidding starts at Sweet Charity! I'm offering fic and icons so go over, check out all the people up for auction and bid, bid, bid!

People who have signed up for [ profile] spn_iconathon! Icons are due on Saturday at 2pm EST for challenge #4!

How's everyone doing for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang? 47 days left! I broke 10,000 words last night with no end in sight. Which is good, cause I have another 10,000 to go but I think this is going to go beyond that. Oy, vey.

NEW SPN TOMORROW! And maybe this weekend I'll finally get around to posting icons or something. But probably not. I'm a dirty, dirty procrastinator.

This is the best letter ever. Period. Um. No pun intended. Okay, maybe a little.

The last drabble here by [ profile] moveablehistory is achingly real and sweet.
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Hey, has anyone else see this Jared Padalecki interview with I don't know what it says because I fear spoilers like nothing else [READ: There could be spoilers I have received word from the Fcukers that it IS spoilery] but as far as I can remember I haven't seen anyone post it. And it's dated today. New? COULD BE.

I might try and post icons later tonight. I have a crap load piling up so it's time to get them up, I think.

Also, [ profile] seedyapartment? The plot bunny has attached itself to my leg and is currently humping me. :| Thanks.

Do you ever find something out and this something feels like a huge slap in the face but you're worried you could be overreacting about it so you don't want to say anything to cause any disturbance? Yeah, I'm there right now. I feel kind of... I wouldn't say attacked but like I'm being looked down on for something that I shouldn't be. And I hate that.

I bought diabetic chocolate covered mint patties at the drug store today. I'm sticking to my no-sugar thing for Lent like WHOA! (And no, I'm not Catholic. Just weird).
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I signed up for Sweet Charity which, if you haven't already heard somewhere, is a site set up to allow people from various fandoms offer themselves (and in turn their creative abilities) up for auction to raise money for a charitable organization. This time around they're raising money for RAINN, an anti-sexual abuse group. I'm offering fic and icons, if anyone's interested. There's a better description of what everyone's offering here. So if you have a few dollars to spare on March 15th - 24th, consider donating it for a sweet reward!

And then there was a love meme. And good god, did we ever love on people. I saw it last night before I went to bed and then I checked it out today while I was at work (cause once the other ladies leave the office to wait on customers and I'm left all alone I turn into the WORLD'S BIGGEST SLACKER- SHHH! Don't tell!) and I saw this. I almost started crying in the office. Those comments... you have no idea how much they mean to me, what they SAID. And [ profile] estei- THANK YOU. I've been wickedly homesick this week for everything eastern and it's SO NICE to have someone from there, along with the few others from the Atlantic provinces I have on my flist, who can remind me about that and make me remember home. They don't even know what BROWN BREAD is out here. *facepalm*

All that being said I missed out on giving back in the meme. 5000 comments go by faster than you think! So the wonderful [ profile] _tiana_ had this LOVELY idea to open a post up on her journal and get people to comment and she'd tell them why she loved them. Also! For the first 10 people who commented with a prompt, they got a drabble. And I think that's a GREAT idea!

Comment here if you want me to tell you what I love about you. For the first 10 people to comment will get a drabble-type thing from me. SPN/RPS only, please and you must provide a prompt. Sam/Dean, laundry day or J2/limo ride to the TCAs or something.

So, yat!


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