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I just wrote Jared/Katie Cassidy porn. Like PORN. More porn than has graced my screen in... awhile. I was going to post it tonight but I have to read it over and likely die of embarrassment at least once or twice, then find a title and whatnot for it so tomorrow, I think. Maybe. I've been trying to write an idea I had about them for over two weeks now, or so, but seeing the prompt over at [ profile] blindfold_spn kind of kick started me. Note to self: Check that place out more.

Seriously though, when I write sex that's more than a lead in a fade-out I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Oy. But dammit, sometimes things just happen the way they ... happen in your head.

ANYWAY. GOT MY PHONE. It's blue and pretty and I'm still trying to figure things out with it. I have, however, figured out that you DO NOT set your primary personal email up on it with a loud alert to let you know when an email has come in without a) turning the phone off at night or b) turning the alert off at night. No.

I know someone else on my flist got a Black Berry today but does anyone else have one? Esp. in Canada? Or in general?

Got icons to do for Sweet Charity but those will have to wait for the weekend, I think, when I can concentrate on graphics instead of flitting off and doing a million things at once.

For once I'm not behind in the times and actually watched a video! [ profile] deidre_c's Supernatural (In My Pants) to be exact. That's Jonas Balls hot right there.

Got some RL stuff I want to post about but it won't be until this weekend, I think. Just too much to say and it'll likely get long.

Oh, and LJ's not exploding. It might not be here in 10 years but waking up to find it gone tomorrow? Not likely.

Fic rec!

Jun. 29th, 2008 10:11 pm
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Hey hey heyheyhey!

So a year or more ago [ profile] finn21 started this awesome sorta-HS J2 fic with great characterization and development and just... UNGH! UST, angst, hotness. Everything. But then it kind of trailed off and wasn't finished and it was sad.

BUT. SHE'S BACK! Part 15 is up now with the guarantee that it's been finished so there will be more!

Here is Who We Were When part 1, or, if you want to pick up where it left off- part 15.



Apr. 23rd, 2008 02:58 am
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I was hoping to write some more before bed but then I read The Pyrrhic Tongue, The Eyes Undone (NC-17, Sam/Dean) by [ profile] sanyin and I got severely distracted.

This is something that only in my wildest dreams would ever be played out on screen for real. It's dark, desperate and, as I said in my comment to the fic, that Sam haunts my heart. I'm not sure something like this could ever be done proper justice on screen but damn if I wouldn't orgasm from the attempt.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 09:07 pm
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MMMkay. So here's the thing. I'm starting to go through the Feedback Meme and I realize that I don't think I've read any fic by like- 90% of the people there, which SUCKS. Or if I have, I've long forgotten it.

SO. Rec me the ONE fic by any author (especially the ones on the feedback meme) that you think is their absolute BEST work. OR rec YOUR OWN ONE best fic that you love above all else.

Don't forget about [ profile] svmadelyn's Fifth Annual Valentine's Day Game!, either! And no one's linked me to their Valentinr's yet! Link me so I can send you love! Mine is linked here.
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I posted textures! Click the image to go to the post.


- There's a great discussion on writing sex scenes going on over here @ [ profile] spnroundtable
- These icons by [ profile] rerapped are AWESOME. There are various celebs, some Gossip Girl, Skins, HP icons. Lovely!
- These icons are awesome sauce, as well, by [ profile] abernathi. They make really great icons and there are some SPN ones in that set, as well!


[ profile] winchestercon is being held in Boston in October this year! I wasn't sure if I wanted to go again after last year, if maybe I went, saw, bought the t-shirt and was ready to be done, but I REALLY want to go again. I'm kind of set on being on Toronto once I finish with this course and HAVE to start prospecting and getting my portfolio started and whatnot to get going on finding a job. It's an hour and a half flight each way or a nine hour drive from the general TO area. It seems so far away when you count the months but they FLY BY. I have to SAVE SAVE SAVE to go, basically. Cause once I'm done here I really am tossed out on my ass into the big, bad world forever and ever, amen.


What looks to be my favourite class this semester is taught by the instructor I have the least respect for. It's communication law which sounds absolutely drop-dead boring but it's SO AWESOME. Maybe I should have done law, after all. And my instructor's had a personality transplant or something.


OH! I meant to mention this last week because I was SO IMPRESSED but I forgot. I bought over 100$ worth of stuff from La Senza (our Victoria's Secret- Literally, because it was sold to VS in the past couple years) for 60 cents. YES. SIXTY CENTS. I had 75$ in Christmas gift cards, then 10% off with my prestige card AND I had a 20$ off a purchase of 100$ or more coupon. SCORE. I bought 5 pairs of underwear, slippers, an awesome robe and two sets of jammies/lounge wear. I would wear ONLY La Senza stuff 24/7 if I thought I could get away with it.


Did I mention I bought When a Stranger Calls last week because I saw Katie Cassidy on the back cover and was like- I HAVE TO CAP THAT! ? *facepalm* It's one thing to buy Devour or House of Wax (Which I love, btw) but to buy something like When a Stranger Calls because Katie's in it for what will probably turn out to be a whopping five minutes before she's filleted by the killer is either extreme dedication or a severe girl crush. I'm thinking it's a little of both. Oh, don't tell me if she dies or what happens. I want a SURPRISE. :D

Shit, weird Katie/Lauren RPS plot bunny just bit. *marge simpson grumble*


I want to write so badly right now but I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Like, before 1am. I'm currently writing a piece inspired by [ profile] cathybites' awesome demon!tail!Sam fic (if you don't know what that is, you haven't seen the awesome) and a fic to go with one of the fanmixes that ended up getting out of control from the fanmix meme almost a month ago. I suppose I could post a couple of the others but I'm still finding songs and really going overboard with this.

I REALLY need to start working on the other fics I have due and GOOD LORD, finish something before the end of the months for [ profile] vitamin_fic! I think I might make that filter anyway, just to hash out ideas and get inspiration and try to keep on track. I don't know if I'll post snippets or anything from my fics because that's like reading the whole fic before it's posted, but we'll see. I'll mull it over.


Mull. Hee.

Fic rec!

Dec. 30th, 2007 08:07 pm
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My [ profile] spn_holidays person posted the fic they wrote for me! My Santa was [ profile] aynslee and she wrote Resolution NC-17, Sam/Dean. It's post-apocalyptic but not the dark, desperate kind we've come to associate with apocalypse fics in this fandom. It's more of a moment in time, a pause from the fighting and a brief chance to breathe again.

I, on the other hand, am still working on my fic. *hides* I wrote 8 pages last night, though! But it's only about half done right now. I know pretty much what's to come but I'm writing it long hand before I go to bed so it takes longer and hand cramps happen. :( SOON, though! I'll put out a beta call when it's done. :D :D

I'm still taking icon requests, too. Want an icon?
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I went on a mini-friending spree tonight. People who I've thought about friending before who I saw around earlier and had a burst of "why the hell not?" tonight.

I meant to post the first mini-challenge type thing over at [ profile] spn_fanmix today but I got distracted with capping 1x16 and dinner and then reading [ profile] dontwaitup's fic Exact Change. It's the first BigBang fic that I've had a chance to read so far, even though I have a couple others open in tabs. Good thing there's still a few months of summer, eh?

So, last night's Doctor Who, hmm? )

I also watched the pilot for Hidden Palms a couple nights ago. I know I'm behind )

I'm almost done my re-watch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think I'm on "Tough Love" right now. The distance from the last time I watched the show (back four years ago when it was first run) and separation from fandom has done me good and I can approach the show more objectively now. There are a lot of things I think about it now that if I dared breathe such things four years ago I would probably have sent more than a few fangirls into a tizzy, including myself. But that's neither here nor there because I haven't finished watching yet. I don't know if I'll continue on to watch season 6 and 7 again online because the show ends in season 5 for me. Even though I enjoy select episodes from those two seasons I don't know if I want to put myself through all that again.

On another old fandom-related note- Canadian Queer as Folk fans? All... like- five of you on my flist? HMV is selling all the seasons right now for 35.99$ each which is AMAZING. Those sets never go on sale. I've already stuck our season 5 copy in the staff holds box because it's been 100$ for the past... oh, eight months or so and I was sure I was never going to be able to own it. So I can get it for 30$+ tax with my discount. Then I'll finally have the whole series and maybe that'll be my next series re-watch. I don't know if I've distanced myself from the show and fandom enough yet, so we'll see after I finish Buffy in a few days. I still have s2 of Dead Like Me to watch, as well.

My [ profile] spn_heraea fic is coming along when I actually work on it but I'm having trouble forcusing on it. When I actually sit down to tackle it I'll probably draw a blank. Lame.
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First! SPN recs!

>> Supernatural Gleeathon being held by [ profile] dorkdance. Go, glee, spread the love.
>> Voting for challenge 6 at [ profile] spn_iconathon. Go, vote, spread the icon love.
>> Post to leave requests for SPN/RPS at [ profile] slashfest. Go, request, leave something fun and sexy for someone to write because I'm having a hard time coming up with anything.
>> Haiku challenge for SPN posted by [ profile] wendy. Go, haiku, love in general. As soon as I go look up how may beats are in each line I'm going to take a stab at it.
>> And on the Seventh Day by [ profile] __tiana__ (R, Sam/Dean). Go, read, review. It kind of comes out of nowhere and surprises you.
>> Keep challenging me for a drabble! I already owe a few people some and you could be one of them!

Yay for Doctor Who! I really liked Martha. And Tennant was hella sexy. And that's about all I have to say about that.

* 640x352 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
* Comment and CREDIT if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

Please leave a comment if you're taking some/all of the caps. It takes about three seconds to leave a comment saying 'thank you' so it'd really rock my socks if you could do that. :)

Doctor Who 3x01 set 1 (964 caps ~ 25.9MB) // Doctor Who 3x01 set 2 (964 caps ~ 25.3MB) // Doctor Who 3x01 set 3 (964 caps ~ 28.7MB)

Caps from the promo for next week are at the end of the third zip.

Smith and Jones )


Mar. 22nd, 2007 12:24 am
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Check me out, updating my user info for the first time since... um, the Sam and Dean in the Impala layout? Which was... a year ago or something stupid like that? Yeah. I don't know how well I like this and the concept didn't totally come across like it did in my head but it's better than the old one that was there with the QaF stuff and colour bars and whatever.

Know what's fun?! Fic! [ profile] lostt1 posted the final part of her Ficmix series Touch (or a Step by Step Guide to Seduction)! It's Jsquared and totally sweet, and comes with some awesome music to boot!

Also, my darling [ profile] dorkdance posted some SPN icons in a multi-fandom icon post here in her comm [ profile] explodeycakes.

This morning I posted an icon tutorial in my icon journal, [ profile] momentofglee for this:


AND, [ profile] estrella30 has a nifty comment survey-type thing happening over here and it made me think about which episodes I hold highest from both seasons. Head over, think about what s1 and s2 episodes you'd take with you to a deserted island and then read some of the comments to see if you're still as convicted as you thought.

I know I have comments to answer from the past couple of days, I'm working on it. Promise.

And now I'm finally ready to work on BigBang but I have to go to bed. :|
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So it's February 9th which means today is one year from when I watched the pilot episode of Supernatural and felt chills go down my spine at Sam's fateful words, "We've got work to do." It goes by so fast )

So here it is, one year on and I love this show. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Last night was a testament to why I love it and why I love this fandom. I love Eric Kripke for working on this and evolving the idea from an early, rough script to the creepy, gripping, emoptional pilot we got. I love him for having a vision and for knowing where he's going and the sly shout-outs to the fans and for being a giant fangirl. I love him for picking the soundtrack. I love Bobby Singer for the same reasons, for being there and bringing the show to life. I love the directors and the writers who know what they're going and the grips and camera operators and the hair people and make-up ladies (thanks for easing up on the tanned look, eh?). I love Jared and Jensen- they get along. They click. They ARE Sam and Dean and had there been anyone else cast in their roles the show just wouldn't have worked like it does. I LOVE that they're SO dedicated to the show and their characters and that they work their butts off every day and ADMIT it. I love that they're in Vancouver, working those long days and nights and getting bruises and cuts and broken bones and they go home every night exhausted and that they look like SHIT at the end of the season because it means they enjoy their jobs. They enjoy telling the stories they do and putting Sam and Dean through their paces. I love that they love their jobs and the show so much that they're out there asking for more viewers and asking us to help them out.

I love this fandom, too. We've had our ups and downs but we're no where near to being finished growing and changing. The sheer volume of talent in this fandom is mind-boggling. The fic, the icons, the fan art, the vids, the meta, the drive to bring everyone together- it all blows me away. These are just a few of the things I've come across in the past year that I've come back to time and again.

FIC- Straight on 'Til Morning by [ profile] tollprincess (R) After that, the burns feel like a badge of honor, a shield carrying the proud scars of war. Can't fight me, I'm still here.
FIC- Untitled by [ profile] boonies (PG) The thing about orphans was the emo.
RPS FIC- Filling by [ profile] azewewish (NC-17, Jared/Jensen/Chris) He wants to come more than he wants to breathe.
RPS FIC- Breaking Status Quo by [ profile] raina_at (NC-17, Jared/Jensen) And he realizes that it's not just being here, it's getting drunk in sports bars in New York, catching games and movies and dinner together in LA, and missing seeing Jared every goddamned day so much he'd just had to call him up the other day and ask, hey, man, how's it going, and Jared answering, I'm bored, come down to San Antone for a bit of R&R, and Jensen taking the next damned flight.
RPS FIC- Merrily on High by [ profile] estrella30 (NC-17, Jared/Jensen) Something about his eyes or hands or mouth that has Jensen forgetting every self-imposed rule and line he ever had about random hookups in bars, just to bring Jared home with him. To see what he looks like, flushed and panting and naked on Jensen’s navy sheets.
FIC- His Own Hell by [ profile] kantayra (NC-17, John/Demon) And, in one perfectly ill-conceived moment, he did let go, caved in to the darkness and the pain, spilled all his secrets open wide and tasted the Demon’s in turn.
META- On Sam and Dean and their relationship by [ profile] mona1347
VID- Documentary by [ profile] wistful_fever
ICONS- In various entries by [ profile] crystalkirk
ICONS- In various entries by [ profile] wide_ocean

[ profile] mona1347 said it best here: Supernatural = Roofies. You let this fandom buy you one drink, just one drink and before you know it, your clothes’ve come off and you’re doing all these vile and depraved things that you always said you’d never do or just plain weren’t into and you can’t bring yourself to have any kind of problem with the situation at all. Then the next day you wake up kinda sore, wondering what the hell you did last night and have only fleeting remembrances of pretty emo boys, glitter and lube.

In conclusion- yes. And thank you to everyone who makes this fandom so much fun and pretty and shiny. *pets it and smooshes all of you* ♥ ♥ ♥

Fic rec!

Jan. 10th, 2007 10:41 pm
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I'm a little Spammy McMuffin tonight, aren't I?

Oh well. Fic rec! (I almost typed fuck rec there)

Ride the Lightning by [ profile] jyuu_chan. Go. Read. Enjoy. Comment. Rejoice.

HOMG. 20 hours and 15 minutes.

*sits on hands*

Fic rec

Dec. 4th, 2006 11:50 am
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Everyone should go check out One Shot by [ profile] trolllogicfics. It's PG-13 and gen and thought provoking. It's pretty damn awesome and a quick read but it will stay with you for awhile. Lovely.

And now off to work.
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So, wow.

[ profile] kantayra wrote this fucking amazing fic called His Own Hell and the pairing is John/Demon. THE DEMON. It's hot and sad and desperate and WHOA. And everyone needs to go read it and tell her how WHOA it is.

Also, [ profile] the_oscar_cat wrote On the Cusp. The Hem (or: Two Megapixel Hero) AKA the kilt!fic which is a hot Jared/Jensen piece featuring Jensen from when he was filming Ten Inch Hero and tattooed and kitled and plain HOT. Seriously, you need to check it out.

Finally, [ profile] torturemysoul write Spare Me the Monologue. It's sad, it's hollow and it's real. It's a death!fic that doesn't kill anyone we OMGLOVE but it's still just as sad and just as stomach-churning because of the ripples they get caught in.

I'm working on a married!Jared fic and poooooosssssibly one with infidelity. Two seperate 'verses, though. I just have to push myself to finish them cause it's all right there, it just doesn't want to come out. :|
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I just posted 44 new icons over here at [ profile] momentofglee. Some Supernatural icons are spoilery for the season, as well as last night's episode. Feel free to friend the comm, if you feel so inclined.

Also, everyone should go read Let Them Eat Cock! by my minorfourthAssmonger. Because yes. It's got Jared and Jensen and a huge schwanstucker and... well, that's all you really need to know.

Fcuk chat brings the best crack.
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[ profile] minorfourth wrote a post-Devil's Trap death!fic in three different scenarios. It's totally spoiler free (as we're spoiler virgins to the end) so it's safe for all. Everyone should check it out!

And if You Wrong Us...

I have another one of the responses to the Five Things meme. This one was suggested by [ profile] ithilmenel. G-rated.

Five things Sam eats that makes Dean want to puke )


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