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I'm not really ready to leave tomorrow but I don't have much choice. I hope that tomorrow I'll find out if I got approved for the place or not. I really, really, really want this, you guys, so if you could maybe think good thoughts for my finances starting now, that would be great. I'll be okay if it doesn't work out but I'll be bummed and this place really is seriously perfect for me.

So we'll see.

Because I'll be in Denver on Thursday with [ profile] lostt1 and [ profile] __tiana__ I likely won't be capping the episode until sometime next week. I get back Monday but it'll be in the evening and then Thursday I'll be sleeping, doing laundry and working at my other job. Joy.

I had to run out to get some things to take with me and, of course, as soon as I got in the car the sky went all funny and by the time I got to Walmart there was a HUGE wind and some rain and I wouldn't be surprised if there's the potential for a tornado watch. I'm still picking sand and dirt out of my hair.


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Melrose Place 105 set 1 (242 caps ~ 22.3MB) // Melrose Place 105 set 1 (242 caps ~ 20.8MB) // Melrose Place 105 set 1 (242 caps ~ 18.2MB) // Melrose Place 105 set 1 (244 caps ~ 20.2MB) // gallery

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Jesus, you guys. It's Octbver! When did that happen?! Last week we were in 30+ degree weather, now we're at... 2. :( LAME! I miss being warm!

I'm leaving for Wincon in a week but the closer I get the more I realize I shouldn't be going. I obviously didn't know when I made the plans back in January that my priorities would change so quickly. But the money is spent and I want to have fun, so here we go!

No review because I just don't have time but WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE WATCHING THIS?! It's getting good! I wish they wouldn't rely on the old characters quite so much but it acts as a bridge between the old and new so whatever. But still.

* 1280x720 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
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* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

Melrose Place 104 set 1 (265 caps ~ 20.9MB) // Melrose Place 104 set 2 (265 caps ~ 21.7MB) // Melrose Place 104 set 3 (265 caps ~ 20.3MB) // Melrose Place 104 set 4 (267 caps ~ 20.6MB) // gallery

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I haven't even started to go through the photos I took at the con yet. I spent today sleeping, trying to convince myself not so sleep MORE, doing laundry, grocery shopping, making a pizza and atching True Blood. I'm currently watching s3 of Battlestar Galactica (FINALLY!) and downloading Project Runway from last week.

I hope to look through the photos tonight but I don't even know how to approach them right now. I took A LOT of photos (probably close to 2000?) so I'm not sure how I'm going to share them, if I'm going to tag them, etc. I've never had to deal with something like this before. Anyone have any advice?

I enjoyed the con but now that I've been I think I can count this as my one and only official con. I spent a lot of the time there missing the way [ profile] winchestercon is run because the FANS are what matters and that's where all the interaction is. Yes, it was fun to meet the actors and hear them talk and all but they were on stage for about 40-ish minutes each. People who bought autos or photos got a little extra time with them or the people who went to the karaoke, the desert, the concert, etc. They all got a little more face time but that was all more money than I was willing/able to spend.

This convention was awesome and it was nice getting to see Jared and Jensen up close but we're not bffs now as a result of our 10 second encounter. I guess, once it was all said and done and I was walking back to the subway with two photos in my hand that cost me $150 American, the reality of it all really set in. So while I enjoyed the con while I was there it wasn't something I necessarily want to do again.

Bring on [ profile] winchestercon! THERE I can get drunk with all the celebs and people can grope as much as they want! Woo!

I don't know if people have heard but there's fanfiction survey going around from people who are trying to make some kind of academic conclusions about desires. There's more details and links to other info here but basically there are outsiders trying to put a finger on an important part of fandom to tell the outside world about it who are talking out of their asses. I skimmed the info so I don't have a great handle on it but basically, be aware.

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* 1280x720 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
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True Blood 211 set 1 (289 caps ~ 29.5MB) // True Blood 211 set 2 (289 caps ~ 33.1MB) // True Blood 211 set 3 (289 caps ~ 29.3MB) // True Blood 211 set 4 (289 caps ~ 25.7MB) // True Blood 211 set 5 (293 caps ~ 23.0MB) // gallery

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I have one request at Wincon!


The last time there was a Taco Bell so close in LA but I was like- eh, there's one at home. I'll try it there.

AND THEN IT CLOSED. :( We don't have IHOP here so that story has no relevance but FEEL MY PAIN!


I need a frickin' wincon icon.
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There's a jeezly blizzard going on outside. After we watched Ginger Snaps (I like it more every time I watch) the girls went home via cab because I am not fond of the possibility of ending up in a ditch, especially since my wee car has trouble on the best of wintery days, it seems.

Now that I've paid for my [ profile] winchestercon fee, the rooms have been announced for booking. I don't know if anyone will see this, since it's 1am here and whatnot BUT!

Roommates?! [ profile] estei? [ profile] lostt1? Anyone know what they're doing yet?

Holy Jonas Balls I need to go to sleep.
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I sent off my monies for [ profile] winchestercon '09 yesterday!

WHEE! I'm so excited.

Also? TGImotherfuckingF, dudes. For some reason moreso this week than the past few. I'm tiiiiired.


Nov. 4th, 2008 07:36 pm
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So many reasons to be excited right now!

WINCON IS IN DENVER NEXT YEAR! I can DRIVE there, if I want. 16 hours and I'm there! I'm definitely considering flying, though, of course, but STILL! I can SO make it there on my own! But I'd prefer to go WITH someone, especially if I'm driving. BUT. We will see! If there are any Albertans or Saskatchewan...ites? ians? lurking about, make yourselves known, hmm? But there ARE like- 8 months to plan this out (leaving wiggle room, of course).

ALSO! Election stuff! If you're not like, totally dead from it, and want to have a fun chat about what's happening, as it goes on, [ profile] vichan is having an AIM chat zomgelection. Come and hang out!


Mar. 20th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Holy ballsac. I just totally burned the pad of my thumb on a poptart. I have BLISTERS. The fuck? Good lord it hurts.

To anyone going to [ profile] winchestercon this year- I don't know for sure if I'm going. I WANT to and if I can find a wicked cheap ticket I'm SO there but other than that it depends on the next few weeks, job searching and whatnot.

When you guys are making plans for rooming can you keep a thought out for me? I can sleep anywhere and don't take up much room. I like to think I'm fun to have around. *winning grin*
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Aside from the now-standard YOU MUST WARN FOR LEOPARD SEX and having a massive fangirl rendition of "Carry on" stuck in my head there was a lot of other stuff that went on in four days.

This is my wincon report, let me show you it. WARNING: VERY image intensive.

Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night... wait, wrong bad!fic )

So there. There's my wincon report. Now I can crosspost fic and post icons and go about my fannish existence, feeling a little more in touch with everyone else and finally able to put a face to a name when I see you all around.

*smooshes you all*
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Jesus CHRIST! People on facebook? STOP PUTTING SPOILERS IN THE TRIVIA QUESTIONS, YOU FUCKERS. Guess what? The name of the new female is NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE. STFD, fuckers or DIAF. I just had to report FOUR questions in a row because they were spoilers and one was just PLAIN RETARDED.


Wincon report to come tonight when I've finished resizing the pictures. And stopped playing around in Facebook, obvs. :D :D


Oct. 17th, 2007 01:20 am
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I have my report written but I keep adding things I remember and I have to resize the pictures I took in Photobucket cause, hey, huge. My report is clocking in around 5000 words or something stupid so I'm probably going to have to split it up once I sort the photos in there. I don't know whether to add the quotes from the weekend into that or make a separate post with extra photos. Does anyone have any objection to their picture being posted in a public post, if you think I have you on camera?

I'll have to sort this shit out tomorrow cause I have 250 photos, about 50 to resize for possible use and I'm tiiiiired.

Also, I see the [ profile] spnremix fic authors were revealed and I have to go comment on the one done for my fic and repost the one I wrote and whatnot but again- tomorrow. SO tomorrow. Although, I will post this one picture of something I saw at LAX before my flight left. Kind of a weird/apt way to end the weekend, eh?

picture )

I posted caps, though! Many, many caps. If anything, this con made me more focused on getting shit done.

Let me know if I missed anything essential over the weekend or if there was anything exciting going on or if you just want to like- shoot the shit.

*waves at you all tiredly*


Oct. 12th, 2007 02:27 am
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I'm here in L.A.! The plane rides weren't too bad, I met [ profile] winterlive, I've met up with [ profile] lostt1 and so far it's been a BLAST! I got to watch the show with other people for the first time ever- people who actually LIKE the show and who GET it as opposed to some drunk friends who won't shut up and think I'm retarded. I briefly saw [ profile] txtequilanights- who I swear I will call TX TEQUILA NIGHTS at least a couple times ;)- and tomorrow [ profile] ericaplz arrives and we can have a FCUKER UNION THING. Not a REunion though cause that would imply we've met before. But maybe a reunion only in person? Although you can't reall REUNION when you chatted with the people the night before...

Um... moving on.

I've met a lot of other people so far and I'm sorry if I a) don't remember your name b) never remember your name. Bring on the name tags! Just a note on mine- I'm Mari like safari.

Caps and a review of the episode will go up on Monday/Tuesday when I get back. I don't get back on Monday until 6-7ish my time so it depends on what's happening. I will say that I liked the episode. And that's all.

Anyway, I'm on Mel's computer and we're going to bed or something like it soonish so I'm off! I'll see some of you tomorrow and talk to some of you later!

Dear Yahoo

Oct. 9th, 2007 09:08 am
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Please to be not fucking with the formatting of my emails, mmmkay? Go back to left alignment because I can't tell what's going on with this centering shit.

The meds I'm on for my abscessed tooth make me have a horrible taste in my mouth all the time. Like rancid hairspray. :| I'll be brushing my teeth a lot at Wincon. Speaking of, 48 hours from now I'll be in a shuttle being driven to the airport. *FULL-BODY SHUDDER OF EXCITEMENT*

And now I have to go get ready for a class that I want to commit justifiable homicide in. :|
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What time are you all flying in, if you're going on Thursday? And what time are you all flying out on Sunday, if you're leaving on Sunday?

I can book cheaper rates tonight before midnight so I kind of want to decide oh, right now when to come back here. I think I've decided to take the 2:50pm flight out that arrives in LA at 8:18. BUT here's my dilemma.

I'll be going to school and already missing probably all of Thursday and Friday. I don't THINK it'll be a problem with my school if I miss some time but like- I don't know. Come back Sunday at 7am on the direct flight or Monday? There's a flight on Monday that leaves sometimes between 1 and 2 and gets back here at- no, wait. Those flights aren't the cheapest ones. Looks like I'm stuck with either 7am and get back here at 9am (which is an almost 3 hour flight with the time difference) or 3pm or 4pm, which would get me back at 9 or 11pm-ish. I think the 7 am DIRECT flight is my best bet but which day? SUNDAY OR MONDAY?

NVM! I just booked my tickets!I leave here at 3:50pm on Thursday, get into LA at 8:18. I leave LA at 7:15am on Monday and get back here at 11:10am.


HELP! Someone advise me!

Also, as far as the LJ thing goes and them refining their policies- I don't care what they do. I really don't. They could ban us all if they want but I WANT TO KNOW. I want to know WHAT their policies are, WHEN they're implementing them, WHAT criteria they're basing their judgements on, etc, etc. Right now they're just digging their hole deeper with trying to comment back to all of the valid comments people are making to their announcement posts.

I think the methods they've employed over the past two months to crack down on the "predators" on this site are dishonest, low, cowardly and plain disgusting. Acting on the tip from a fundamentalist whackjob group, deleting communities and users that did nothing wrong without investigation, holding a permanent account sale in the wake of all the bullshit, announcing all THIS bullshit AFTER the perm account sale AND doing it at a time when one of the biggest fandoms potentially affected by their "decisions" is basically in hibernation is COWARDLY and LOW.

Whoever the hell is running LJ now needs to take their heads out of their asses, form an LJ committee of impartial non-fandom AND fandom (ALL fandoms) people who KNOW what goes on in here to get opinions and ideas from, decide ONCE AND FOR ALL where their line will sit and stick by their choices. None of this back and forth shit. I don't care if they want us out, I'll go. But goddammit, suck up your fucking balls and DO it then.

And that's where I stand on it all.


Apr. 11th, 2007 02:49 pm
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I swear, I just got a sign that baby jesus wants me to go to Wincon.

They're opening a passport office in my city at the end of the month.


I've sent off my resigstration fee and the cost for the Saturday night dinner, [ profile] lostt1 said I could room with her and [ profile] torturemysoul (I can still room with you right, Mel? *looks sad and pathetic*) and I HAVE my passport application. I've been meaning to get it off but I have to get a special form for my voucher people to fill out because I don't have anyone here who has known me for more than two years. Which sucks beyond belief. I don't even know a doctor or a dentist or anything. :| That's what I get for being a hermit. BUT. I can get that done lickety split and then I can go wait in line at our very own passport office and KABOOM!

I just have to watch for those AWESOME ticket prices I saw on the airline website last week and snatch those up and I'm good to go.

What does that mean boys and girls?

I'M GOING TO [ profile] winchestercon!!!


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