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So the feeling most of us have right now isn't so much, "Oh boy! The finale! I bet it's gonna be good!" as it is, "Alright. Here we go. Get your shit buckled in and try to keep track of the pieces of your heart to glue back together later."


Had my second massage today. My neck is le fucked. I can still feel some of the trigger points spasming and after she finished today I felt dizzy and headache-y, which is good but damn if it wasn't weird. I go back again in two weeks.

Oh, and can anyone dumb down what's been going on with Lost for me? I just watched the last 15 minutes of the finale but haven't seen an episode in... oh, two months or so, so I'm just this side of lost. Lost in LOST. Oh, I am so witty.

Big Bang peeps! I haven't had the energy to work on it yet this week beyond the 3000 I added on Sunday on account of this week being balls. I'll try to get the last couple scenes I need in there this weekend so we can start the betaing process.
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Um... right. Getting right to it.

Innnn which... stuff happens. It's almost 3:30am. Sue me. )

Alias finale. Um... I like zombies. Um... right. Zombies good. Erm.... oh fuck it. Zombies. Yay. Everything else? Rather boring. I don't even know what's going on anymore. Go big or go home. Go camp or go home. Kill Vaughn or go home. DO SOMETHING! AND SOON! Fucking ratings be damned. I liked this show a hell of a lot better when it was a cult hit and few people could actually follow the convolutedness. Now that your other show didn't get picked up, JJ, work on getting Alias back to... something other than this, kthxbi.

In other news work was okay tonight, although one of my friends had her last shift so I was a little teary through the whole shift. I had to go to the back room at one point to collect myself and the manager came back. She was all, "Oh, what's wrong." And I said that I had been outside with my friend and she was leaving so I was upset. Then the manager went to my friend and was all, "What were you two doing outside?" And my friend said, "I was having a cigarette and she was with me." "You weren't doing something else were you?" She was thinking of my red eyes and thought we were smoking up. Outside the mall. On the steps of Chapters. Um... right.

And then I went midnight grocery shopping with another friend and it was a lot of fun. I enjoy this shopping when no one else is around. No old people to dodge, no babies to run away from... wonderful. It's also been so long since I've really gone shopping with someone that it's a nice change. Having someone to talk to, instead of seething inside as that stupid woman with the ugly hair parks her cart in the middle of the aisle makes it impossible for anyone to get around. Good times all around.

So Queer as Folk for the rest of the summer- well, till August and then... a fandom-free month? Ugh. What a concept. How do people live like that? :P
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First off, I want a freaking t-shirt. One that says, "I survived the opening, midnight show of Star Wars." It wasn't a BAD night, on the contrary it was actually kind of fun and until the midnight rush, rather slow. But holy crap. This is only the beginning. After this weekend I want an even better t-shirt that says, "Holy fuck. I survived the opening weekend of Star Wars. And now I might kill myself." Or something to that effect. Cause I'm on conf all fucking weekend. :(

Anyhoo. Went grocery shopping after my shift. At 1am. Yes. Was dead when I finished my shift, was even deader when I walked to the grocery store, around the grocery store and home from the grocery store.

And then I watched Lost. And whoa. I did a commentary to [ profile] kantayra but then she went to bed and I retardedly closed the IM. :(:( So now I'm watching again.

In which this is one of the best episodes of the season and manages to scare the shit out of me AND make me cry all at once. Amazing. )

I didn't watch Alias. I couldn't be bothered to record it. Whatever. Boring. And there's no more Veronica Mars. :( *sad*

I did see Crash and Unleashed recently though. Crash was good, still don't know what I think of it though. It was funny and certain parts were very touching/moving/had an impact. But overall I don't know how I liked it. Sandra Bullock was in it and did a great job. In fact, one of her final scenes touched me the most. I think it was SUPPOSED to move me in places but I really didn't feel it, it was a little forced. Usually I cry like a baby in these things, but not so much here. I'd recommend it though. It WAS a good movie.

Unleashed not so much. It isn't all kicking/punching/action. Which is what I was looking forward to. It actually tried to have plot. Lame plot. Morgan Freeman's daughter in the movie was annoying. Jet Li was... yeah, annoying. The whole premise was totally suspended from reality (I know you all don't think it's possible, I mean, a JET LI movie? Not based in reality? NEVER!). It wasn't even ha ha bad or bad!fic bad. It was just sort of lame. The fighting scenes were good but the plot was bad but there weren't very many fight scenes at all really. So... yeah. Crash yes, Unleashed no.

Maybe I'll actually get some writing done tomorrow. Wouldn't that be fun?

Fuck you again, Microsoft. I DON'T want to reboot!
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Holy tomatoes batman.

Sawyer's voice brings all the fugly babies to the yard )

Um... Alias. I'll keep it so simple I don't even need a cut.

Dixon, what were you wearing? I know the 80's are back and all but damn.

Syd pretending to be her mother for Jack = motherfucking creepy. Like really creepy.

That is all.


Aaaaaand yeah. That would be that, I guess.

I posted February earlier tonight, for anyone who's interested. :D
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Oh. Well. Let's just get right to it, shall we?

For a Jack episode it was actually pretty damn cool )

Alias was... whatever.

I dled Veronica Mars. Twice. But I think I must be missing some sort of codec cause it won't play. There's something that is keeping it as the file name without the extension. Can anyone help me? I have the k-lite codec pack and the divx codecs. I think it must have something to do with the torrent itself because I can play all the other eps I've dled just fine. But because I just got the computer yesterday and tried to dl the ep last night there must have been something I forgot. Help?

Also, YIM is pissing me off by not notifying me of my emails, despite the fact that I have all the things checked in my preferences. The box, the noise, the icon in the tray... help? Anyone? Help out the technologically impaired?

Also, Part 4 of Five: December is here.
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Um. WOW?


I almost missed this ep due to extreme fatigue. I took a half-hour nap on my desk, luckily drool free, and woke up at JUST the right moment for the show to start. But then I went to sprawl on my bed with my junior mints and things got hazy for the first few minutes of the show. VERY VERY BAD!

But but but. I managed to wake up and see what is easily one of the VERY BEST episodes this season.

In which Locke wobbles between very, very amazingly brilliant and very, very scarily creepy like Jack Nicholson from  )

And then there was Alias and guess what? I didn't hate the ep! )


More wibble!foaming needed- day by day I get more and more excited cause July is THAT much closer. Why am I so excited, you may ask? Cause Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out on July 16th. And what's July 16th? ONLY MY BIRTHDAY! Some girls from work and I have already started talking about going to the midnight opening thing they'll most likely have here at the Chapters that just happens to be right across the mall from the theatre. HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT? I just had to share my excitement.

I must work on my paper. It's due Monday. I have a page. And it's not even that good. MUST WORK. AND MUST NOT FALL ASLEEP!

[ETA] AIM is a bitch whore and booted me off. *kicks it*
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*runs around wibble!foaming with flailing arms*

I had HOPED this was going to be an awesome ep cause a) it's Hurley and he's teh shit and b) I'd heard about the basic premise of the ep and it sounded so cool. AND IT WAS!!!

In which Charlie and Jack should both die cause Hurley's the shit and why isn't he the leader of the whole goddamn island? )

And then there was Alias. Is the fact that I'm so sad and angry over the way this show has gone a sign of my devotion to it, or a sign that I'm THISCLOSE to calling up JJ and asking him what he smoked this season? )

*sniff sniff* No Vmars this week, none till the end of the month. Suckage. The show is crying for ratings and yet they do shit like this and put a huge hiatus on it, without even running re-runs so new viewers can try to catch on. I DON'T want this show to get canceled. I've only just discovered it. You CAN'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME! *clings to it like a howler monkey*

Also, in case you missed it last night, I posted part of my Gale/Randy RPS called Five. The first part, September can be read here. Comments make me gooshy. Yup, just like that.
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Well well well. What have we here? This ep... hmm. I liked it, sure. It wasn't as good as Solitary or Outlaws by any means but it was a fun, insightful episode. Yes, I said fun. Cause I laughed. Tee hee. I wasn't particularly jazzed about Jin's ep but I wasn't horribly repulsed either, like from a Jack episode (can he BE anymore boring?).

In which the shit hits the fan )

*pokes Alias* I see you moving in there, great-show-that-was. Come out before I beat you with a pointy stick )

In which I finally feel the Logan love but am not converted to the v/l love )

Whew. Another week with a lot of tv.

I get my bursary next week so I should (hopefully) have my new computer by this time next week. Am so excited, could pee. *refrains*

I'm slightly starting to freak out over my papers so I have to get started on those. I want to have at least 3 pages done in my seminar paper by Friday.

I think I also might start posting the fic I've been working on soon. I've got four parts done already and another one started. So there will be three after this one I'm working on and the epilogue. So we'll see. I just have to get it betaed properly. Maybe. I might wait. Maybe till this part is finished. *is torn* Whatever. I'll see.
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Eeeee! What an episode! *wibble!foams*]

There was very little in terms of progressing the overall storyline involving the island and the mysteries it holds and all that jazz but there was GOOD character progression with a little big more island mystery thrown in and more links between the characters, so that was awesome. While it didn't answer anymore overarching questions, it allowed us a few funny moments and time to stop rolling our eyes AT the continuous dragging of the "WTF?" questions.

Did that make sense? Yes? No? Who knows? Who cares? ONTO THE REVIEW! Pretty, pretty Sawyer. )

And the show-formerly-known-as-Alias )

And finally, Veronica Mars )

I was commanded by [ profile] lucie_inthesky to watch E Talk Daily for the Queer as Folk clip on set. *sigh* I hate this show. Damn Ben Mulroney.

Also, *mourns hockey*

Whew! That's a lot of tv!
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Hmm. *ponders the ep* I'm a bit conflicted. I thought it was suspenseful, and fun and I wasn't sure what was coming, so that was good. But on the other hand Charlie's flashback did nothing for me but prove he's a whiny, needy recovering addict. So... huh. I'll go through my recap and see where it all ends up.

In which Charlie rambles on about nothing and is really, really annoying OR The Lost men look hot wet. Because yes. )

Speaking of hairy donkey gonads - Alias is blowing them hard, eh? )

I'm trying to dl the torrent for last night's Veronica Mars. I started it this morning cause it wasn't put up till after 2:30 this morning. I'm at 66.3% and plodding along. I can't wait till CTV starts airing it here. Anyone have a set date on that? All I have is "Winter 2005", which should be before March 22, right?

More s5 spoilers came out today. I resisted, again. It was a bit harder this time but from the few stray comments people made I feel safe in saying I know what they are without even looking. It kind of irks me, the reaction they're getting, just because a couple weeks ago it was all- woe is me, die Cowlip die, and now everything's peachy keen. *clings to [ profile] qaf_optimists* We NEVER gave up hope!

And... yeah.
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I had heard that this ep was going to answer a lot of questions we've had over the past, oh, forever- so I was looking forward to this ep.

*sigh* I need to learn to set my expectations lower in life. I have a feeling this review won't be very funny.

Again, not a BAD episode, but not Solitary-good )

So that was Lost. If I had known just what this ep was going to be I would have seriously considered going to wait in line for rush tickets to tonight's presentation of Rent even though I just saw it last night. And it was AMAZING! I didn't like the chick that played Maureen very well but everyone else was wonderful and talented. The guy that played Roger was really good and almost made me cry during One Song Glory. I was crying about three songs before Contact so I'm sure the people around me were all- wtf is wrong with her? I fell in love with the guy who played Angel. So cute and I thought he did a wonderful job. I WISH WISH WISH I could have gotten some shots of them during La Vie Boheme cause that was my favourite number in the whole show, I'm sure, although for the first time I felt the I'll Cover You Reprise love. Collins? *wibbles* If only camera had a way to turn the flash off and if it did that I knew how to work it. Well, I'm not sure I could have really taken pictures anyway cause I was sitting in the second row (rent!snot close!) and looked into the eyes of most of the actors when they were there.

I just grinned up at them like the tard!moron I am. Told you I was speshul.

Dinner was amazing as well. Good food, good drink, good friends. All-in-all, a wonderful night.
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1) [ profile] nikita_80 is alive and well and back in the online world. *squeezes her tight and never lets her go* Yay for the non-deadness!

2) Tonight is Lost and Alias night! How can you go wrong! I went in knowing basically nothing about this ep outside of the promos but I had a good feeling and it SO paid off!

Poor Hurley and his poo problems OR in which Hurley and Jin are SOOTPOMG4-EVA! )

Alias stuff )

So that's the Wednesday night roundup for this week.

If I'm not working on Friday I'm going to go see the wonderful piece of garbage that will be Elektra. If anyone can sit through a trailer for that and not a) groan b) giggle or c) rejoice in the bad-ness you're blind and tasteless. If I didn't get to see it for free I wouldn't even rent it. But odds are I'll have to work as that's been the way things have been going for the past couple weeks, and that's fine too. I'll find out tomorrow. Maybe get my hair dyed. We'll see.

Also, I'm doing that drawing picture meme thing here for those of you who can see it.
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Yay! Lost is back after a 3 week hiatus and Alias is back after ... *tries to count* awhile.

I'm watching the premiere of Alias as I type this and so far I'm unimpressed by the first half hour of the show, waiting to be wowed. I'll try not to let this affect my sparkling wit for the Lost review. *snort*

In which I like Jack a little bit. For real. Stop laughing. )

Some thoughts on the premiere of Alias I'll have to wait and see... )

[ profile] bamagal205 I got your package today and it was such a surprise! I wasn't expecting anything at all and then I got something from you and it just made my day! I LOVE the card and the bits? Stuff? Sprinkles? (brain fart) inside and the ornament is lovely! It's hanging on my wall. If I had a decent window I'd hang it there. Guess I'll have to wait till I move. Thank you so much!

Also, I FINALLY got notification that the Rufus CD I ordered last month is being shipped. Fuckers. I was thisclose to calling them but I didn't think they would tell me anything but - We can't change when the warehouse gets stock, we'll notify you when it's shipped. But it's coming! Rage subsiding.

Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair cut, finally, and check out my schedule. I need to book off the 18th (for RENT!!! OMGSQUEEWIBBLE!FOAM!!!) and get groceries and stuff. I'm going to looooove this Tuesdays/Thursdays off thing. Although, if things go as we're all expecting they will I might have an extended vacation after this weekend. My uni's profs are taking a vote tomorrow over whether or not to strike because they've been without a contract for the past year and a half. Talks broke down before Christmas (profs are demanding reduced classes and sizes, which I totally support) and a conciliator was unsuccessful. As long as I don't lose my year and they don't strike for long, I'll fine with it. *crosses fingers*

[ profile] nikita_80 is still MIA. Have sent an email to see if she's okay.
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Wow. Wow wow wow. Not "blown-away" wow but "solid-effort-much-better-than-last-week" wow. I really liked this ep. Good character interaction, asked more questions, led to more intrigue rather than just frustration and went further in the plot without exposing too much. The pacing in this show is great. Not perfect but consistent enough to keep me happy. There's been a couple eps where I was bored but overall I'm satisfied.

This ep was very satisfactory for the most part. And it shall be called The one where Jack was an asshole. Again. )

*waits patiently for January 5th*

I AM still doing the ego-stroking posts. I swear. I started one last night but I had to get rid of it cause, well, by that point I hadn't slept in like- almost 36 hours and things were getting weird. I'll do one tomorrow. I promise hope!
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If I were seriously suicidal I'd join all the Charlie/Claire comms and in huge-ass caps proclaim that "CHARLIE AND CLAIRE SUX SO HARD OMG!!!111!!"

And then I'd wait for the fangirls to rip me apart, limb from limb.

Which isn't to say that the ep was BAD )

I guess that's all she wrote. Not perfect, but not total shit. Your average ep, I guess. I think after next week we have a break in eps until January, which sucks unless they show re-runs. But what TOTALLY KICKS ASS is that starting January 5th it's going to be JJ Abrams night with Lost being the lead-in for the season 4 premiere of Alias. How awesome is that? I'm so jazzed.

Also, because it'll get lost in the shuffle when I post this on top of it, My ego-stroking sign-up sheet. I do stroke more than egos though.

*walks away humming*
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*head explodes from the awesomeness*

*runs around, headless and wibble!foaming*

Now that I have that out of my system Solitary )

Whew. I think I'm done. I hope to hell I'm done cause that's alot of stuff I just blathered on about. Long story short? BEST. SHOW. EVAH!
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I didn't get around to putting my thoughts for 'Confidence Man' down because a) I didn't get the ep recorded Wednesday night because I'm a tard who can't programme the vcr right, b) I didn't get the torrent dled until Thursday night and then I transcribed the whole thing for [ profile] lost_reference (so if you missed the ep and have no way to see it, you can go catch up there) and c) I'm a lazy ass.

Now that that's all cleared up let's get on with the review/blathering of this week's ep titled: omg wet, naked Sawyer, omg! or And the Shippers Went Wild )

So that was that. Looking forward to Sayid's ep this week and in the meantime I have 1x06 to transcribe. Fun!
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First off, is anyone else having wicked problems with their hotmail? I have gmail but until they figure out how to put every lj comment into separate emails based on who sent it originally and not from the notify.lj or whatever I can't use it because it bugs the shit out of me. *stabs hotmail*

Also, LJ has been a h0r tonight. But then it came back and made me happy. But there was still a rocky moment where I felt the all-encompassing rage that hits when anything technological breaks down.

And then there was Lost. I was supposed to work tonight but because of my wicked bad toothache caused by the Root Canal of Death I begged out on it and came home after the matinee. It's just awfully strange how much better I feel right now. *whistles innocently*

So, right. Like I said, Lost. I'll cut here for some long, rambling, random thoughts, nothing in depth or well thought out but spoilery, obviously, for the ep The Moth )

Okay, enough Lostblathering. Now I need help. How do I get out of work next Wednesday night so that I can stay home and watch this, my new most favourite show, and have a running comentary of it with my beloved [ profile] kantayra? I need a plausible reason to miss work, one that probably doesn't include being ill as I already have been sick once (for real) and now tonight with the toothache (real but exaggerated). I could just see if I could switch with someone and work this Saturday, maybe. It'll involve going to get my schedule though, which I have to do anyway because I just realized I forgot to write down today. Go team me.

Maybe I'll just try my hardest to get sick by next week. Is it insane that I'm that dedicated to this show? Probably, eh?


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