May. 21st, 2009 11:38 pm
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Fuck off, brain. I have to SLEEP tonight.

I was watching QaF with D tonight. We just finished the 5th ep and she loooooooves it. I'm so jazzed. I'm SO HAPPY to have someone I can like--physically poke at who loves the show, instead of just harass on the intarwebs.

ANYWAY. So we were watching tonight and she loves Gale. He's so LANKY and tall and legs and EVERYWHERE.

And then I was like, "Could you imagine Gale and Jared hooking up? It'd be all hair and legs and huge arms EVERYWHERE."

And then we DIED. And now I want to write fic, maybe. BUT I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN DREAM UP THE WORDS TO CONTAIN THAT HOTNESS.

Also, I posted this yesterday morning but I'm still open:


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I had a great day. I slept pretty much soundly and woke up around 8:30. Sat around, got showered and went to the SPCA. Didn't get to spend too long there, though. I just wanted to be out of the house since there was more fighting with the cousin-by-marriage. It seems he could very well be going back home on or around June 15th. Say it with me now, HOORAY!

Then D and I went to Costco where I spent far too much money, then to Walmart which wasn't as fun as usual, thanks in large part to the annoying people there. Then we went out for supper, then back to my place due to the possibility of D being able to see cousin-by-marriage's girlfriend. Alas, she did not materialize.

We watched My Bloody Valentine in 3-D which was sort of awesome but mostly annoying. We had to take a break halfway because the 3-D is rose/green and annoying. Also, the glasses are green on the left and rose on the right, but if you take them off and look through one eye at a time the colours are reversed. So your right eye is seeing more green and the left sees more rose. Anyone know if this is an over correction done by the eyes since they're looking through the opposite colours through the glasses?

THEN we went to get slushes, and then I made D watch the 2 hour pilot for Queer as Folk. I have wanted her to watch this for so long and she's invested now. She loves Brian, loves Emmett, loves Debbie. She finds Michael and Justin whiny, which is totes justified for s1, but I told her things will start changing and the characters get better. Well, Justin does.

We've been trying to do a re-watch of Supernatural since [ profile] pipry23 was still here but we're only on the second disc of s2 and we've already seen them all. D hasn't seen any of QaF so I really want to get her into it before she leaves for school in September. I want to fall in love with the show again, too!

I'm feeling better from yesterday although my throat still hurts like a bitch and my lip is still hella swollen as it appears that's where they put like five needles or something into me. It still feels numb at times, even. My right nostril hurts the worst, too.

Thank everything there's still two days left of my weekend!
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Okay, so awhile ago (months, I think) I was like- why in the hell do I have all these Queer as Folk pictures? I'll never need them again. They're taking up too much space! *deletes*

And now, tonight, MONTHS LATER, I'm all- WTF SELF?! I wanted a Gale/Randy picture for something so I had to resort to yahoo image search. Now I'm on Flikr and uncovering all these old photos (and some new ones!) and it's making me YEARN for QaF! Like- I want to put the first disc in and start watching the whole series RIGHT NOW OMG.

I think it's definitely time for a re-watch (which hasn't happened since the show ended) and even some re-capping because the caps I made back in the day (which was a Wednesday) are TOOOOO SMALLLLL.

This show. I can't even explain. Of course, a renewed interest in it will probably make my family think I'm a lesbian again. *rolls eyes* Like I said to [ profile] sockherder last night, apparently you can't be a single female with an interest in gay rights without people thinking you're a lesbian/gay. Welcome to the land of open minds.
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I went on a mini-friending spree tonight. People who I've thought about friending before who I saw around earlier and had a burst of "why the hell not?" tonight.

I meant to post the first mini-challenge type thing over at [ profile] spn_fanmix today but I got distracted with capping 1x16 and dinner and then reading [ profile] dontwaitup's fic Exact Change. It's the first BigBang fic that I've had a chance to read so far, even though I have a couple others open in tabs. Good thing there's still a few months of summer, eh?

So, last night's Doctor Who, hmm? )

I also watched the pilot for Hidden Palms a couple nights ago. I know I'm behind )

I'm almost done my re-watch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think I'm on "Tough Love" right now. The distance from the last time I watched the show (back four years ago when it was first run) and separation from fandom has done me good and I can approach the show more objectively now. There are a lot of things I think about it now that if I dared breathe such things four years ago I would probably have sent more than a few fangirls into a tizzy, including myself. But that's neither here nor there because I haven't finished watching yet. I don't know if I'll continue on to watch season 6 and 7 again online because the show ends in season 5 for me. Even though I enjoy select episodes from those two seasons I don't know if I want to put myself through all that again.

On another old fandom-related note- Canadian Queer as Folk fans? All... like- five of you on my flist? HMV is selling all the seasons right now for 35.99$ each which is AMAZING. Those sets never go on sale. I've already stuck our season 5 copy in the staff holds box because it's been 100$ for the past... oh, eight months or so and I was sure I was never going to be able to own it. So I can get it for 30$+ tax with my discount. Then I'll finally have the whole series and maybe that'll be my next series re-watch. I don't know if I've distanced myself from the show and fandom enough yet, so we'll see after I finish Buffy in a few days. I still have s2 of Dead Like Me to watch, as well.

My [ profile] spn_heraea fic is coming along when I actually work on it but I'm having trouble forcusing on it. When I actually sit down to tackle it I'll probably draw a blank. Lame.
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I don't know how I get myself into these situations but here goes- two new communities!

[ profile] good_glbticons. Icons for Queer as Folk, Brokeback Mountain, Six Feet Under, Queer Eye for the Stright Guy, Rent, etc. It's one of those apply and get accepted dealies but we lay out our guidelines for judging the icons so yay.


[ profile] qaf_lims because quackaddictassmonger is evil. And we're both insane. Enter, enter, enter!
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Does everyone remember this meme? I was re-tagging all of my entries last week and stumbled upon my entry from last year with this meme and I'd love to see it float around again, especially since there was some great stuff to come out of this last time.

1. Put your playlist on shuffle (or not, whatever) and pick a couple lines of lyrics from 20 songs that come up.
2. Post them for other people to base a drabble on.
3. Drabble on!

Don't be afraid to sing... )

[ETA] Wicked fun cd-swap thing here. Who doesn't want to get some free music? Go! Join in!


Aug. 10th, 2005 03:36 am
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I feel thismuch like dying a little death for every second of the final episode just because it's over but at the exact same time I'm so happy and hopeful and TOTALLY OKAY with how it ended.

I lost it a mere 2:36 into the ep and pretty much didn't stop the whole way through but it was a brilliant, shiny, colourful, inspiring, and loving finale to this show that brought the thumpa thumpa for five fun years.

I've had so much faith in this season and the finale and the show ending on such a great note and I wasn't disappointed. I can't wait to see what all the talented, amazing people in the fandom will come up with now, continuing the story for us.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle watching it again for awhile so I capped it as I watched. :D 1600+ caps to play with and keep me amused for a bit.

I'm sure I'll post better, more content-having reactions sometime later but right now I just want to bask in the bittersweetness of it all and love some more on my beautiful gay show.
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Chalk this up to being exhausted from working for 13 hours today (conf/closing ush double shift. Brutal) or being really curious but I got to thinking about this on the walk home tonight as I was listening to a song that's reportedly on the season 5 soundtrack to be released on July 26th. (see the tracklisting here)

What songs from Queer as Folk represent each season for you? Or even the whole show?

I've been re-watching all of the seasons again recently and songs have been jumping out at my left and right that I never really related to certain scenes or episodes before. While some songs do represent the show as a whole for me, my love for Brian/Justin also influences what songs I relate to certain episodes or even whole seasons.

For me:

Season 1
Heather Small- Proud (Duh, right?)
Jan Garbarek with The Hilliard Ensemble, "Officium"- Parce Mimi Domine (I still cry.)

Season 2 (Harder to pin down a few really defining songs for me this season.)
Sigur Ros- Svefn-g-englar
Abba- Chiquitita / Ultra Nate- Free (might be because I just watched 204 recently)

Season 3
Broken Social Scene- Lover's Spit (another duh)
Matthew Good Band- Weapon (more the lyrics than the song itself for me, even though I know many others hold this song in the highest regards)
New Order- True Faith (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
Another notable: Sneaker Pimps- Loretta Young Silks (308 still makes me squeal and this song started my love of the Sneaker Pimps so YAY!)

Season 4 (I REALLY enjoyed the music in s4 so there's so many that I could single out for this or that but it's hard to narrow down just a couple that really represent something important to me)
Mogwai- Christmas Song (I always feel like my chest is caving in whenever I hear the opening of this song. That scene was amazingly powerful for s4, such an amazing moment for a few characters)
Circlesquare- 7 Minutes (I really, REALLY liked 405. I didn't really like/get where the whole Pink Posse storyline was going until the very end and I loved this song in this ep)

Season 5
Nothing big has stood out for me so far. One song on the soundtrack that I won't mention in case other spoiler virgins consider it to be one. It's obviously too early to single out a song that represents the season already so I won't even try.

Whole Series
Heather Small- Proud (who doesn't go back to that very first episode whenever they hear this song? For me this will always be the best and it'll always make me happy. :D)

So how about you? What songs do you relate to certain seasons or the show over all?

Please no spoilers in the comments beyond what's aired already (505).
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I couldn't help it. I broke. Like- good. [ profile] wherethewind__ and I heard about all these spoilers and we CAVED! POOR GUS! AND JENNY REBECCA! AND SAM!!! *cries*

These are really really real spoilers. Really. I'm not kidding. )
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Title: Come Again Another Day
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: PG-13, un-betaed.
Warnings: Major character death.
Disclaimer: *insert witty line about not owning anything of CowLip and Showtime's here*
Summary: Shitty weather for a shitty day, one year later.
A/N: I'm a little stuck on something else I'm writing and was feeling somewhat maudlin tonight and out came this sentimental and lame brainfart. Also, I was listening to Rain by Breaking Benjamin (a mirror because it somehow sent twice *headscratch*) and it made my brain explode. I love death!fic so I suppose it was only a matter of time before I took a stab at it.

Rain rain, go away )
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In case anyone wanted any more insanity in their life. [ profile] quackaddict and I do smoke crack. Unfortunately it's not the good stuff and this is what comes as a result.

Title: Sonata in d minor- the Regression of a Prodigy
Characters: Ethan, Brian/Justin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I'm sure that combined Magz and I couldn't afford to buy more than a one-legged howler monkey and a half-eaten watermelon therefore we own nothing.
Summary: Did you know syphilis makes you go insane if left untreated? Ethan sure as hell didn't.

Sonata in d minor- the Regression of a Prodigy )

On another note, [ profile] kallysten has issued a challenge over at her LJ. 2005 Drabbles Before 2005. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel? Want to write short, 100-word drabbles to help her out? Go over and add your own to the bunch. Write something off the top of your head or take someone up on their challenge. You know you want to. For real.



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