Dec. 20th, 2010

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I do most of my friending through friending memes.
Feel free to friend me for goodies I post (icons, caps, fic, etc).
All I ask is that you comment if you take anything. Thanks!

Erin, but people call me Mari as well.
27, Canadian, employed at a job I like some days and tolerate others
Love and let love
Oh, fandom. I'm slowly becoming active in fandom again. If I had to label things I'd say my main one is The Vampire Diaries right now (read the books WAY back in the day so it took me awhile to warm to the show). I used to be very, very active in Supernatural fandom but I'm not any longer. I'm also into Doctor Who, Torchwood and Twilight (the RPF/S side of things mainly, and the movie version only). I used to be in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queer as Folk fandoms. I still like talking about those shows now but I'm not active in those fandoms anymore. Friending me based on SPN, BtVS or QaF will be disappointing for both of us, sorry to say.
Jared/Katie, Brian/Justin, quasi-Gwen/Owen, maybe Ian/Nina (friends only?), Gale/Randy ('til death). I love original!Ruby. Jared/Jensen. Katie Cassidy is my girl crush. I like KStew, haters to the left. I love Rose. I LOVE DONNA NOBLE. I loooooove Jack Harkness. Zombies are the best thing ever.
Depends on the show so I'll say Spoiler-free.
Everyday is Defriending Amnesty Day here. Friend and defriend at will, I'll do the same.
I'm kind of a shitty commenter. I have good intentions but I'm easily distracted by shiny things. I DO read my flist and if I see something I think I can contribute to I'll comment, otherwise I don't know what to say or I have nothing relevant to add so I don't. If this bothers you and is against your journal policy, sorry.
Contact: leave a comment, send an LJ message, contact me on Twitter (@marishna) or email me. Please don't contact me in my personal journal regarding any community business.

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