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I leave for NYC in a little over TWO DAYS! In 53-ish hours, to be exact! The closer we get the more jazzed I am! I keep gleeing over all the knock-off purses I want to come back with. And, who knows, if the price is right maybe I'll find myself with a real Coach bag. I'm mostly looking forward to the shopping, to be totally honest. I just want to splurge and buy stuff, as materialistic as that sounds.

Does anyone know of a website or a way to find out what TV shows or movies are filming in NYC? I'd like to see if I could work in watching Gossip Girl filming while I'm there because I'd LOOOOVE to see Katie!

I have not been doing so well with the weight thing. I'm seeing a therapist but have only gone a couple times to this point. I have to pay out of pocket because the insurance company has blown through all my paramedical coverage through work and now have no money for things like therapy or massage or, now, physio, too. They want me to go for an independant assessment through one of their doctors (well, they say it's not one of their doctors but come the fuck on). But I've spoken to my lawyer and he's set me up with a plan of attack on this.

I do still need the physio, even though I'm doing better. My medical doctor is thinking the pain is going to be chronic now and I'm leaning toward his side, which sucks. When I'm sitting up or walking or anything my back hurts. Not a lot, not enough to make me NOT do things--well, no, it is. But it's more of a constant thing that when I take some drugs and just keep going I can get through it. But I shouldn't have to do that. I should be pain free. And when it rains, I notice, my arms ache down to my wrists, like they did last night. So that's something. It happened when I was at home in March, too, because it's damper there and it rained for a few days. My elbows down to my wrists ached every night. That's not cool, especially when I have a job that requires a lot of computer work and typing.

ANYWAY. That, coupled on top of my mom's whole thing (her job has officially laid her off but not until next year. However she doesn't get to stay in HER job, they're shuffling her around but not all at once. I want her to come out here, my family wants her to come out here but she doesn't want to leave and she wants another job at her work place and I'm just all in a tizzy about all that) and trying to figure out my own job issues (do I stay or do I go? Do I try to find another job and if so, where? Doing what? And if I stay here do I quit my second job that I'm not really enjoying anymore?) have kind of derailed and given me AN EXCUSE (I'm trying to recognize it for what it is) to be less vigalent at this weight thing.

I'm not pigging out every night like I was but I'm not as strict about the no sweets thing and that was going to be my first objective. Lose to the first goal (which I ALSO need to get back on, keeping myself in check with the numbers) and cut out the sweets. I'm torn between saying do it NOW because you have to stop when you know you have to and just do it or wait until after NYC because it's not like I'm going there all the time. And it's not like I'm going to gorge on sweets while I'm there but I don't want to restrict myself while I'm there to indulge in everything. I'll just hold myself back against eating like- everything when I can eat a little bit, I guess. I can't tell if this line of thinking is just an excuse again or logical so I DON'T gorge and regret it while I'm there. We'll see.

I also have some personal issues brewing about myself as a person and my goals in life, trying to figure out what I want and how I'm percieved by other people. My birthday was a couple days ago and I'm 28 now. I've often felt that I'm younger, life-wise, than other people my age because I don't have anything a lot of people my age have. I have a leased car and that's it. There's nothing tying me down, I have no aspirations for these things and I don't know "What I want to be when I grow up", I guess. What triggered this round was when some people in another department, who I pal around with daily, asked how old I was going to be and when I said 28 they couldn't believe it. One of them said they thought I was going to be 21. I don't know if this is because I LOOK young or because I ACT young. And if it's because I ACT young is it because I act immature? I don't know. I mean, have I lived through my 20's for nothing but to keep acting 20? Should I have more responsibilities in my life to come off as being older? Do I NEED to come off as older?

That comment really bothered me, to be honest. It's still following me around now, days later. I guess it's something else to talk to the therapist to.

I've been.... kind of okay, emotionally, lately. Kind of. I still find myself overwhelmed by incredible sadness at the drop of a hat and on the verge of a panic attack. I've managed to be able to keep it out of work, though. I find that when I'm there I think about work and nothing else, which is positive, but it also means that by the end of the day when everything finally STOPS and I can breathe again it all weighs down on me and is triggering at times. I get angry and frustrated and I hate how I come off to other people when that happens. I need to work on trying to maintain a smoother emotional face and attitude when things get on my nerves or when I feel pressure.

I think I'm going to try to be more open about my therapy and the things I talk about with her along with the weight loss since it's all mixed in together and adds up to be one bigger problem. Hiding it and keeping it behind flock will only keep with the idea that I need to be secretive with the fact that I'm having emotional problems that other people have and are going through, too.

I want to try to be more proactive and forthcoming with those emotions and post about them more often, rather than when I finally realize that it's been awhile and I said I would. I need to see this as a chance to keep myself in check.

I think I enjoyed some aspects of every stoyline this week although some are just totally out to lunch.

For one, the Tara/Franklin storyline. At first I thought Franklin was really dangerous and psychotic and, well, he IS, truly, but I wasn't expecting him to be dangerous BECAUSE he's psychotic. I mean, did Tara not have that great a storyline after the whole Maryanne/Eggs thing so the writers just decided to fuck her over again with this dude? At least Rutina Wesley has something more to do this season other than cry and be angry?

Also, Jason's storyline AGAIN. If Ryan Kwanten weren't so damn nice to look at I don't know what I'd do with Jason's scenes, honestly. I've heard what might be potentially happening for him this season and it sounds kinda interesting but it just seems like whatever the writers cook up for him the way his character is (so stupid, tbh) just ruins everything. Even when he's being serious he's so self-centred all the time and it drives me crazy.

Lafayette and Jesus were adorable. Intrigued! I was grinning through their whole interactions.

WHY CAN'T SOOKIE JUST JUMP ALCIDE'S BONES?!?!?!?!? For shizzle, yo! They're SO hot together and they'd make such a hot-ass couple. I want them to hook up so much. Fuck Bill.

I'm torn on the addition of Eric to the Edgington (sp??? whatever, don't care) household. That whole blood/Queen/King storyline is a whole other layer that I forget about in the midst of everything else happening. I personally liked seeing Eric's reaction to seeing his father's crown in the display case and it was supposed to be Russell that invaded and killed, right? So I can see why that's important and how Eric could use that to fuel his own needs to save Pam and get things squared away in his own Sheriff-dom but at the same time I was also kinda--whatever, move on, this is taking up time. So I liked it but I was bored with it at the same time. But it showed how old and how far back this vampire/werewolf connection goes. So there's something.

I still like this whole vamp/wolf storyline better than the Maryanne one, though, got to say.

Sam standing up for Tommy was kinda cool. His father creeps me the fuck out. I heard something about what the real reason is why Jolee (sp?? Don't care) has so much control over Tommy but I also get an incest vibe out of it and it's creepy.

Terry's small scene was adorable. I love him and I hope nothing happens to him. Also, the scene between Tommy and Jessica was also interesting. As much as I thought Jessica and Hoyt were sweet together I have to admit that after I read someone's comment that he's still in his late 20's, dating a girl who is still only about 17 (even though she's a vamp) is creepy. And it is to a point. So if Jessica and Tommy, both so fucked up, hit it off, it might be a bit more age appropriate and maybe hotter.

I don't know if I'll be able to see the episode next week when it airs since I'll be far, far away (GLEE!) so I don't know when caps will be up. I'm sure the episode will be cracktastic, though. Hopefully Sookie can get away from Russell and she and Alcide will make sweet sweet hot sex.

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