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I have to say I'm kinda pissed Nicholas (or Andrew/Tom Lenk as I've taken to calling him in my head. Good LORD he looks like Tom Lenk, even in mannerisms and the way he speaks) was kicked off with Jason. Jason deserved it (it's obvious he wasn't willing to take any criticism or design beyond his bullshit "aesthetic") but Nicholas' work wasn't bad, aside from the heavy detailing. If you looked at his actualy WORK and construction I thought the skirt was nice, the shirt from the front was interesting. Althoug the cape was horribly out of place.

BUT STILL! I think they only eliminated him because they've been hinting that one OR MORE people could go home and since they didn't do it in the first episode to make it seem like it could come at any point they HAD to do it in the second ep. Which is BULLSHIT!

I'm glad Peach is safe because I like her personality. Although her dress was pretty.... eh. I didn't mind it on a personal level although I'd never wear it and it definitely wasn't good for a magazine.

I can't say I dislike anyone so far but there's some people that have barely been on camera yet. A.J. seems nice but a little dramatic and perhaps a little bitchy when given too much to talk about. Michael could get a bit annoying with all the faces and eyerolls and whatnot. I think Gretchen could get very high and mighty about things, especially now that she's won two challenges and she's going to be a target from the others. I don't necessarily MIND her design aesthetic but I don't think she's spectacular yet.

In the first episode Ivy's personality and exuberance made me think that maybe she was someone to really watch but she's another that doesn't wow me and so far her clothing has been a bit on the boring side. But I like HER! Mondo just about broke my heart when he was talking about feeling so lonely and disconnected. I know exactly how he feels (aside from having a talent that can feel like a burden) and his tears made me want to hug him. I hope to see him make friends with some of the others and maybe get a bit playful at least once.

Casanova's already bugged the shit out of me with the way he kept pestering Gretchen (and I totally get where A.J. was coming with saying he wasn't going to help Casanova pattern. Why would he?) and his taste level. I mean, the Marie Claire challenge outfit wasn't bad but I fear his idea of "sexy" when that's part of another challenge. And I'm kind of leaning on the side of whoever else mentioned that him not understanding some phrases or words at times is bullshit. I think when he wants he plays it up.

Kristin only stood out to me because when she was talking about her outfit on the runway (the pants, top and the fluffy pink neckwarmer/scarf/whatever the fuck) about how she was nervous about the fit but the model "sold it" I guffawed because it was terrible. The shirt looked askew, it was wrinkled everywhere, everything looked like it was sewed on a bias or something but not intentionally from the way it moved. It was horrible. I think I like April, though, but I think I like HER so far, not necessarily her clothes.

Did anyone else get the idea that the Editor of Marie Claire and Nina don't really get along? Yeah. I like hearing Tim's take on things afterwards, too. He kind of has a way of talking about the show in a way that's not totally positive so you know he's got some beef about the way shit went down but he's so CLASSY about it.

I think I like the new format, too. Although one thing I've always liked about the show is how, despite it being a reality show, the season isn't propelled by drama. The clothing IS the drama. Now that there's a half hour more of time there's more focus on the designer interaction and the heated moments they have. On the one hand it's kind of cool to see that but on the other hand I wouldn't mind seeing more about the CLOTHES.

So far I haven't seen any designs that leave me in awe or with the desire to run to the fabric store and try in vain to make my own stuff, but I like the group of designers they've gathered this season, so far.

And I'm really fucking happy that Jason is gone. I was NOT liking that douchebag. And that bowler cap? Wasn't intimidating.

The 3D was really wasted on this movie. I mean, they FILMED this in 3D but for the amount of dancing there was it wasn't used well at all. And I didn't find the dancing that epic, either. The times there were close ups of the dancers smack in the middle of the screen, showing off something cool for the 3D it was awesome but that happened maybe once every half hour or so.

The story was also pretty poor and yes, I know, it was a "Step Up" movie, what did I expect? But there were bits of it that simply didn't make any sense at all, huge plot holes, etc. The interaction between the characters was also super forced and I think the only person I really liked was Moose, who I only felt a connection to when thinking about his path from the second movie. If I'd just stumbled into this movie I'd have been lost and disliking a lot of the characters, I think.

The male lead is totally forgettable and the female lead looks older than she should. She doesn't look like she should be, say, 22. More like pushing 30 and really similar to Brianna Evigan or however her name is spelled. I wish she'd made a cameo in the film. There weren't any cameos (like Channing Tatum in the second) although some of the old crew from the second movie join up in this one, too, to help out the crew.

For what it was the movie was okay. I'm glad I had a pass for the movie, though, because paying 12$ for it would have been a rip off. The 3D was GOOD because the movie was actually filmed using it but it was unnecessary (I though the director would have made something in every single shot come out at the audience and really make use of the effect). It wasn't campy like "Pirhanna" is going to be when it comes out in a couple weeks. I think the 3D in that will also be, of course, unnecessary but it should be in a FUN way. Not just as a way to make extra money per ticket.
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