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I watched a number of movies this weekend--Death at a Funeral, Vampires Suck, Sex and the City 2, Green Zone and Killers. I don't think I really liked a single one of them. DaaF was probably the one I was least put off by but I don't know if I LIKED it. There was just a lot going on. I was disgusted by SatC2, honestly. I loved the first one, hated the second. The rest were pretty boring. I'd have liked Killers if the script wasn't so up and down. The concept had potential, for sure.

Holy info dump, batman!

so much stuff happened in this ep! Reveals! Shockers! New stuff!

Sookie finally finding out what she is was pretty much a let down. It was what we already knew and were just waiting for her to find out. And it was "fucking lame", just like Sookie said. The whole Sookie/Bill drama needs to end quickly because it's starting to wear out its welcome.

Jason finally confessed that he killed Eggs. When he told Sookie I thought that was going to be the end of it but then he told TARA and I was like- HONEY CHILD NO! That girl should probably just go kill herself, or something. And I don't mean that to be crass but come on. CAN WE GET THIS GIRL A GODDAMN STORYLINE THAT DOESN'T END WITH HER WHOLE SOUL BEING DRAGGED THROUGH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE?!?!?!? I was sick of the treatment she got back at the start of the season. Now I'm really disgusted with it. Why is Tara even around? For real. WHY IS SHE AROUND? Because if she's just going to be the show's fucking outhouse for people to shit in every single episode it doesn't make me want to like her. It makes me want to wish she would die and be put out of her misery! SERIOUSLY! And I LIKE Tara! Well, most episodes.

Arlene finally told Terry that the baby isn't his and he reacted pretty much the way I expected him to. It was a sweet scene although that Arlene is still wanting to get rid of it does and doesn't surprise me. I still don't trust this new waitress but we'll see how that all unfolds. I fear Terry's reaction when the baby's gone. I predict he'll want to try again right away, as soon as Arlene is able, and then she'll repell him because she'll feel guilt or something and then he'll find out and their whole relationship will go to shit. Which is sad because who else is going to love her?

Jessica and Hoyt are as good as back together now. I don't know what Tommy's going to do, though, seeing as how the one kinda good thing he had going for him (in his eyes) has rejected him and gotten back with the guy he's been grinding into the dirt for a while now. Tommy's pretty boring, really. I feel bad for him and think that he's going to come around to being an upstanding guy and then he goes and does something stupid that makes me roll my eyes at him. I just don't even know.

Nice to see that Bill actually showed up when Jessica was upset over the house being attacked. Amazing, really.

And finally, Crystal revealed herself to Jason. I'm growing tired of that storyline, too. So whatever. At least Crystal actually told her father she wasn't going back to the dude she was promised to?

The flashbacks to Sam's life as a con man were a bit overkill, imo. I don't see how it really ties into his current predicament with his family, unless the whole stress of meeting them, finding out they're crazy and taking in his wayward brother is supposed to put everything together in a neat package. Him freaking out and flashing back to the time when he lost control before seemed out of place in the midst of everything else and if it's something the writers are going to tie up before the finale I don't know why they even bother, honestly.

I would like Eric to tell Sookie why she can't trust Bill, of course. Anything to get them apart from each other. Eric reminded me of Brian Kinney from QaF in this episode. Alex has got some Gale Harold hair going on and the way he's so secretive and just DOES shit and then when other people point out the obvious of what he SHOULD be doing he does it on his own.

Only two episodes left!

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True Blood 310 set 1 (281 caps ~ 22.5MB) // True Blood 310 set 2 (281 caps ~ 22.2MB) // True Blood 310 set 3 (281 caps ~ 23.2MB) // True Blood 310 set 4 (284 caps ~ 20.7MB) // gallery

I think Arielle Kebbel (???)'s pretty. I didn't know who she was until she did one episode of The Vampire Diaries. She looks like Adrienne Palicki, though.

I'm glad Jessica finally said something. You'd think that since her ex went around killing people who slept with vampires, who did NOTHING, she'd have come around a bit?

Down the rabbit hole they go.

Jasssoooonnnnnn. Shut your fool mouth!

Love her hair.

Oh, Navid from 90210. We barely new ye.

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