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I have the flu so I've been home for the past couple days. Ugh. My stomach's still in turmoil but I want to go to work tomorrow because I'm kinda bored and I don't know. But I don't like having ickiness in the staff bathroom. Conflict.

Since I've been home I've had time to read over the new [ profile] news post here. Basically, if you've been under a rock, LJ has ever so conveniently altered the comment function so you can crosspost your comments to automatically crosspost to Facebook and/or Twitter.

NOT ONLY can you apply this to your own posts but you can go into someone else's post and crosspost comments from their entries. Including their locked and/or filtered entries if you're able to see their locked and/or filtered entries, that is.

[ profile] dysonrules did an experiment of how the commenting and crossposting works and it's like this. Charming, no? So if you happened to use an icon made from a porn gif or a Harry/Snape macro or a questionable quote or ANYTHING it can lead to awkwardness, among other things. That's just on a fandom level. Already people have brought up the issue of stalkers, exes, parents, extended family, etc. I have both of my bosses on FB, even! My FB is quite limited to who I friend and, as far as I can tell, I've tightened the "security" on it as much as I can. There are a couple fandom people on there, just as I have a couple RL people on my LJ but it is just that--a couple. If I wanted those two worlds to collide I'd've done it myself a long time ago. I don't need LJ to act as the gravitational interference, thanks.

Apparently LJ is 'here' and they're compiling data from the THOUSANDS of comments left so far. There are also a couple polls in the comments of that thread about this new brilliant idea. Never mind that had they, I don't know, ASKED or run this by a panel of actual users or something before implementing it, thinking we'd LOOOOOOVE this new development, they'd have learned that, no, people don't want their comments crossposted because otherwise we'd do it ourselves.

I get that people take your private info and spread it wherever you want anyway (if they're a douche, that is) but now it can be done accidentally and at least if it was done on purpose it would take more effort to copy/paste it AND if you want to format it the same way LJ helpfully provides that would take even more effort. And if someone else is going to spread your private info everywhere, odds are they're not going to provide a linkback to the actual post, as in the LJ-provided links.

So yeah. I hate this idea. I hate it like I hate ... things I hate. People have also mentioned that the rights over content at each site are different so if someone else posts what you've done here on LJ under one presumption, now it's on FB and changes. SO YAY! Even more fail to roll around in, LJ!

In short (didn't mean to ramble on), please don't crosspost anything you say here onto FB or Twitter. The Twitter I don't really get bc it's 140 characters and most comments are longer but the sentiment still stands. If I wanted my shit there, it'd be there. The end.

OH! P.S. LJ says they're aware of and are working on the fail in tags using a /. Priorities! LJ has them.

Maybe I'll post some old icons now.
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