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I decided to go through and make all my caps accessible in one easy post, rather than looking through that damn tags list. Also, now I can just link this post rather than every single cap post I've ever made when I continue with my memories overhaul.

All caps with active links have been added to this list. There were A LOT more Prison Break and Veronica Mars caps posted but they were all on megaupload and I can't be arsed to re-upload them.


I enjoy sharing the caps I make for people on LJ. I make them for my own purposes and to get the scenes/shows that I want for graphics but, really, what am I going to do with thousands of caps? So I share them so other people can use them for the same purpose.

If you have a fansite for a show/actor/whatever PLEASE ASK me before you upload them to said site. I'll most likely say yes. I know that I don't have the rights to the images but I put the time and effort into capping them for people to use. I appreciate knowing where they're going and for what purposes and to know there's some credit shown as a nod to the work that goes into capping/sorting/zipping/uploading to web space that is graciously donated to me for this use.

A heads up and courtesy is all I ask, thanks!

All links lead to posts where caps can be downloaded through zip files. Some may also have gallery links and will be indicated.

Please do NOT upload any of my caps to Fanpop!

Updated March 7, 2010

CW promos )

Doctor Who )

Gossip Girl )

Harper's Island )

House )

Jericho )

Kings )

Melrose Place (2009) )

Nip/Tuck )

One Tree Hill )

Prison Break )

Skins )

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip )

Supernatural )

Torchwood )

True Blood )

The Vampire Diaries )

Veronica Mars )

What I Like About You )

Movies )

Celebrities/Misc caps )
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I know there will be a hires trailer out tomorrow, likely, but I didn't realize that until AFTER I'd gone through the process of capping this from youtube videos.

So I've got the teeny version introduced at the MTV Movie Awards, including teeny tiny caps of Rpattz, Kstew and Taycob doing the intro. Then I've got bigger caps from a youtube source (I don't know what the etiquette is on linking Youtube vids but since some from the Awards have already been yanked I'm not linking them to reduce the trail) AND I have the cop-out-kiss from Rpattz and Kstew.

I want to write fic nowwwwwwww.

None of them are great quality, but reduced down for icons they should be okay.

Spoilers, obvs.

Teeny trailer

* 320 x 240
* Comments/credit appreciated
* Don't claim as your own
* Enjoy!

Teeny New Moon Trailer (561 caps ~ 4.6MB)

Teeny trailer )

Bigger trailer

* 1160x842
* Comments/credit appreciated
* Don't claim as your own
* Enjoy!

Bigger New Moon Trailer (78 caps ~ 4.1 caps)

New Moon trailer bigger )

Kstew/Rpattz cop-out kiss

* 1160x842
* Comments/credit appreciated
* Don't claim as your own
* Enjoy!

KStew/Rpattz almost kiss (35 caps ~ 2.4MB)

KStew/Rpattz almost... )
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I capped 308 on my mother's laptop today and had moderate success. I got about 400+ caps out of it but I missed whole scenes of the ep at times and then a lot of my caps ended up looking like this. So I'm just going to go with what I have for myself and re-cap it in full when I get back to MY computer. In this case I'm glad the new eps aren't until January 31st.

Take a gander at the Anonymous Kink Meme, hmm? Even if you don't have any secret kinks you want to reveal, feel free to pimp this out for others!

Also, we ([ profile] spuzz and myself) have 101 watchers at [ profile] morbid_girls! Feel free to friend the comm to watch it for icons, resources and icon requests!


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