Mar. 29th, 2010 07:52 pm
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So I'd like people to pick a number between 1 and 3212. I've tried this writing meme before with few to no results so I'm not guaranteeing anything and I'm not asking for fandoms because then I REALLY can't promise anything but I'd like to see what happens.

So yes. 1-3212.

Also!! New Yorkers! Would you recommend a visit to your fair city in April around Easter (April 22 next year) or perhaps a month later during the holiday in May? Is there THAT much difference in weather in the month? Is there more to do in May versus April? We're not looking for spectacularness as this is my second trip and Todd's first and I've only been in the fall so I'd like to have an idea of when would be nicest to come.

SO EXCITED! Probably more for NYC than ComicCon! Blasphemy, I know!!
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And I'm being totally honest about that.

Words can't describe what a change today is from last week, even though it wasn't even THAT good. I mean, in comparison it was amazing but seriously, so much beter.

Got my schedule for the part time job and I heart it through April. It's just enough for me and I have some variety and it's awesome. Plus? I'm not working tonight, which is AWESOME as I haven't had a Monday off, aside from being sick, since October.

I'm still enamoured of my new hotass purse. Have I showed you my new hotass purse? )

I have a new layout. I don't know how long I'll keep it because it might be too light for me but I've been looking at it for a few months now and I finally got up the ... gumption, I guess, to change things.

And I wrote something last night. I'd set the sleep mode on my tv and was drifting off when this image hit me and I immediately got up, turned on the light and scrambled for a pen. I haven't felt the urge to write ANYTHING, let along like THAT, in MONTHS. Today I feel like a new person.

I can't say it's good or anything but I'm going to type it up and try to post it tonight. It's for The Vampire Diaries and I have no fucking idea where it came from but I just love that I wrote something and finished it and it wasn't forced. For anyone who's ever gone through an extended period of writer's block and felt helpless and like it was gone forever knows the relief I feel. Today I don't even feel tired even though I didn't get the sleep I should have. SO HAPPY.

TV talk )

OH OH OH! AND! I've finally got a layout and tags up at [livejournal.com profile] vdaries_caps. I just have to put some rules together and an intro post and it'll be ready to go! Run, watch, post (when I have the rules up)!! Spread the word!
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Okay. Okay okay okay okay.

Okay )

I passed 20,000 for [livejournal.com profile] autumnwrite, so that's fun. And I know, no fic yet. I got behind tonight.

I did, however, make my 1000th SPN icon:

And now, I go to bed.


Sep. 23rd, 2008 11:25 pm
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I have written 19,156 of 150,000 words.
I am now 12.77% done!

no frills wordmeter

I'm so close to 20,000! I tried to work on the other fic that [livejournal.com profile] missyjack enabled me for but I only got a bit done in that. Instead I finished another fic. A WHOLE FUCKING FIC. And this has SMUT in it!

I have a 3300-ish word fic that's in need of beta work, if anyone's interested. Google docs, indicate changes in a different coloured font rather than making them yourself, fixing flow and everything, really. Jared/Jensen, s4, no spoilers aside from that they're LIVING TOGETHER. Any takers?

So this makes two fics that I've finished to the point of me wanting to post them. The other fic I'm working on will definitely need to be gone over before I'll even send it to the beta but to do that I have to FINISH it because, yeah. So TOMORROW. Yes.

Oh, and I had firemen at my house this morning. Apparently our washer likes to smoke and shit. Nothing like getting out of the shower to be told to get dressed super quick, opening the door (after, thankfully, being clothed) and seeing a big, tall man decked out in full fireman gear to jump start your Tuesday morning.

Oh, and the drive-thru window person at Starbucks cautiously poked his head out the window at lunch when I was going through and asked if it was "snow rain" outside. It was 11C. :|
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I have written 17,850 of 150,000 words.
I am now 11.9% done!

no frills wordmeter

I meant to continue working on the fic that I started last night thanks to [livejournal.com profile] missyjack but a Jared/Jensen bunny bit my brain so I worked on that instead. I've been falling into a horrible trap lately of starting fics, lots and lots of fics, just to get the ideas out, and then they get neglected. Because of that one of my fic ideas has been Kripke'd but I'll probably finish it anyway since it's something I've wanted to write all summer.

I'll work on the other fic tomorrow, hopefully. I'm most excited to have written almost 4500 words in the past two days. That's a freaking miracle right now!

And yes, this icon is shareable, if anyone was wondering. It was in the icon post I made last night.

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I have written 15,586 of 150,000 words.
I am now 10.39% done!

no frills wordmeter

I'm only 10,000 words behind. *facepalm* I'm trying hard to write SOMETHING every night but some nights I come home and my eyes feel like sandpaper against my lids so the last thing I want to do is try to write, if that makes any sense at all.

I'm also going to try to continue on with some of the other fics I have started already, rather than keep starting new ones based on my whims for that day. The ones that I start don't get finished any faster than the older ones are.

BTW, [livejournal.com profile] missyjack is a horrible, terrible dirty girl. I'm at 2,025 right now. :| :|


Sep. 10th, 2008 07:45 am
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OH HEY. I was supposed to send out the prompts for the Picture Prompt ficathon like- LAST WEEKEND. Then I said I'd do it on Monday.


I'll do it tonight because I'm writing myself a note. For anyone reading this who signed up, I'm going to bump the due date back a few days to make up for this massive spectacle of failure. Sorry. :(

And hey, if the world ends today I'm safe! Btw, if it does, it's been a slice. I don't even know what's going on but whatever.
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I wrote a whole Jared/Jensen thing tonight! I'm having trouble writing anything that involves smut. For some reason when I think about writing it I get this block and my mind and fingers don't work in coordination with each other. I've never been 100% comfortable with it because I fear I write the same thing in every love scene over and over but ever since I've had my block with writing in general it's been really hard to get back onto that train. I'm trying, but also failing.

But I managed to write, a whole complete Jared/Jensen thing! It has nothing to do with the music meme but it was inspired by the revelations from today, of which I don't think I have to make any comment. If you don't know what I'm talking about you're either a) not in SPN fandom or b) living under a rock.

I don't have the energy to post it tonight but maybe in the next couple of days I'll work on doing the three I've written in the past few nights.


I have written 8,703 of 150,000 words.
I am now 5.8% done!

no frills wordmeter

And now, goodnight moon.
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Finished another one of those music meme things tonight. Both of the ones I've done thus far have to do with the Who/TW verse, which is weird and cool at once. I saw someone's report for the day and they're up to 110,000.

110,000! We just started this LAST Monday. Good LORD!


I have written 7,103 of 150,000 words.
I am now 4.73% done!

no frills wordmeter

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Ive been slacking for a few days on the writing. Thursdays aren't the best days for writing, Friday I was pooped and yesterday I just wasn't feeling it. So tonight there was a dash in one of the chat rooms for [livejournal.com profile] autumnwrite so I got into a few of those and did almost double my daily requirement but I'm still about 1800 words behind, give or take, so I have to catch up.


I have written 5,771 of 150,000 words.
I am now 3.84% done!

no frills wordmeter

I even got a small fic done! For that meme I posted about probably over a month ago where people picked a number that corresponded with my itunes and gave me a show/pairing. I have ONE done. YAY!

Leave your AIM sns here for Thursday night SPN show chats!

I watched True Blood tonight and really liked it. I don't care how bad it is, I think it's goofy!sweet. I might even make icons if I can unearth some caps.

If you signed up for the Multi-fandom Picture Prompt ficathon I have chosen the picture prompts for everyone and tomorrow I'll email them out. 54 people signed up! I'm excited!
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Final word count for the day for [livejournal.com profile] autumnwrite:


I have written 2,875 of 150,000 words.
I am now 1.91% done!

no frills wordmeter

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I'm posting this for my own records. I wrote 1506 words today in two separate documents in my quest to write 150,000 for [livejournal.com profile] autumnwrite. One was a Ruby fic that I've started over and over about four times in the past and one was a bit from an original idea I have that may or may not ever see the light of day.


I have written 1,506 of 150,000 words.
I am now 1% done!

no frills wordmeter

I'll have caps for both Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill but not until tomorrow. I think the only show I'm going to be losing sleep for with the caps will be SPN this year. Especially since Doctor Who, Torchwood and Skins don't come back until 2009 in various forms.

I also don't see myself capping anything but SPN, OTH and GG this season, although I might drop either OTH or GG, depending on how those seasons go this year.

Go, go, go

Aug. 28th, 2008 09:46 pm
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thoughts on Project Runway 5.07 )

The Picture Prompt Ficathon is going SUPER good, so far. In the first day 32 people signed up! And I only crossposted to a few communities thus far, for Gossip Girl, Torchwood, Reaper and.... SPN. Was that it? I think so. I'd like to hit some more to get as wide a selection of fandoms as possible. Can you suggest any other comms to me? Bandom is allowed, too, all the people on my flist who are into it.

I actually wrote something last night! I don't know if it's in character and it has almost no dialogue, so it's all narration, but STILL! I wrote it for someone at the Fandom Free For All when I wasn't sure I would be able to at all. I'm happy. I'm going to type it up and post it without a beta, I think, because it's so short. Not even 500 words.

I will, however, at some point soon, need a beta for an SPN story. Sam/Jensen, probably for character voices, general editing and tightening of the flow. Any takers? I have it handwritten but not typed up in Google docs yet so it'll be a couple days, likely. I'm trying to break this writer's block any way I can.

Oh, and apparently the first twelve chapters of Midnight Sun or whatever S. Meyer is calling her Edward POV accompanying piece to Bella's POV in Twilight have been leaked. The first one's been on her website for ages now but twelve? I tried to hot a link on ONTD for them but it was a PDF and taking forever to load so I nixed it and will wait for a proper dl, wherever it comes from.

Do I smell the hot, supple scent of desperation, S. Meyer? Perhaps pressure from the movie studio to Not. Let. The. Hype. Die. for the movie? Tsk, tsk, S. Mey.

Aaaand, one for the road:

In comments, tell me: What's your favorite story that I've written, and why? My fic list is here.
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I'd like to take five drabble-esque fic prompts! First come, first served. I'll do SPN (Sam/Dean, Sam/Ruby, Dean/Ruby), SPN RPS (Jared/Jensen), Skins (Maxxie/almost anyone, Tony/Michelle), and I'll try Torchwood (Gwen/Owen, Jack/Ianto, Jack/... anyone?, Gwen/Rhys), see if something comes up.

Give me a fandom, pairing (if applicable) and a song lyric.

ALSO! I HAS MOODTHEMES! I thought I'd try my hand at a Ruby moodtheme, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a horizontal one or a vertical one--so I did both!



Check them out and download them (with instructions and admin console stuff) here at [livejournal.com profile] morbid_girls.
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My [livejournal.com profile] abouttwoboys fic is actually progressing! I think I've breached 5000 words and things are falling into place fairly easily. I can't tell how long it's going to be, though, and the odds of it being done for Friday are slim to none. Of the three fic challenges due on Friday ([livejournal.com profile] abouttwoboys, [livejournal.com profile] spn_apocosmut and [livejournal.com profile] dontbendthatway) I think the only one I MIGHT stand a chance of getting done is the [livejournal.com profile] dontbendthatway fic because, in my head, it's not going to take that much to write. Whether I actually GET to before then, because I'm working on my [livejournal.com profile] abouttwoboysfic pretty well, is another matter. I might work it out in on paper when I go to bed just so it doesn't take away from my [livejournal.com profile] abouttwoboys mojo at the computer. We'll see. Unfortunately the way I see my [livejournal.com profile] spn_apocosmut fic doesn't lend itself to be written in four days. At all.

Not to mention I'm dealing with school shit this week, although my part is basically done now. I have to try and get my head back into school. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, THOUGH. Anyway.'

I just deleted almost all of my icons so I'll be looking for new ones. Woo!

Oh dear, what to say about this episode.

Sid rambles )

* 960x528 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
* Comment and CREDIT if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

Skins 203 set 1 (315 caps ~ 14.0MB) // Skins 203 set 2 (315 caps ~ 13.5MB) // Skins 203 set 3 (316 caps ~ 13.4MB) // gallery

There's a cap from the preview for next week in the caps, at the very, very end so if you're a total spoilerphobe you might want to avoid, although it's not really spoilery at all.

I'll be back )
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First thing- I need a beta. I finally got my [livejournal.com profile] spn_holidays fic done and typed up. I'd like to have it up in time for the deadline tomorrow. Anyone like me with no life and isn't going out for NYE? *winning grin* Care to help out? I work in google docs and prefer to have my betas indicate changes so I can see what and why something needs changed to learn from it. It's about 4300-ish words, Sam/Dean. Leave your email if you're interested.

And if anyone is getting comments from me to FREAKISHLY OLD things (ie- fics from 6 months ago), I'm sorry for the spam. I'm just trying to catch up. :(

I decided to post all this public because it's a declaration, of sorts. These are things I want to accomplish in the next year, so why hide them?

New Year Resolutions 2008- Real Life )

New Year Resolutions 2008- Fandom )

fic meme year rounfup thing )

I think this is pretty much all I have to say about 2007. It came, it went. So long, see you later. Bring on 2008!

Oh, and if anyone else is bumming around home tonight (even if there WAS anything to do here in town, it snowed quite a bit today the roads are shit) IM me on AIM! FcukerMari
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I don't think I've ever been more excited to see November in my life. Because as of tonight there are only 43 sleeps until I get to go HOME. And only 41 sleeps until I'm done with this semester. So bring on winter!

I thought about doing NaNo this year but I don't think I'll have time with all the school work I'm going to have to dig into (well, sort of) and the idea I thought I might tackle didn't flesh itself out as much as I'd hoped so I'm going to keep working on it and go from there.

I am, however, doing [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo! And I've made myself a little list of things I'd like to accomplish over the course of the month, in no particular order:

01) Finish the Sweet Charity fic from JUNE. I have it ALMOST DONE but that last scene is really cockblocking me. Literally in a figurative sense. :|
02) The 'Jared's married' fic. This idea has been in my brain and there's been almost 4000 words written since FOREVER but I can never find the time to sit down and get into it. I have a lot of it thought out. I think I need to figure out how it's going to end which has never fully come to me. But it will, oh yes.
03) The rockstar fic. I have this one all fleshed out as well but, again, just never seems to be the right time to sit down with it.
04) The OTHER Sam/Ruby fic. This has been coming along, little by little, before I go to bed. I'm writing it longhand in my notebook so if I keep it all in there and available to be worked on whenever it should work out nicely. It's coming along well.

I think that list should do me through the month nicely. Until another idea bogarts all my time and totally fucks everything up. But if there's one thing I HAVE to get done this month it's my Sweet Charity fic because HOMG yes.
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So I found out tv-links.co.uk has been killed, the owner/creator arrested and possibly the moderators as well. Boooooourns. I loved that site, even if the quality wasn't always the greatest.

I'm taking drabble requests here and I even have one done! But I don't know if I like it, so I don't know. We'll see.

I'm posting fic tonight, I'm pretty sure. Just need to work out something and it's all good. And finish my freaking homework.

In conclusion, Dear Yuletide Santa )
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Would anyone be interested in joining in a death!fic challenge? I know, I know. It sounds morbid and all but seriously- I LOVE death!fic. I loooooved it in QaF but I haven't really read THAT much of it in SPN. So I thought it might be fun to have a death!ficathon. Would anyone else sign up for it? Let me know and spread the word! I'd love to get it started in the new year!

There's also an icon swap challenge thing I'd like to try to get off the ground but I don't know quite when I'd like to start that yet. I'm just in a really creative mood lately.

Things are okay right now. Work's going alright and I start my new one next week. Don't know what's really going on. Family is here, it's weird. I have no idea what I'm doing for New Years and it kind of sucks. Although I would LIKE to do something outside of the house for New Years I think I'd be almost as content just sitting around and doing nothing. We'll see.

I need to make friends.

I also think I have a bladder/kidney infection. Suck.



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