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Oct. 25th, 2008 09:57 am
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Throughout today (and tomorrow or whenever, really) the participants will be posting the fics they wrote for the prompts I gave them last month. Once they're posted the author simply links me the fic in the comments to this post and then I update this post with said links so this can be the master post.

[ETA] I'll post the fandoms in alphabetical order as they come in.

Got it?


Start posting/linking! I'm excited to see what came of this!



Somewhere in the Sand by [ profile] lucentvictrola (PG-13, Brendon/Spencer)
Christmas Trip to Disney by [ profile] lisaroquin (PG-13, Jared Leto/Matt Cortez, Shannon Leto/Bob Bryar, Brian Schechter/Margo Brezinski (OC))
Begging's The Foundation Of Any Good Relationship by [ profile] dazi_li (R, Peterick)


And Our Lives Are One by [ profile] badfalcon (R, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane)
Teetering on the Edge of Goodbye by [ profile] ladyrhyanne (R, Jared/Jensen)
Road Trip by [ profile] yellowwolf15 (R, Jared/Jensen)
Rubber Ball by [ profile] wenchpixie (PG, Jared/Jensen)


highway's end by [ profile] raise_the_knife (R, John/OFC)


Way Back When by [ profile] paradiseblue (PG-13, Nathan/Haley)


Sugar and Spice and So Not Anything Nice by [ profile] carpesomediem (G, Brooke/Sam)


When Hell Freezes Over by [ profile] pacejunkie (PG)


Police Box Excursion by [ profile] dapatty (NC-17, Sam/Dean)
in your heart there's a spark that just screams by [ profile] shiplessheathen (unrated, Sam/Dean)
Into Focus by [ profile] abmo (PG-13)


Just Ianto Jones by [ profile] beathen (PG)
The Golfball by [ profile] hab318princess (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)


Sep. 10th, 2008 07:45 am
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OH HEY. I was supposed to send out the prompts for the Picture Prompt ficathon like- LAST WEEKEND. Then I said I'd do it on Monday.


I'll do it tonight because I'm writing myself a note. For anyone reading this who signed up, I'm going to bump the due date back a few days to make up for this massive spectacle of failure. Sorry. :(

And hey, if the world ends today I'm safe! Btw, if it does, it's been a slice. I don't even know what's going on but whatever.

Go, go, go

Aug. 28th, 2008 09:46 pm
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thoughts on Project Runway 5.07 )

The Picture Prompt Ficathon is going SUPER good, so far. In the first day 32 people signed up! And I only crossposted to a few communities thus far, for Gossip Girl, Torchwood, Reaper and.... SPN. Was that it? I think so. I'd like to hit some more to get as wide a selection of fandoms as possible. Can you suggest any other comms to me? Bandom is allowed, too, all the people on my flist who are into it.

I actually wrote something last night! I don't know if it's in character and it has almost no dialogue, so it's all narration, but STILL! I wrote it for someone at the Fandom Free For All when I wasn't sure I would be able to at all. I'm happy. I'm going to type it up and post it without a beta, I think, because it's so short. Not even 500 words.

I will, however, at some point soon, need a beta for an SPN story. Sam/Jensen, probably for character voices, general editing and tightening of the flow. Any takers? I have it handwritten but not typed up in Google docs yet so it'll be a couple days, likely. I'm trying to break this writer's block any way I can.

Oh, and apparently the first twelve chapters of Midnight Sun or whatever S. Meyer is calling her Edward POV accompanying piece to Bella's POV in Twilight have been leaked. The first one's been on her website for ages now but twelve? I tried to hot a link on ONTD for them but it was a PDF and taking forever to load so I nixed it and will wait for a proper dl, wherever it comes from.

Do I smell the hot, supple scent of desperation, S. Meyer? Perhaps pressure from the movie studio to Not. Let. The. Hype. Die. for the movie? Tsk, tsk, S. Mey.

Aaaand, one for the road:

In comments, tell me: What's your favorite story that I've written, and why? My fic list is here.
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This is it! The sign up post for the Multifandom Picture Prompt Ficathon I've been mentioning and posting polls for since the weekend!

How this'll work: You sign up with your name, email, and a fandom you're going to write in. Feel free to include the pairing, as well. I'll do a search in various places for pictures, then I'll comment back to you in a screened comment and give you your prompt.

I'm asking for the fandom/pairing to inspire me when I'm gathering the prompts. I don't want to give anyone a picture of some blurry flowers or something and expect you to get a story idea out of that so it's good to know what you're jonesing to write for.

Rule-type things

01. Sign-ups are open from today, August 27, until Friday, September 5.

02. Deadline for the fics to be posted and linked back to the master post here in my journal is October 15th 25th. That gives you almost 6 weeks to get your fic together. Please get it beta'd! Please don't post your fic until the 25th, then comment to the post that will go up that day with a link to your fic.

03. Your fic must be at least 500 words.

04. This is a multi-fandom, any pairing, any subject type ficathon. Your goal is to take your picture into account with your fandom and draw inspiration from it, in the best, most creative way possible.

Sign ups!

Fandom you're going to write in:
Pairing, if applicable or known right now:
Do you mind getting an R-rated image?

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to comment here!
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The sign up post for the ficathon will have to wait for tomorrow because I'm having trouble paying attention and staring at the computer screen without my eyes closing.

I threw a comment into the though. Tomorrow when I get home I'll check the post and see what I can help other people out with, likely something graphics-related.

Go over, check what other people are wanting and add your own. Who knows, if it's something to do with Ruby or graphics I might be able to help you!

Also, [ profile] spnroundtable recs in the morning, I think.


Aug. 26th, 2008 06:56 pm
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HOMG. I'm so excited. Today at work the girls placed a purse order. They have a handbag club now and every few months everyone puts in what bag they want for an order and within a couple weeks they come in.

I ordered this Coach Ergo Suede Patchwork Tote Multicolor and I'm going to get it for about 110$ once the conversion comes through. I'm SO EXCITED! I've been hemming and hawing about which one to get for a week or so now, and was sure I wasn't going to get one when I first asked for the link to the site because of the money (I'm cheap cheap). Then I was like, no, I'll get this one because it's only 70$. Or this one. But the Patchwork one kept calling me and today I ordered it after my coworker was like- you can pay 50$ this week and 50$ in two weeks when they come in!

Seriously guys, these purses are amazing. The original site (which I can't remember the name of now but the new site, this one I linked, was created when the other one wasn't allowed to carry Coach and Chanel bags anymore) was linked to my supervisor by her friend in Red Deer who took her bag from the site to the Louis Vuitton store or whatever in Edmonton and they couldn't tell the difference. The bags even come with a certificate of authenticity and everything. Buying them individually can be pricey but if you can get some friends together and put an order all together they really come down. AND they ship to Canada, obvs.

This is probably the most expensive bit of accessory/clothing I've ever bought that wasn't a winter jacket or something. I NEVER spend this much on that sort of stuff.

Sit tight for later when I might try to get the sign up post for the picture prompt ficathon up, depending on how tired I am after I eat. I'm excited, you guys! And the poll results turned out to be in favour of fandom --> prompt, so start thinking about the fandom you'd like to write in!

And hey, exercise DOES give you endorphins!

Hey y'all

Aug. 22nd, 2008 07:03 pm
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Reposting this from [ profile] customers_suck for my own records.

It's been a year since I've worked this position I've been pawning my rusty memory and skills off on being 'new' again, to make explanations easier. One guy wasn't going to have it last week, however.

Me: classified advisor for the local paper
Him: wicked high-strung
CW: Co-worker who's been there for a few years.

Cut for length )

I had another oddity today but it was more a WTF than a suck.

Me: Ad taker extraordinaire
Her: a little confused

Me: Good afternoon, classifieds. How can I help you?
Her: I'd like to place an ad that I ran awhile ago.
Me: Okay, can I start with your phone number to look up your account?
Her: 555-1101
Me, typing, then pausing: Ma'am, that's our number.
Her: Really?
Me: *facepalm*

HEY HEY! VOTE VOTE VOTE! I have a tie for the best way to distribute the prompts so I need more people to be interested and voting! If I can get some clear winner I can start this maybe on Sunday-ish!

There is some AWESOME colour use in this post of icons by [ profile] nowordforit.

I want to make icons tonight. *wiggles* But first I have to eat and then stay awake long enough to actually MAKE stuff cause once I eat and settle in I'll feel pretty drowsy. I just did another KM on the treadmill and then took a shower. Mmmm. Friday showers after work when I can sleep in the next day. Yummy.

The guy who replaced Eric/Topher Grace on That 70's Show? Josh Meyers (presumably a brother to Seth Meyers)? CANNOT ACT. All the talent went to Seth.



Aug. 20th, 2008 10:22 pm
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I said I'd post icons and I did. It took FOREVER to put the post together but they're up! Only another 140-ish icons to go! I'm making an icon for every person watching [ profile] morbid_girls as if the 200th person joining in. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Yes. So it's worth it.

Blah blah blah.

I'm adding a couple filler lines so the icons line up properly when I view them on my layout. That drives me.

To see them all check out this post at [ profile] morbid_girls

Interested in a Picture Prompt Ficathon? Cast your vote here!


Aug. 20th, 2008 07:23 pm
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I just got the insane but overwhelming urge to hold a fic challenge. I think I might want to do the picture prompt ficathon again.

Multi-fandom, I'm thinking. The only question now is do you tell me the fandom and I pick the picture based on that or do I assign the photo and you decide what fandom based on what strikes your fancy? Which would be more fun/challenging?

Poll! (Every time I've made a poll in the past 5 years I've had to do a search for the poll creator because I can't find it on my own).

[Poll #1245518]

I'm kinda hella excited for this, guys!

Expect icons soon-ish!
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It's February 5th, kiddies! The month has flown by and now is the time for death, destruction, mayhem and chaos! Or, in some of our cases, total crack, insanity and weirdness. *pokes at own fic*

So post your fics, comment here with the link and I'll add it to the masterlist. If you don't get your fic up today, it's cool although it would be best. I'm just as happy to see the fics done sometime as long as I get a comment with the link so I can add it to the list!

If you forgot about the fics or can't remember what you claimed the original sign up post is here.

Supernatural Death!Ficathon Links


I Dream of Death [Evil!Sammy Universe] by [ profile] eboniorchid (R, Sam/Dean, suicide)
Chalk Lines by [ profile] caelumi (R, hanging)


To Hell by [ profile] t_m_l (Teen [pg-13?], hunting accident)
Salt and Burn by [ profile] amara_m (R, hanging)
Alseid by [ profile] koulagirl666 (PG-15, decapitation)
Because I Could Not Stop for Death (He Kindly Stopped for Me) by [ profile] kroki_refur (R, falling from height)
And a Little Girl Fell by [ profile] smidgy06 (PG-13, zombies)
I am not My Brother's Keeper by [ profile] rillaotvalley (PG, stabbing)
Hansel & Gretel by [ profile] amara_m (R, cannibalism)
From the Desk of Dantalion by [ profile] buffyaddict13 (PG-13, stolen organ)


Murder By Monotreme by [ profile] kantayra (PG-13, Jared/Jensen, death by platypus invenomation)
Laugh, I Nearly Died by [ profile] marishna (R, Jared/Jensen, Jensen is giving Jared head while he's driving and Jared drives off the road and hits Chad Michael Murray in the process)
Weekend Tragedy by [ profile] sarlev_vanisa (Adult, Jared/Jensen, Jensen is giving Jared head while he's driving and Jared drives off the road and hits Chad Michael Murray in the process)

Other (no mention of gen OR a pairing, therefore not categorized explicitly)

Losing the Battle by [ profile] lostandalone22 (PG-13, no pairing mentioned, long-term illness)
Defeat Us Not by [ profile] t_m_l (PG-13, no pairing mentioned, drowning)
Deathly Desperate Dean by [ profile] frayen (R, SPN/Dexter crossover, serial killer)
The Quest for the Krypt Key by [ profile] sailorhathor (R, falling piano)
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*wibble!foams* I'm so excited for this!

Behind the cut are 50 ways to die. Some are serious, some are funny but they're ALL interpretive. This challenge is totally up to you how you want to do it! I love a good, heart-wrenching death!fic that makes me cry for days but I also find a lot of humour in death. SO HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

There are a few rules however:

1) The death MUST be Jared or Jensen OR Sam or Dean. Or both. Hell, kill Jared/Jensen off just after their character is killed off on the show or something. One of them MUST die. This isn't to say they can't come back or be reincarnated or something. BUT THERE MUST BE A DEATH BEFALLING ONE OF THOSE FOUR. This is not a pairing specific challenge, however. There is no requirement for Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen as romantic pairings but there's nothing stopping you, either. It's open to slash, het, gen, crossovers (SPN/Dexter crossover, anyone?), etc.

2) Two people can sign up for the same prompt. I'm really hoping to get some certain fics out of this (like say, #1, 26 and 31) so if an extra person wants to sign up for a prompt that's already been taken they can and it increases the odds of getting those fics. If you want to claim more than one prompt, feel free.

3) Fics should be a minimum of 500 words (longer is, of course, acceptable), should be accompanied by a proper header (title, rating, pairing if any, gen if not, etc) and should have at least an attempt at being beta'd. Once the final posting day comes I'll put up an entry in my journal asking people to link me to their fics in the comments and I'll post a master list there.

4) Fics are due on Monday, February 5th.

Many thanks to the Fcuk Chat for their many, many wonderful, wacky and fucked up suggestions for this list.

The prompts )
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I have given everyone their picture prompts, send out the very basic instructions and for the next month it is all writing, all the time! Or, for most people, procrastination all the time until the last couple days before the fic is due (like me)!

If you see this and have not yet gotten your picture prompt (either via email notification of a comment before I screened it or in your recent comments page) let me know here or through email (Marishna_rsc [at] yahoo [dot] com) and I will get you your prompt. If you DO have your prompt and are ready to go- GREAT! Start thinking, plotting and writing! [ETA] Fics should be at least 500 words in length.

If anyone else missed the chance to sign up and perhaps still wants to for the next day I'll still allow sign ups since I have a few more pictures than I thought I would. You can sign up here.

Other than that I'm STILL working on finishing re-capping 1x01 (because I have the attention span of a ball of cotton and cannot possibly focus on one thing for more than five minutes at a time) and I want to try an icon meme or something. I feel the need to make icons.

Interview went not as well as I expected but I'll fill people in on that later.
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I've been talking about this for a little while now and finally have things settled down enough that I'm ready to put this into motion. I hope it's a great success so spread the word! Bring a friend to join in!

The basics: you sign up, you get a picture prompt on October 15th when signups end, on November 8th you post your fic written from that picture and post a link back here.

The details: I'll ask you to fill out a small form with some basic questions regarding your ficcing preferences. NONE OF THESE ARE SET IN STONE. If you change your mind half way through about what pairing you'd like to write or you absolutely WON'T write something, that's fine. I'm just asking some questions to possibly influence me when I'm looking for your prompt. Whatever picture I give you, however, it's all on you to come up with something based on it. It's totally subjective, even though I'm asking for certain bits of information. If you think, going into this, you'd write a hot, NC-17 Jared/Jensen fic and then I give you a picture of a golden lab puppy, you can change it to anything else you feel you can write about it.

If you ABSOLUTELY, 100%, TOTALLY CANNOT write a fic based on your prompt, you can request a new one but because it IS subjective you can make that picture into any fic you want. It depends on you how you write this. If you already have a fic idea before getting the picture you can make it fit the fic idea, rather than making a fic idea fit the picture.

This is a Supernatural fic challenge. You can write about any pairing or characters on the show. RPS is also allowed. You MAY write Jared/Jensen/Jeffrey with other people if you wish but at least ONE person has to be on the show.

On October 15th I will comment back on your comments here with your picture prompt. Please have your email notifications turned on OR indicate to me that you will require your prompt emailed to you. If you do not get your prompt within 24 hours of October 15th (so after midnight on the 16th) let me know and I will make sure you get it.

The fic should be at least 500 words, properly labeled (Title, if any, rating, pairing, genre, etc) and include your picture prompt once linked back. On November 8th I'll post an entry for everyone to put their links up to their fics wherever they've posted them.

Use this code for your comments:

If I've missed anything or you have any questions or comments, just let me know here. :)


Mar. 12th, 2006 01:30 am
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So guess what? The Fcuk Chat has branched out into ficathons! We're currently hosting the Multi-Fandom Fic and Art Man-Bits Euphemisms Challenge! What does this mean exactly? Well, the long and short of it is that YOU *pokes around at random people* get to sign up with your fandom and a pairing (obviously determining het/slash). Then the mods ([ profile] quackaddict, [ profile] kantayra and I) will send you a nifty euphemism for the penis. And then you write a fic around it. Porny or non porny, slash or het, funny or serious- doesn't matter! Further details can be found here but all that matters right now is that it's going to be both fun and funny and you all get the chance to join in!

Spread the word! Bring a friend and tell them to bring a friend and so forth. You know the drill. Seriously though, we want this to be a really great, fun thing so tell others and get them involved. I already have an idea in mind!

In other news I went home and came back. Not much happened but I'll talk about that later.

Anyone want a song? I did the song meme a couple weeks back and had some fun so I'm doing it again.

01) Comment with a number between 0001 - 2222.
02) I'll upload the song that corresponds with that number from my Winamp list.
03) You do this in your journal. Or not. Whatever.

Supernatural is nibbling away at my brain stem. No lie. *points* Right there.



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