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Want to rouse myself a bit so icon requests!

One pic per person, five people. Shareable only so no personalizing. I'd like to make myself get them done tonight so yay! Please make sure the pic you provide is good resolution (no less than 600px).


In other news my back hurts really bad and has since I've been back from NYC. While I was there we walked a lot and moving seems to help but since my life is generally very sedentary (work in an office where I'm sitting at a desk answering the phone all the time) and I'm not allowed to go to physio until I get an independant medical assessment (my work benefits have run out so my insurance company doesn't want to pay--fuckers) so I've been in a lot of pain of late. I didn't realize that physio WAS helping until I didn't have it anymore. :(
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I posted this pretty late last night so I'm re-posting the info.

I'm taking icon requests here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

18 spots are open. Leave 5 medium to high quality images at that post of whatever you like (the shows/fandoms I'm into most preferred but others are okay along with whatever other images, as long as they're decent quality) and I'll make icons.

Easy peasy!
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I'm reaching the end of my rope of options with the condo, I think. My family can't co-sign for me so I'm... kinda shit out of luck unless, by some miracle, someone randomly is produced who would be willing to step in with me. We'll see. I'm not crushed by this because I was expecting them to say no (and I think they might have said yes, had they been ABLE to, but they really want to sell their own house and it's just a big numbers/debt thing so whatever). If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. It just would have been nice, is all.

ANYWAY. My DS is still fubar'd, although it turns on now, kinda. But I can see the water behind the screens so I have to find a tool that will get the machine apart so I can dry it out. I can't fuck it up any more so if something happens while I take it apart, so be it. It'll blow, though. Maybe I'll just see if I can find a cheap used one on ebay or something. Ugh.

AND. I have icons!

04 x Twilight
04 x random female celebs
13 x random movies (Ginger Snaps, Planet Terror, etc)
17 x Torchwood
18 x random tv shows (Lost, Queer as Folk, Gossip Girl, etc)
43 x Supernatural

See all 99 here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

ALSO! I'm taking icon requests at that same post. 5 images per person, no guarantee that they'll all be made. 20 spots are open, medium quality and up preferred. Minimum of 500px here, people. My preferred iconing subjects are the fandoms I'm in, Katie Cassidy, Twilight/Kstew & Rpattz, Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, etc. Celebs are okay, too. Just don't leave the requests here at this post, please.


Nov. 23rd, 2008 06:31 pm
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I just had super good Chinese food and I want to make icons. So.

Opening up to icon requests for the first 10 people.

HIRES IMAGES MUST BE PROVIDED. You can find my caps here, although it hasn't been updated in awhile. Nothing less than 600px on the largest side, please.

Other awesome places for images: [ profile] hires_hotties, [ profile] hires_hunks, [ profile] fashion_screen.

10 8 6 2
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50 multi-fandom icons, including request icons from 2 months ago are all here at [ profile] morbid_girls

I'm not ready to offer request icons at [ profile] morbid_girls right now but I wouldn't mind having something to focus on for a bit. So, the first five people to comment with interest will get an interest icon. Possibly more than one, we'll see. Generally I hate interest icons because I get overwhelmed with the choices, but I'll do five and see what comes up.

I really wasn't expecting this result:

I thought I was more likely to get Ruby or something, the way the questions were going.

This kid on America's Funniest Home Videos is up for money for getting 50$ for a special occasion and announcing to the giver: "50$! I thought you were a cheapskate!" If I'd done something like that when I was younger (or hell, now) my mom would have had a lot more to say than just to laugh at me. :|
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I'm taking icon requests again! Collect some images and throw them at me here.
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♥ I'm taking icon requests again here at [ profile] morbid_girls. Check it out, tell a friend!

This is a wonderful introduction sort of post to LJ. You may not agree with all the points but I found myself nodding and going, "GOD, YES!" a whole lot of times throughout the entry. I wish, wish, wish there was some sort of test or post people HAD to read before they started posting all willy-nilly, especially in comms.

♥ I don't know if I'll cap this regularly but this was an awesome episode ([ profile] spuzz! I get what you were saying a few nights ago! Maxxie FTW!). It just sucks that this isn't in hi-res. Because yes. :( As a result these caps aren't the best, especially when there's movement, but they're big and still pretty. When they're resized down a bit they look crisper.

* 1280x720 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
* Comment and CREDIT if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

Skins 201 set 1 (228 caps ~ 16.5MB) // Skins 201 set 2 (228 caps ~ 16.4MB) // Skins 201 set 3 (228 caps ~ 14.3MB) // Skins 201 set 4 (228 caps ~ 14.4MB) // gallery

Skins 201 )

Fic rec!

Dec. 30th, 2007 08:07 pm
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My [ profile] spn_holidays person posted the fic they wrote for me! My Santa was [ profile] aynslee and she wrote Resolution NC-17, Sam/Dean. It's post-apocalyptic but not the dark, desperate kind we've come to associate with apocalypse fics in this fandom. It's more of a moment in time, a pause from the fighting and a brief chance to breathe again.

I, on the other hand, am still working on my fic. *hides* I wrote 8 pages last night, though! But it's only about half done right now. I know pretty much what's to come but I'm writing it long hand before I go to bed so it takes longer and hand cramps happen. :( SOON, though! I'll put out a beta call when it's done. :D :D

I'm still taking icon requests, too. Want an icon?
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I'm taking icon requests again. Leave me some images and I'll go to town.

Having my mom home this week has screwed up my days. It feels like Sunday or something stupid.

I didn't get up until quarter to 3pm today but before I did I was having dreams of smushing spiders that look like onion bulbs with the flat of an axe. *facepalm*
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I posted icons! I finally got the requests filled from [ profile] momentofglee from October and posted them all with a bunch of other stuff. I have SPN, Smallville, Dexter, Gossip Girl, FNL, OTH, celeb icons... I went to town! If you want to see more you can find the rest here.

I'm also taking requests again, with a few guidelines here. Next to no restrictions on what I'll take a stab at so give me some (HI-RES ONLY) images and I'll go to town! Seriously, go! Request!


For the Canucks: is having an AWESOME sale for dvds for Boxing Day Week. They have the first three seasons of Buffy/Angels/Arrested Development/Simpsons/etc on for 12.99$, a bunch of movies that AREN'T SHIT on for 4.99$, Day Watch on for 8.99$... it's amazing. I've got Day Watch, Disturbia and Children of Men sitting in my cart right now with an external HD that I'm not sure I'm getting which is why I haven't bought it all yet. I'm DEF. getting the movies, though. At least the first two.


I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special and this is what I think, sort of. Series 4 spoilers, too. I liked it.. )


I've started my [ profile] spn_holidays final gift but I'm having a hard time focusing here at home. I'm used to writing on the computer--MY computer--and it's hard here at home. I'm writing, little by little, in my notebook and hoping it all comes together quickly. Oy.


MORE snow coming in tomorrow. Just as long as I can make it across the country on Friday at once, in one piece, I'm cool with whatever. :|


I am reading Stephen King's "Cell" right now. HI, CREEPY. I loves me some zombies but they scare the ever loving shit out of me and I keep reading it before I go to sleep. *facepalm*


Hi, Flist! How you doin'?
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The request posts give me something to do when I have no inspiration for other icons so I'm going to do this again.

Want an icon? Read over the few guidelines and comment here.
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I'm taking icon requests over here at [ profile] momentofglee. You must provide me with a good, HQ image and I've outlined other guidelines for requesting in the post.

Got the computer working, it's nice and dandy. I love being able to work in CS2 without it freezing up on me every two minutes and waiting for everything to reload itself. It's amazing. I just need to find a few more things like LJ Hook and figure out how to wipe the drive on my old computer and I'm golden!
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Want, request, have, take. I'd really like to get quite a few to keep me busy. :) :)


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