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The snow has finally stopped. I think. I see there might be some rain for tomorrow but maybe it won't come. Maybe Mother Nature will realize we've had enough and bypass us. It's weird out here with the weather. It's the sunniest place in Canada so we rarely get any rain. When we get it and it lasts more than a rainstorm or a day or so people start getting stir crazy and think we're drowning. Whereas where I'm from last summer they had 21 days of rain straight and it's just a normal thing. It's annoying when it goes on for that long but we'll get rain for a few days at a time, generally, before the system moves out. Here people think the world is ending or something.

The roof has stopped leaking for now, from what I can tell. I don't know what the plan is with it or what the family intends to do. I'm probably wise to avoid asking about it just yet. The washer seems to be okay? I don't even know. The aunt told me last night that she never sets it to final spin and just takes the shit out of the washer. I'm like, but that's part of the cycle. It's why washers HAVE a final spin. And since I hang half my shit it would be nice to wring more moisture out of them so they don't take as long to dry. She's called a repair man for it but she should have called months ago when the washer was having the original problem.

Saw Iron Man 2 last night. No plot spoilers, just character talk )

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When it rains, it pours. That happens to apply literally and metaphorically in my life right now. It's been snowing/raining since Monday night, which isn't such a big event in itself, except that it's May, it's the sunniest place in Canada so people are going stir crazy and it's creating havoc in our house.

We've had a persistant leak in the dining room for months now. It's been fixed a couple times, at least, but with the rain and wind these past few days it's been kind of leaking like crazy. Except last night it turned into a disaster. Tuesday night the casing around the window was leaking and last night the water fried the electrical and started leaking through the light fixtures. GREAT.

Now tonight, right after my uncle told me insurance wasn't going to cover this new round of repairs because no one could prove the leak was as a result of the windstorm, I told him the washer was sounding funny during the final spin and, what do you know? It's probably fucked, too. The family was planning on getting a new washer and dryer ANYWAY but they wanted to wait until they put the deck on the front of the house instead of spreading themselves too thin. But now with all the house repairs likely coming out of pocket and at least needing a repair to the washer it's a good thing it's been too wet to start the deck.

All in all I'm not really in the best of moods today. Not in a bad mood, but not down for any bullshit. Glad it's the weekend, for sure.

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That quote? Line? Burst of inspiration? Was etched into the bottom of my memory box.

In high school I took all the art classes. In one of them we had a project to make a memory box. I'm very fortunate to have an uncle who is awesome at making anything, basically, and he fashioned me a very lovely ... wood of some kind box. It's has a slanted lid and a hinge and a place for a lock if I wanted & everything. It's just a small thing, about 12"x12" but it was exactly what I wanted. I painted a flower on the front and quotes from songs I found relevant at the time on the outside and on the inside I shellaced photos of friends and movie stubs and drama club things that were my whole world at that time.

The box is now filled with all my high school and early uni stuff. Photos and the wrist corsages from my prom & grad, cards, etc. Mementoes from my late childhood, early adulthood that meant something to me at the time.

I haven't been home in a couple years so of course I had to go through it. I don't really remember half the people I have photos of in it and drama is no longer a big thing in my life. The flowers on the corsages are brown and flaking off into the box and I don't even know why some of the things in the box were significant to me anymore.

The few uni things that are in there are things I put in the box because I wasn't really sure where else they should go but I wanted to save them. They're the "one of these things is not like the other" of the box. But that's where they remain because early uni was such a flux time in my life.

I've started a new memory box in Medicine Hat. It's bigger and I bought it for less than $10 at London Drugs. It's pink and feels like fake suede and if I ever trip into it or fall onto it or something it'll crumple like tissue. It's also filled with photos and movie stubs but when I look through the things in that box they have more ... memorable memories, I guess. They almost feel tangible.

Part of me really didn't want to go through my stuff here when I came home because there's so many things that bring back memories I don't want anymore. They helped form who I am now, yes, but even with all the time and space between then and now they make me uncomfortable. Some of them came up from looking into the memory box. But this time I feel calm after looking through it. I took some photos and video as I went through it because for some reason I don't know when the next time I'm going to be back here and when I'm going to see that stuff again.

I won't let my mom throw it out, no, but there's a good chance it might be anyway. She could move it to the basement or put it in the closet and then it'll get forgotten or she'll move (hope, hope, hope!) and it'll be one of those things that just doesn't get packed. I have other things I would rather have over it instead.

It's such a small box of small things; it would take up little room in a bigger box with other things or wouldn't cost much to ship back to the Hat but I've put it back on the shelf, and that's where it will stay. As I put it back I saw the quote in the bottom, etched in very clumsily by my 16 year old self, it felt okay.

This is the first time I can ever remember feeling like I WANT to go away from home again, where I'm not feeling a sense of dread and fear over leaving. I wish my mom could come with me, I wish she didn't have to stay here. I know this is the last time I'll see my dog again because she's in very poor health and her body is coming to a stop on her. I know that the next time I come here, whenever that is, I'm going to feel a very serious disconnect with the town, even moreso than I feel right now.

I fought against myself so hard to not allow myself to call anyplace home BUT home and then it just happened anyway. Not saying that Medicine Hat is where I'm going to lay my weary bones but I'm not defiantly against it anymore, either. I'll always be from New Brunswick, always be made fun of for the way I talk, always speak of my town and the area with pride. But now I'm okay to let some place else benefit from that dedication, too.
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Oh, flist, it has been a whackadoodle few days, let me tell you what!

I can't even remember the last time I posted as I have been working and getting ready for coming home and coming home and playing with my iPhone and whatnot.

Wednesday I got up at 6:40-ish, worked all day, went home at 5pm to shower, was on the road at 6pm. Drove 1.5 hours to meet up with Todd where I peed at Chapters and it was good and we ate at Boston Pizza before driving 2.5 hours to the Calgary airport. Todd hung out with me at the airport until 2:30am, found me a safer place in the entrance area to sit so the crazy dude from Fort Mac wouldn't harrass me, then took off back to Lethbridge so he could go and, you know, do his job. So I slept maybe a half hour between 3 and 3:30 because baggage drop off opened at 4. Got through security like a pro, then I sat around my departure gate until 6:30-ish when we boarded.

I slept pretty much from when I got buckled in (even through take off!) until we landed in Hamilton 3.5 hours later. We sat on the tarmac and refueled and whatnot and some people got off/on, then continued to Moncton for another 1.45h or so.

THEN I drove 3-ish hours home from Moncton. I made excellent time since the highways are ALLLLLL twinned in this province (seriously, Alberta, get with the motherfucking programme!), although I stopped in the town a half hour away to get some eats (only had a muffin & crispers to this point in the day) and got a bit lost as it's been more than 2 years since I've been there.

FINALLY I got home. Parked in the space beside the house that isn't visible from the living room and called my mom. She had NO idea. Walked up to the house (shades were all down, thank god) and knocked on the door. My mom was all, "*sigh* Just a second, someone at the door." And BAM! There I was! She was taken SO off guard so it was cool. No water works, which was nice, but it really did take her off guard because the house wasn't ready for me. Like, my room was full of crap and the sheets weren't washed and... well, my mom's kinda a hoarder. Not AS bad as the people on the show, but yeah. Hoarder. So she took Friday off to clean all that up since I wasn't coming until Saturday. Oops! It's not like I haven't lived through it before, LOL.

So here I am, at home. The internet here is .... I can't even explain how slow. It could give dial up a run for its money, the only advantage being that this internet doesn't kick off when someone calls and it doesn't make that screechy noise. I can't really use the computer in the day when Mom's on her computer because even my iPhone gets angry with me when loading apps at the same time. I'd throw the computer across the room if I had to wait for it to load with her doing her stuff, too.

So that's why no posts of late (kinda, also on account of me being a lazy mofo) and why no TVD caps (it would take me until I leave to get a GB file dled so I might as well just wait & get this past week's and next week's the day I get back in the same time it takes me to get ready in the morning).

I've only been home a couple days so I'm not TOTALLY bored yet but it's getting there. I keep staying up super late (well, right now it's almost 4pm Atlantic time) because I want to try to keep somewhat adjusted to Ab time since it's 3 hours behind. It won't be hard to adjust back to but I'm only home until next Saturday (this exact time next Saturday I should be rolling into Dieppe for my return flight, actually) I might as well try and stay on track with things.

I'm taking mom out for dinner tomorrow as it's her birthday and we're going over across to Maine on Thursday. Not sure what else we have planned but we'll go to the town a half hour away, maybe to a movie there, and we're going to look into taking a chip factory tour in the next town over.

Seriously, you guys, there's like- NOTHING to do here. But I did find a hot-ass scarf at a new store here and hopefully they'll have new stuff next week before I leave so I can check out more, YAY!

ANYWAY. Enough rambling on, going to maybe go to bed now. Don't know just yet. We'll see.

OH OH! Todd and I also decided on the drive that next Spring in April/May we're going to take a trip to NYC. I've wanted to go back for YEARS now and Todd's never been and he's always gung-ho for shit to do so we're in! New Yorkers--when would be the best time to come? Late April or into May? I want to come when it's warmer than March with no snow but not when the heavy tourist season starts and it gets too hot.
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Iron & Wine music meme snagged from [ profile] wherethewind

Music meme, now with dl'able music! )

So [ profile] machiiina did this meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. and I bit. These are the things she gave me.

Supernatural - involving unspoiled S4 spec, new!ruby, etc )

screencaps )

horror movies )

Lily Allen )

Canada )

Oh. Drew Barrymoore is apparently in talks to direct the third Twilight movie. Brace yo'selves.

And this is the comment I made to the [ profile] ohnotheydidnt post regarding Rihanna and CB reuniting. Fuck, I hope it's wrong.

I really hope this is fake. I know, People is reliable, blah blah, but I really hope that they jumped the gun and it's wrong.

If it is true (and I'm expecting it is) it becomes a particularly frustrating situation for people watching this incident, fans, friends and family all inclusive.

Yes, this is an abuse case and this is something unfortunately typical of people in abusive relationships. Returning to the abuser for whatever reasons (any number) is horrific and, well, retarded.

But what makes this even more mind-boggling is that Rihanna doesn't need to return to CB for money or security or stability. They don't have kids, he can't ruin her life, etc. It's not like John and Jane Smith down the street who are everyday people and one of them thinks they couldn't possibly survive without the assistance of the other or that they'd have to face the shame of going to a shelter to get themselves back on track.

Rihanna has money, a support system, her own EVERYTHING. And yet she returns to a man who police want to lay attempted murder charges against. ALL cases where the victim returns to the abuser are annoyingly frustrating but in this case there's so much more of a WHAT THE FUCK? aspect to this.

Way to end the post on a downer moment, eh?


Sep. 10th, 2008 10:27 pm
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So tonight my uncle picked me up from work and we went to the Toyota dealership to look at a used car they had there that I found from their website. I cannot possibly buy a car on my own or go look for one or even know what to do or ANYTHING. I am seriously car dumb.

ANYWAY. I took a 2005 Saturn Ion out for a test drive, a standard. It was okay. I liked it better when I was looking at it on paper, really. It would have been about $9000, which wasn't bad for 87k and I probably could have gotten it bumped down about 1000$ because there wasn't any AC in it.

The sales guy took us to the back lot where they keep the cars that haven't put out into the lot yet, new and used. They had a couple that I can't remember and a brand new yaris. I asked to drive the Colbalt but it just arrived today and the keys were missing or something so I couldn't drive that one. He brought my uncle and I inside to talk specs and whatnot and he started on the yaris which is only like- 18 or 19,000$ new.

Long story short, I drove the yaris, which is bright blue and tiny (only a 2 door) and has AC and everything and it was great. The seats are high, the heater works, it's got good pick up in it and it has (gets?) like- 40 mpg in the city, 50 on the highway. The 2008 model is also one that the government is giving a $1000 enviro rebate AND because I'm a recent grad I get another $500 off the price.

To lease it for 5 years it's $239/mo. How can I go wrong, really? That cobalt I put in the paper last week at $350/mo with three years left on the lease is retarded compared to this.

I think I'm going to get it. I'm so excited. And I don't have that nervous, 'oh shit, should I?' feeling like I get sometimes when I know I shouldn't spend the money but I'm going to anyway. I'm 26 years old. It's fucking time I get a car. Especially since I'm going to scream bloody murder on the bus any time.

I'm going to call tomorrow to say yes, I think, unless I wake up in the middle of the night screaming or something, and I'm going to ask for an MP3 deck instead of the standard 1 disc changer, try to get another $500 knocked off and MAYBE I'll try and push for a deal where that dealership takes the full-page ad they took out last year in a feature we ran at work again this year. That would mean $50 in my pocket in commission.

The experience was... okay and I haven't looked around but honestly, the Yaris is rated the highest with the consumer reports, there's this $1500 back almost instantly and the mpg is SO good. I don't know how I CAN'T. Especially when there are only THREE left in Western Canada! Edmonton, Winnipeg and here. The sales guy turned out to be really pushy, though. SUPER pushy. To the point of where I kind of want to ask for another sales person, almost. If my uncle hadn't been there I think I would have feared him eating my soul.

This is pretty much the car I was looking at, except mine is 2 doors.

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Today just hasn't been the greatest day. It wasn't horrible but a series of events have just made it a less than favourable day.

I tripped twice and fell once on the way to work. I was walking in flat shoes, on relatively flat ground but, nope, sometimes I can walk like a real person but today is not that day.

Someone stole my lunch. There was another micro dinner in the fridge, sort of like mine but the boxes weren't the same, it wasn't the same brand and it wasn't the same kind. They were the same colour and both micro dinners. If someone was confused and took mine instead I couldn't have eaten the kind they had because of the spices in it (Thai). I wasn't sure so I couldn't just take someone else's lunch. This means I'm out the money it cost to buy that dinner, which isn't much but STILL. Principles.

So I went to the grocery store to buy something else and I got a bottle of juice, too, one of those fresh fruit smoothie drink things. I went to HMV to visit, opened it, found stuff floating in it and noticed it was expired. June 27th expired. This is the SECOND TIME this week I've bought that juice and it's been expired. :| :| :|

The rest of the afternoon was fine but then when I got home there was a package from my old roommate, Jen. She was sending back the first disc from s1 Nip/Tuck that she'd kept accidentally. I'm kind of hurt that it's only the disc. There was no note, no birthday card (I didn't expect her to remember but she's the type of person that would) no NOTHING. AND the disc is scratched to fuck. :| She hasn't even replied to my facebook message that I sent her last week, while she's commenting to other people from the programme about going to visit them and making plans with them. Until the last couple weeks of school we were tight and I was going through a hard time then. I don't know what happened at all.

I'm kind of having a pity party for one right now but I'm feeling a little better now that I've written it all out. I need to have dinner, too, because that's not helping my mood. So dinner and then I've got to get a [ profile] likethegun_lims icon done.

Still looking for more thoughts and opinions on the differences in graphics between a laptop and a desktop.
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So today the family got some work done on their house with the help of my uncle's friends. There was a lot of jackhammering involved and trips to dump the results. To thank people they had a barbecue for the people who helped out and for the people they normally hang out with and I helped a bunch with that.

The kids of these people came, a couple that I'm used to, and one new girl who is 11. When her mom was getting her plate for her she asked if she wanted cucumbers and the eleven year old said in a snotty tone, "I only like those at the spa." Erm, okay. The mom is kind of like that too, though. She's tall, blonde and thin, she's got gel nails with one of those dangling charm things from one pinky nail (SERIOUSLY? What is the point of THAT?!) and she has something to say that's just a little more than everyone else. One of those, "any story you can tell, I can tell better" types. She was nice enough but not someone I'd want to hang out with a lot.

I think everyone's going home now, though, and I hope they do because three tiny people listening to Hannah Montana in the room below me with surround sound at 11:30pm isn't my idea of fun. And I heart Hannah Montana.

In other news, I've heard that possibly there's already plans in the works for New Moon, the second in the Twilight saga, to be scripted and filmed. Ooooooh boy. I have my doubts on this intel as the first movie is generating buzz on the internet but it's not likely to do that great and it doesn't come out until December. The only reason why people on the internet are excited is because the book was SO BAD. The film makers should possibly look into this phenomenon before getting to jazzed on making the other three into movies, too.

Still not over the Doctor Who finale.
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A girl struck up a conversation with me while I was waiting for the bus. I rarely, if ever, start talking to someone first, it's always the other way around. I try to avoid random bus people, whatever.

So we got to talking about the city and the buses and whatnot, she mentioned she was from Toronto and the buses go there every half second or something so it's weird coming here where they only go every half hour. I mentioned that it was still better than where I was from, so I didn't mind. She asked where I was from and I said New Brunswick.

She replied, "Is that far from here?"


This is Canada:

#1 is where I am now. #2 is where she's from. #3 with the big freaking red circle is a PROVINCE. There's only 10 of them to go with the three territories, for Jean Chr├ętien's sake! There's 1035kms between Toronto and New Brunswick. There are 3487kms (2167 miles) between here and New Brunswick.

So yeah. It's far.

In other, more hopeful news, my laptop shipped today and it should be here by Thursday. I feel like it's Christmas and I should go to bed OMG RIGHT NOW so it comes faster.

How was your Monday?
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First off: thursdayspnchat. If you have AIM and want to come to an SPN chat leading up to, during and after the episode tonight, feel free to drop by! You can invite yourself to the chat, or leave your SN in the comments and I can invite you (from FcukerMari). I'd say you could IM me but I won't be consistently at my computer to invite you.

To invite yourself with AIM:

--> click the chat button on your AIM ... thingie.
--> your name in the invitees box, chat name in the chat name box.
--> click go or send or whatever the button is and voila! You should be golden.

Some guidelines: NO SPOILERS! Once the episode has first aired we can chat about it (so people in different timezones, be aware if you don't want to be spoiled) but until 7pm MST, 9pm EST rolls around NO SPOILERS, PERIOD. Not for the preview, the summary, nothing. Once the episode has aired, please don't talk about the preview for next week, either.

Secondly: I'm not 100% done my first draft of my Big Bang but I'm ALMOST done. I'm over 21,000 right now and it'll probably be a bit longer once I revise throughout May. At this point I just want to get everything in there necessary and then I'll do some MAJOR work on it. It's coming. The summary shouldn't be TOO hard, I hope, but the title might cause problems.

Thirdly: I just had the most un-fun trip to the store ever. While I was walking there (it's a five minute walk) a school bus passed me twice as it made its way around the blocks. A kid of about eight or nine poked his head out the window the whole time I was in view and yelled at me. He repeated said he had something I wanted and he said something that sounded suspiciously like, "Suck it." I LOVE being sexually harassed by someone who can't even spell the word.

THEN when I was walking home I was using the crosswalk when it was my turn. I had the little white man on the box and everything and I was making my way across the street. I was halfway across, and in front of another school bus (children were yelling at me from this one, too, but nothing too terrible, that I could discern), when a bitch in a white Alero basically ZOOMED up the intersection on the outside turning lane and stopped over the crosswalk. If I'd been five feet further ahead she would have hit me and sent me flying into the intersection.

I held my hands up in a "WTF?" gesture and walked around the front of her car. I still had the right of way. Once I was safely on the sidewalk and she could finally turn (because lord knows those twenty seconds really slowed her down) she turned, honked her horn at me and I'm pretty sure gave me the finger. She was gone before I could give her one back. In a 30km/h area, nonetheless, as it's a school zone.

I don't understand how some of these people can function from day to day without seriously injuring themselves, I swear.
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I'm unbelievably directionally impaired. I have no concept of distance, I don't understand where I am when use a different door of a building I use daily, I can't get my brain to figure that stuff out. I just DON'T GET IT. When I go anywhere someone else navigates or I ask the drivers which bus I should take when I use them, which usually works well.

I had to go see an ad client today at her office on one of the main drags in the city. I asked a waiting bus driver who told me to take EITHER the 23 or 24. The 24 arrived and on the scroll thingie it said 'link to street'. I got on at 3:15 but a half hour later I was sitting at an exchange terminal on the other side of the city, waiting.

I approached the bus driver to ask how long it would be until we'd get to the street. She told me not until 4pm, then asked where I got on. Apparently I took the wrong bus, that I should have been on the 23.

I relayed that the bus driver said I should take EITHER 23 or 24, which, to me, meant whichever one was there, not that BOTH would be there. She said I should have asked BOTH bus drivers, that I'd learned a lesson and laughed at me. When I said I'd seen her scroll thingie said 'link to street' she said that was where she was COMING from, not where she was going.

*FACEPALM* I made it to my client for a three minute meeting that took 45 minutes to get to. AND? The bus driver was talking on her cell phone as she drove. This city sucks.

I need some Torchwood lovin' now. OH! And welcome to all the new people from my friending bender!
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How easily I've adapted to thinking in terms of "it's only 32 C today!" when it could be 35-38 C. If there's one thing I really, really enjoy about being out here, it's the heat.

The Simpsons movie was pretty fun last night. I think I'm going to see HP5 again tomorrow night. AND! Right now HMV has the first two Bourne movies (the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy) on for 16.99$ in a fancy double pack! I started watching the first movie last night before I passed out from exhaustion. Matt Damon? HOT in that movie. HOT.

How's everyone else today? Anything exciting happening? I'm off to get blood work done.
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Well, this is it, I guess. My last post of 2006. Unless I start spamming everyone tonight. I might. We'll see. I have a fic to write and a banner to make and icons to tinker with. Whatevs.

I'm strangely un-retrospective about this year than I ever have. Maybe it's because of the weird place I find myself in life right now (kind of like limbo for the living, in a way) or the fact that I don't really know what I'm doing out here or whatever but there's not that much for me to say here.

I haven't really made any resolutions for myself. I want to be a better person. I've been trying to uncover parts of myself since I've made the move and decide who I am and who I WANT to be and WHERE I want to be and the bottom line is I want to be a better person. So I'm going to work on that. I want to be healthy and happy and make some friends and find a place for myself in the new year. It doesn't have to be THE place for me but I'd like to know I fit in somewhere and that I'm wanted.

I'd like to do more fannish things. I have a to-write list about a mile long that includes, but is not limited to: Jared getting married, Jared and Jensen the hockey players, a Buffy-esque "Normal Again" fic for the boys, and numerous other things I have started on my HD that haven't been finished yet. I'd like to maybe try to get to the Vancouver meet-up this summer (I think it's this summer?) or out there in general. Or maybe to New York. Somewhere. It might be nice to travel. And meet up with people!

I want a new computer and perhaps a new digital camera. Those are goals to work toward. Esepcially right now before I have to start paying back my student loans. I'd like to start paying off my student loans, actually.

But yeah. Basically it all comes down to wanting to be a better person and happy about myself. That's all that matters right now.

How about everyone else? Got any big plans for the new year for yourself? Resolutions or otherwise? More importantly- are you doing anything tonight? If you're not, want to come to a New Years chat or something? Leave your AIM SN here and I'll bring you in and we can ring in the new year together! I don't have anything planned because I don't know anyone out here and I thought it might be nice. :)

So, Happy New Year everyone! May 2007 be bright and cheerful and fannish (non-wanky fannish, please) and fun!


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