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Last night was so weird. ALL WEEK I've been waiting for the weekend and knowing when it came I'd be sleeping like a motherfucker because everything at work has been SO SO SO SO SHITTY. Last night around 7:30 I was SO TIRED that I laid down in bed (I don't even remember doing it) and slept for three hours, I think. I'm pretty sure it was around 7:30 I laid down but for all I know I slept at my desk for an hour.

Then I stayed up until about 1:30, tried to go back to sleep but kept having flashes of daddy longlegs in my head (I don't even know--they were HUGE, too. Like a couple feet wide. LASHBDFKLJABD) so I didn't get back to sleep until about almost 3, I think. I got up to pee around 9am, thought about staying up but fell BACK to sleep and slept until noon. I feel delightful right now. Still kinda loopy and achy but nice.

My back has been a mess this week. Last Sunday I had the aching that goes down into my arms and I've been taking pain pills all week, more than usual. Yesterday I had a pain behind my left shoulder blade that was sharper than I ever remember feeling. Every day it's a new thing with this fucking accident. It's been EIGHT goddamn months since the second accident. :(


Watched this last night and made some comments about the recent PR ep )
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Work this week makes me want to scratch people's eyes out, then do the macarena on them. I don't know how I knew the week was going to be the shits at the start but I did somehow and it's dragged on forever. That tomorrow is Friday is a miracle.

I got some goodish news about my accident.., *waves hands* stuff. My lawyer has decided to pursue the two claims seperately, so I could see a payout from the first one as early as next week. And it's going to be more than I expected so I'm kinda jazzed. I mean, it sucks that I'm getting money as a result of being rear ended and all but it's money that I could really use right now. The second (and far worse) accident probably won't be resolved for quiet a while longer. I'm still in quite a bit of pain and taking pain killers almost every day. So. I'm happy at least one of them is being put to rest. That's that.

I bought my plane ticket home for next month. I haven't bought the return yet, though, because the tickets were a bit too pricey (got the one there on wicked seat sale) and my credit card needs a bit of recovery first (which is why the money from the accident settlement is coming JUST IN TIME).

Finally, this will serve as an official "Hi there, and hello!" to my new friends from this The Vampire Diaries friending meme. Let me take this moment for shameless promotion: [ profile] tvd_tv! It's kinda slow and I haven't done much with it as yet but let's see what happens! AND AND AND!!! [ profile] good_tvd_icons! Please watch, join and spread the word on this one!

Also, BRAND new that I haven't had a chance to do ANYTHING with yet- [ profile] vdaries_caps. I'll throw a layout up and get some rules up there over the next couple days.

Question. is there a place (community or otherwise) to get really great hires promos and images from the show and cast? I've been spoiled by other shows (like SPN) with the comms and sites that provide photoshoots and episode stills in freakish sizes. A lot of the stuff I've come across so far has been medium res, at best. If anyone knows of anywhere I could get nice sized images that would be great. PM me if it's on the DL.

Stuff I wrote last week about 112 Unpleasantville which I don't think I really finished )

113 Children of the Damned )

111 and 112 were capped okay but I tried to get a conversion programme for the caps that didn't turn out to work that well. I went back to the one I had on my old computer, I just didn't want it this time because it was bigger than I needed. But this one does a far better job. I might, someday, go back to reconvert the caps from 111 and 112 but for now they'll have to stay in huge file sizes. Lame.

* 1280x720 caps
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The Vampire Diaries 111 set 1 (351 caps ~ 93.9MB) // The Vampire Diaries 111 set 2 (351 caps ~ 91.7MB) // The Vampire Diaries 111 set 3 (353 caps ~ 83.0MB) // gallery

The Vampire Diaries 112 set 1 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 3 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 3 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 4 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 5 (263 caps ~ MB) // gallery

The Vampire Diaries 113 set 1 (354 caps ~ 26.7MB) // The Vampire Diaries 113 set 2 (354 caps ~ 29.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 113 set 3 (354 caps ~ 23.5MB) // gallery

113 Children of the Damned samples )
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I got my new car! Almost three weeks after I was in the accident I FINALLY got to drive my new car home, which was nice. It's bigger than my old one but it's also safer, which is awesome. And my insurance is $8 cheaper than in the old car. Hey, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I'll post photos soon, I think. Maybe. I'll try. I suck at that stuff. I'm still shakey when I drive, which is disappointing but I'll get over it eventually, I hope.

The car itself is awesome. The only thing that's mildly annoying so far is that the position of the shifter is in such an area that just moving your hand over to the radio or something can hit it and knock it into neutral. Not the end of the world, but would get annoying if I persist in doing it.

Day Two )

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Torchwood 302 set 1 (200 caps ~ 13.5MB) // Torchwood 302 set 2 (200 caps ~ 16.4MB) // Torchwood 302 set 3 (200 caps ~ 17.5MB) // Torchwood 302 set 4 (203 caps ~ 16.6MB) // gallery

Day Two - warning for slight nudity )
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FINALLY getting my car tomorrow. I think. As long as my insurance person can get off her ass and actually do something for me, rather than avoiding my calls for-fucking-ever.

Torchwood's back! Back again! )

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Torchwood 301 set 1 (265 caps ~ MB) // Torchwood 301 set 2 (265 caps ~ MB) // Torchwood 301 set 3 (265 caps ~ MB) // Torchwood 301 set 4 (265 caps ~ MB) // gallery

Day One )

Oh, right

Jul. 5th, 2009 10:31 pm
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It's been almost a week since I posted. Jesus. No it HAS been a week. I've been so confused this week with what's going on.

Getting my new car on Tuesday. It's a black 2010 Toyota Matrix. I have been negotiating all week with my sales person (who is flakey and dumber than a gnat, for reals) to get the price down to $250/m. And it has the touring package, which has this stuff. It may not seem like a lot to people who have had cars for awhile but for me this is pretty damn cool. I had a YARIS, people. And it had NOTHING. This has SOMETHING.

I had my first experience with negotiation tactics, as well. I still have a lot to learn but at first I was all--Um, okay, I'll pay full. Luckily my supervisor Carmen was like--NO YOU WON'T!!!!11!! And she whipped me into negotiating. And it WORKED! I walked away Friday afternoon at about 3:30 because their best offer was $257. My sales person called me back 2 hours later with "good news!". Ha HA!

And the douche at Honda (who was at Toyota until 3 weeks ago) was all--Toyota's lying to you, blah blah blah, you can't get this vehicle with that package for that amount, how do you feel about that? And I came right out and said, "I'm here to talk about HONDA. Not Toyota. So if you could tell me about YOUR product, that would be nice." I walked out of their establishment, got into the rental and called Toyota to say I'd take the car at $250.14.

When I get the car I really want to go back to Honda and be like--Thanks for convincing me I should go with this car! You're a pal!

What I test drove and inevitably REALLY wanted during my process of negotiating with Toyota and checking out the other dealerships is THIS. It looks appalling at first but it GROWS on you. It's got so much personality and spunk! But my sales guy there was a dork and a half (I walked out of my meeting on Friday with him with his balls in my hand, basically) and I was SO tired of trying to find something when I knew the Toyota deal was as good as done that I said fuck it and gave up. But it came with shag carpet for the dash! And you didn't need a key to turn it on! I KNOW, RIGHT?!

And, in the end, the Matrix is a much more reliable and ... better, I guess, choice. It has more get-up-and-go compared to the Cube, not that I need that but it'll help me get through the yellow lights easier now. *rolls eyes*

I also had my meeting with the lawyer. Law & Order make all the court shit seem so quick and easy. *sigh* I'm looking at waiting this shit out for between 1-3 years, depending on how I keep feeling. But I want to do this right and not screw up anything so I'll be patient.

I still hurt, I'm still taking the pain pills (which are DISGUSTING when you leave them in your mouth for more than 3 seconds), I'm still sticking cold packs everywhere. Joy. And the spasms in my neck/shoulders are AWESOME. It's like having my own personal internal butterfly, fighting to escape.

I didn't mean to ramble on so. But it HAS been a week. So I'll leave you with a video for your troubles. Canadian kids will know what's up with this shit. ;)

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It feels like there's next to nothing happening with my life right now but I've been SO BUSY!

--> Work is insane. Period. People are starting to get heavy into vacation so when one of us is away it gets fucking crazy. It's not enough to make me want to tear my hair out but it's enough to keep us going steady with regular work that we can't do our features. Which is not good for our budgets.

--> Wednesday was NOT a good day. I was in SO MUCH PAIN after physio and everything with the car and insurance was being so shitty that I cried a lot that day.

--> I went to Calgary to visit [ profile] estei on Saturday and to go to the gay rodeo but it didn't work out. I set out way too soon on such a long trip to a city with far more drivers than I'm used to. I did okay the first time I went up, managed to keep calm, but that was before getting rear ended totaled my car. So this time I was insanely jittery. Once I got into the city and got lost I panicked and freaked and it was bad. So the last thing I wanted to do was drive MORE to a rodeo.

Thank GOD for [ profile] estei. If she weren't amazing with directions and so patient with me and willing to help out a freaked out person I would STILL be driving around Calgary, I'm sure.

--> Have finalized the payout for my car so I have been trying to decide on a new vehicle. I'm pretty sure I'm going with a Toyota Matrix. Part of me is saying that maybe I should shop around a little to different dealerships this go around but I really don't have the luxury of time right now. The rental is supposed to be back by Thursday at 11:59pm. I can keep it longer but because the insurance has been settled I have to pay out of pocket. Only $25/day but still. It'll add up.

So I think I'll go with the Matrix. Right now I'm just waiting for my boss, who is a dragon slayer when it comes to buying cars, to come with me to see if we can't wheedle them down a bit in price or features or something. Although I feel kind of bad because my sales person is super nice. I don't know. I'm not one of those people that can haggle. I'll see what happens, I guess.

--> Have an appointment with a lawyer on Thursday to discuss the accident. The other guy's insurance is already discussing settlement. So I don't even know what to think about all that.

--> I watched a movie by accident tonight and it was pretty much awesome. Poor Boy's Game is like a Canadian American History X, basically. It was filmed in Halifax, NS starred Danny Glover and a hot, HOT guy named Rossif Sutherland. HOT.

--> Canada Day on Wednesday. I get a day off and will go see the fireworks. This is an ace day in my books.

Someday I'll be able to finish my Big Bang edits (Betas you'll be getting it... soon-ish!) and make icons. *facepalm*

--> I don't care, I like the song and I love this video for it.

Brief thoughts on episode 203 'Scratches' )

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True Blood 203 set 1 (246 caps ~ 17.5MB) // True Blood 203 set 2 (246 caps ~ 21.0MB) // True Blood 203 set 3 (246 caps ~ 19.6MB) // True Blood 203 set 4 (246 caps ~ 17.4MB) // gallery

Scratches )
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Well, my physio therapist but a kibosh on my gym plans (I was thinking I might try tonight, even though I hurt like a motherfucker) so I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my back, watching Torchwood and eating CRUNCHY chips. I've been having cravings for yummy crunchy chips lately. I'm not a chip person, either.

I was looking at new cars today. I'm hesitant to get another Yaris, even though I loved mine, just because I'm so skittish right now with driving (I feel that zing of fear when I'm approaching lights that might go yellow as I'm approaching now) and like... I don't know. It's like when an actor in one of your favourite movies does something reprehensible so you can't watch the movie anymore. I think I want something with a little more ass end to it so if I get rear ended again there will be more there to take the impact.

So I'm looking at a Matrix, Corolla and, still, a Yaris. Going 4 door this time, though. The Matrix is the most expensive and has some wicked blind spots, from the short look I got, but I like the look of it. The Corolla is only $1 more a month in lease than the Yaris. But I like my hatchback. So I don't know. I'm torn.

I can't even properly test drive a vehicle right now just because I'm still so sore. I can't turn my head right or look around well so I don't want to be out in a strange vehicle and making choices on something I'm (hopefully) going to have for a few years.

ANYWAY. I has a meme.

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.

I'm into SPN, True Blood, Twilight, Twilight RPS, CW RPS, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Um... I'll do Buffy and QaF, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars and I think that's it. Try me. I don't know how unpopular my opinions will be but I'll try for something.
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I hurt SO MUCH. My car is a total write off. Nothing like getting rear ended by a gravel/dump truck to kill your car. Now I'll have physio for the rest of my life. :( LAME. I'm driving a rental right now until my insurance starts rolling and I can get a new car.

Pictures I took today and the ones from before that might be broken in the other post? )

Keep this Party Going )

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True Blood 202 set 1 (235 caps ~ 20.0MB) // True Blood 202 set 2 (235 caps ~ 21.3MB) // True Blood 202 set 3 (235 caps ~ 19.4MB) // True Blood 202 set 4 (236 caps ~ 18.4MB) // gallery

Keep This Party Going )
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I was rear ended again last night. This time by a DUMP TRUCK. Gravel truck, whatever. It was big and gray and it HIT me.

So now Edward is at the body shop, undriveable, and I'm waiting for Enterprise to call me with my rental. This blows.

I had to cancel my physio appointment for the LAST accident because I don't know if I'll have the rental by then. But no worries, I have it again on Monday and, after last night, possibly for the rest of eternity. *facepalm* I freaking hate physio.

The same thing happened as last time. Coming up to a light, it went yellow, I stopped and POW! Right in the kisser. POW! Right in the kisser. POW! I'll stop now.

pictures of Edward )

So yeah. This is awesome in the least possible way anything can ever be awesome. BUT. We're safe (D was with me), I'll get a rental and who knows? If the car is damaged enough they'll give me a new one. I want Edward back and all but, really, he's a bit cursed since I was rear ended two months and a day after the last time. I thought BELLA was the danger magnet.

I HAVE to go to work today, too, since another girl in my office has to leave for a memorial service. I hope it'll be a quiet day. But by saying that I've jinxed myself so whatever. Shit happens.

lazy days

Apr. 18th, 2009 07:59 pm
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Today's been kind of awesome and I haven't even done anything. I went to the gym and that's it.

I was rear ended last night. I'm okay, although I'm achy today. I expect to feel my back/neck hurting more in the next couple days if the last time I was in a car that went off the road is any indication. I didn't get whiplash until three days later. My back, neck and shoulder all hurt a little and I have a mark on my neck from the seat belt. YAY FOR SEAT BELTS!

Basically, I stopped at a yellow, dude was distracted by his grand daughter in the backseat and Edward got smashed into. :( :( Looking at him you'd never know he was hit, really. The back is a bit scratched and my license plate is bent but there looks to be some possible cracks, too, so I'll have to take it in and put it through insurance, depending on my deductible and all. Sucks.

I reacted... not well. The guy (who turned out to be really nice) got out of the car and came to see me and I was like, "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" and then I cried and hyperventilated, all while still in my car with my foot on the brake, even though I had it in park. I shook for about a half hour. I called my aunt and she came, then the police who also came quickly. One officer, who wasn't assigned to the case, was on patrol and directed us off the road into the college parking lot, then the other two came about five minutes later.

I'll call Toyota on Monday and ask them how to proceed and go from there. Awesome.

After all that I went to 17 Again which was for the win. Very funny, very entertaining. A lot of ... awkward moments, moreso than I thought. Our group was the total back row and definitely enjoyed themselves the most, I think. Zac Efron? HELLO!

Still holding out hope that someone might have a spare Dreamwidth invite hanging about. Maybe? Possibly?

Going to have Harper's Island caps up tonight, too.

oh, fuck me

Feb. 8th, 2009 10:05 am
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Someone on my flist warned last night about the spoiler at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and I didn't go last night. But today being TODAY, I went.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I don't know how major this spoiler is in the grand scheme of things since I'm totally in the dark about what's to come but it seemed kinda fucking huge to me. Please do not comment as to the scale of the spoiler, if you know what it is.

*sigh* Lamesauce.

Anyway. I wanted to wash Edward yesterday but since everything's melting hardcore around here and I'm driving through massive ruts and giant puddles there's no point. Sad because he needs a scrub badly. All this warmer weather we've been having here is so misleading because it's only the beginning of February. We still have at least another month of hardcore winter, and that's an optimistic estimate.

Saw Push last night. It was okay. Visually appealing, very colourful. I'd rent it but I don't know if I'd buy it.
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I don't really know what to do with myself right now because I didn't have to leave 15 minutes ago to catch the bus. It's weird. I have to FORCE myself to stay here right now and not leave or else I'll get to work wickedly early.

So, have some pictures.

On your right... )

Off to work now!
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I just got home BUT! I have my car! It is blue! I will have pictures!



What does that mean?! CHAT!

The name is spnchatwhee. Invite yourself on AIM (go to chat, put your name in the invitees box and put the chat name in the name of the chat box) or message me, FcukerMari and I can ask someone else to invite you in (Trillian woes).

One ground rule- NO SPOILERS! Not even for the promo for the next week's episode! Some people don't like knowing ANYTHING that's to come and that includes the teaser for next week so, please, keep it to the current episode only, once it starts airing and is over.

Any questions? Leave 'em here!


Sep. 18th, 2008 08:07 am
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20 x Supernatural (episode 3.04)
25 x True Blood (mainly 1.02)

To see the rest check out this post at [ profile] morbid_girls

FINALLY getting my car today. FINALLY. Good lord I never realized there was SO MUCH SHIT involved with buying a car. But I suppose once you have one it gets easier for the next one? I'm going into work late, though, so I can get my damn registration because we got there last night the MINUTE they closed. LAME.

Also, [ profile] truebloodnews. Started on a bit of a whim but right now there's not much in the way of news so it can be a weekly and [ profile] gwentastic and I can switch off. If anyone's interested in helping out, making it every three weeks or so (or even twice weekly) comment to the first edition over there.

Oh, and hey! Isn't tonight the premiere of something? The name's on the tip of my tongue but damn if I can remember what it is.... ;)
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Woman walking out to parking lot to random guy: Hey dude, I have a picture of you in your underwear! Are you Jared's roommate? from here


Just think, at the beginning of this week very few of us would have made that connection. Now we ALLLLL make that connection.

I'm calling this morning and saying yes to the car. WHEE! NEW CAR, NEW CAR! Now I have to track down insurance agents.


Sep. 10th, 2008 10:27 pm
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So tonight my uncle picked me up from work and we went to the Toyota dealership to look at a used car they had there that I found from their website. I cannot possibly buy a car on my own or go look for one or even know what to do or ANYTHING. I am seriously car dumb.

ANYWAY. I took a 2005 Saturn Ion out for a test drive, a standard. It was okay. I liked it better when I was looking at it on paper, really. It would have been about $9000, which wasn't bad for 87k and I probably could have gotten it bumped down about 1000$ because there wasn't any AC in it.

The sales guy took us to the back lot where they keep the cars that haven't put out into the lot yet, new and used. They had a couple that I can't remember and a brand new yaris. I asked to drive the Colbalt but it just arrived today and the keys were missing or something so I couldn't drive that one. He brought my uncle and I inside to talk specs and whatnot and he started on the yaris which is only like- 18 or 19,000$ new.

Long story short, I drove the yaris, which is bright blue and tiny (only a 2 door) and has AC and everything and it was great. The seats are high, the heater works, it's got good pick up in it and it has (gets?) like- 40 mpg in the city, 50 on the highway. The 2008 model is also one that the government is giving a $1000 enviro rebate AND because I'm a recent grad I get another $500 off the price.

To lease it for 5 years it's $239/mo. How can I go wrong, really? That cobalt I put in the paper last week at $350/mo with three years left on the lease is retarded compared to this.

I think I'm going to get it. I'm so excited. And I don't have that nervous, 'oh shit, should I?' feeling like I get sometimes when I know I shouldn't spend the money but I'm going to anyway. I'm 26 years old. It's fucking time I get a car. Especially since I'm going to scream bloody murder on the bus any time.

I'm going to call tomorrow to say yes, I think, unless I wake up in the middle of the night screaming or something, and I'm going to ask for an MP3 deck instead of the standard 1 disc changer, try to get another $500 knocked off and MAYBE I'll try and push for a deal where that dealership takes the full-page ad they took out last year in a feature we ran at work again this year. That would mean $50 in my pocket in commission.

The experience was... okay and I haven't looked around but honestly, the Yaris is rated the highest with the consumer reports, there's this $1500 back almost instantly and the mpg is SO good. I don't know how I CAN'T. Especially when there are only THREE left in Western Canada! Edmonton, Winnipeg and here. The sales guy turned out to be really pushy, though. SUPER pushy. To the point of where I kind of want to ask for another sales person, almost. If my uncle hadn't been there I think I would have feared him eating my soul.

This is pretty much the car I was looking at, except mine is 2 doors.



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