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--> There are two attractive young men helping my uncle tear the siding off the house. They have been working for a few days now. Today I came home to hear music coming from upstairs, where only I reside. In my room is now a GIANT hole where my window and wall WAS and instead was scaffolding, my uncle and the two aforementioned attractive young men. In my room/window/just outside. My room where I have a life-size standee of Bella, Jacob and Edward from new moon, a full garbage can and dirty underwear in the clothes basket.


Oh, and? I'm going to have plywood over the giant hole for possibly a few weeks. UGH.

--> Y'know, if you're going to crosspost icons and then not post teasers because of spoilers but half of your icons are facial close ups and completely unidentifiable from any other episode of the show... just don't. Post teasers.

--> We had a couple young people pass away so their obits were in our paper. They prompted my supervisor to ask us today what we thought we would look like in heaven. I said people would probably look like how they did when they were happiest in their lives. Which made me think about the concept of heaven and afterlife and I realized when I think about "after" it's a rather murky place. Not in feeling or to prompt fear but more as a waiting area. Not purgatory, just... kind of like waiting in line at some government office. Boring and tedious, than anything. And then I'll come back. I don't want to say be reincarnated because I'm not spiritual like that but I truly believe that I'll come back in my next life, and the next and etc, etc.

I can't say why I think this because I really don't know. It's just a feeling I have. And it pisses me off because, to be honest, I don't WANT to come back. I don't want to fade into non-existance or anything but the idea that I'm going to come back and have to relive things at this point seems so tiring.

There's no reason for writing this, I just wanted to record it for my own thoughts since it was a bit of a realization today. I believe that whatever people believe in is exactly what will happen for them in life/after life, so yeah.

--> Had some weirdness today over an email from a friend. It's something I've been trying to figure out how to deal with for a few months now but didn't realize I was still SO bothered by until he sent me a slap-dash email today. It brought all my kinda-anger back up so now I have to think about what I'm going to say to explain why I'm angry and how to do it in a way that doesn't make me seem crazy. Boys.

--> Started watching Community on Sunday night and finished first season Monday evening. LOVED IT! It was so funny! I lawled numerous times and enjoyed myself a lot. I'm also an episode into Modern Family, too, and I would be continuing it tonight if, like, I could go into my room and all.
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Realized today that the still-newish receptionist laughs like a funhouse clown. One of the annoying/semi-scary ones that you remember from, like, Are You Afraid of the Dark? As a result I cannot stand her now. Wasn't fond of her before but now, really.

Uuuum, windy windy windy here today. The wind makes people psycho and I am no different. I was more moody than psycho, though. Also tired.

Got new pills from the doc to fight my back pain. He's talking chronic and long-term with the pain I'm feeling. I can't even walk to the store two blocks away in sensible shoes without feeling pain in my lower back and every time I do something a part of me hurts. Now the pain is going down into my arms on a regular basis and into my elbows. Can you say FUCKING FUN?!

It wasn't a bad week but I'll be glad for next week when the other girl in my office is back. I miss her.

Power is flickering or something here from the wind, I think. Want to get everything wrapped up in case things go tits up.

Let the Right One In )

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The Vampire Diaries 117 set 1 (331 caps ~ 19.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 117 set 2 (331 caps ~ 18.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 117 set 3 (331 caps ~ 19.2MB) // gallery

Let the Right One In )


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:43 pm
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So here we are at the start of another week. There were quite a few developments at work today and some of them aren't that great for our department, honestly. It means we're losing a full-time person (to another department) but we can hire a part timer. BUT what we all wanted was to keep the three of us and ALSO take a part timer because there's just TOO MUCH SHIT going on for us to take at once. And losing one of us as a FT person? NOT GOING TO HELP.

My supervisor came back from vacation today and she was ready to go for the throat at management and she defended us as fiercely as... something really fucking fierce. But I'm just at a really zen, not-caring place with the job anymore, honestly. I need to start getting my ducks in a row to find something else somewhere else. I'm not making this change within the next six months (I have things I want to do that I will require keeping a FT, well-paying job for) but I need to start thinking about where I want to go and what I might want to look into, job-wise.

In other news, I did a meme I stole from [ profile] exp0se! Woo! A meme I actually finished!

TV DVD list )

I ordered season 1&2 of Primeval today and put seaosn 3 in the staff holds box for later this week when I get paid. I want the show in all its dvd shiny glory. Very excited! I also watched all of seasons 1 & 2 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl yesterday but I'm going to wait until season 3 finished airing before I watch that. It took an interesting turn in season 2 so I'm kinda jazzed to see what happens next. Soon!
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First off, what's the point of adding people from a friending meme and then cutting them a couple weeks later?

This week has been terrible. Terrible. One more time, TERRIBLE. I haven't stressed about it too much, aside from the first day everything started happening, which makes me kinda realize I'm over this job. It's a good job to have and I make pretty good money but I'm coming to the point of not giving a shit anymore. I want to do my job well but beyond the direct communication and duties I have with customers I'm pretty over trying to bend over and let the company fuck me up the ass.

I'm not going to get into explaining what exactly happened but I'll just say that there were expectations put upon us that caught my whole department off guard and we're going to fail their goal that we're supposed to achieve by Wednesday. And I. Don't. Care. Because no matter what I do or say we're going to get in trouble. Because shit rolls downhill, as we were told, literally, this week. By someone from management, might I add.

I finally have gone back to a massage place. My first massage therapist has kinda fallen off the face of the earth and I don't know if she's even doing massage anymore so I found someone new. She was nice enough, hard to tell how we'll gel after one appointment, but my shoulder and lower back muscles are rebelling right now. They HURT. I liked my original massage therapist because she would tell me what was happening as she worked on me, what was doing what and why this or that hurt, etc. With this new one we just shot the shit about everything and anything else happening. Which was kinda cool.

Anyway, on to other things. Like a review of last night's Project Runway )

I'm downloading stuff like CRAZY these past few days. I was trying to get all the episodes for The Vampire Diaries so I can re-watch the eps I didn't pay attention to or missed, ran out of free download whatever with Megaupload so I bought an account. I've dled the Kevin Smith talks and the Ellen comedy specials, Primeval s1 & 2, Secret Diary of a Call Girl s1 & s2, some movies, going to get whatever there is of Robin Hood, perhaps I'll dl Merlin S1 and s2 to give it another go, etc, etc. I'm burning them all, though, because I never watch the shit I dl onto the computer. I'm too easily distracted.
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My Valentinr - marishna
Get your own valentinr

This week hasn't been nearly as bad as last week was but I'm still happy to see the weekend. Especially since it's a long one! The premier out here decided it was too long to go from Christmas to Easter break without a holiday so he made one in February.

I'm watching Pulse 2 and Pulse 3 right now. Even though it was bad I liked Pulse with Kristen Bell and Ian but this is the first I've seen of the second and third ones. They're... really not good. God I love bad movies.

Also, made plans for an Oscar party when they air in March. By party I mean three friends (maybe more but three for sure) are coming over but that'll be fun all the same. Might go to Value Village to find something cheap and fancy (perhaps a discarded bride's maid dress? in fushia, even?) so I can attempt Oscar glam. I'm stupidly excited for this, honestly.

Finally! I've now launched [ profile] vdiaries_caps. The rules are posted and I might post an affiliate entry but I don't know if I'll bother We'll see. Anyway, if you post caps, feel free to post yours there.

114 - Fool Me Once (with a passing mention of the books) )

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The Vampire Diaries 114 set 1 (290 caps ~ 17.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 114 set 2 (290 caps ~ 19.1MB) // The Vampire Diaries 114 set 3 (290 caps ~ 14.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 114 set 4 (293 caps ~ 15.0MB) // gallery

Fool Me Once )
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And I'm being totally honest about that.

Words can't describe what a change today is from last week, even though it wasn't even THAT good. I mean, in comparison it was amazing but seriously, so much beter.

Got my schedule for the part time job and I heart it through April. It's just enough for me and I have some variety and it's awesome. Plus? I'm not working tonight, which is AWESOME as I haven't had a Monday off, aside from being sick, since October.

I'm still enamoured of my new hotass purse. Have I showed you my new hotass purse? )

I have a new layout. I don't know how long I'll keep it because it might be too light for me but I've been looking at it for a few months now and I finally got up the ... gumption, I guess, to change things.

And I wrote something last night. I'd set the sleep mode on my tv and was drifting off when this image hit me and I immediately got up, turned on the light and scrambled for a pen. I haven't felt the urge to write ANYTHING, let along like THAT, in MONTHS. Today I feel like a new person.

I can't say it's good or anything but I'm going to type it up and try to post it tonight. It's for The Vampire Diaries and I have no fucking idea where it came from but I just love that I wrote something and finished it and it wasn't forced. For anyone who's ever gone through an extended period of writer's block and felt helpless and like it was gone forever knows the relief I feel. Today I don't even feel tired even though I didn't get the sleep I should have. SO HAPPY.

TV talk )

OH OH OH! AND! I've finally got a layout and tags up at [ profile] vdaries_caps. I just have to put some rules together and an intro post and it'll be ready to go! Run, watch, post (when I have the rules up)!! Spread the word!
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Last night was so weird. ALL WEEK I've been waiting for the weekend and knowing when it came I'd be sleeping like a motherfucker because everything at work has been SO SO SO SO SHITTY. Last night around 7:30 I was SO TIRED that I laid down in bed (I don't even remember doing it) and slept for three hours, I think. I'm pretty sure it was around 7:30 I laid down but for all I know I slept at my desk for an hour.

Then I stayed up until about 1:30, tried to go back to sleep but kept having flashes of daddy longlegs in my head (I don't even know--they were HUGE, too. Like a couple feet wide. LASHBDFKLJABD) so I didn't get back to sleep until about almost 3, I think. I got up to pee around 9am, thought about staying up but fell BACK to sleep and slept until noon. I feel delightful right now. Still kinda loopy and achy but nice.

My back has been a mess this week. Last Sunday I had the aching that goes down into my arms and I've been taking pain pills all week, more than usual. Yesterday I had a pain behind my left shoulder blade that was sharper than I ever remember feeling. Every day it's a new thing with this fucking accident. It's been EIGHT goddamn months since the second accident. :(


Watched this last night and made some comments about the recent PR ep )
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Work this week makes me want to scratch people's eyes out, then do the macarena on them. I don't know how I knew the week was going to be the shits at the start but I did somehow and it's dragged on forever. That tomorrow is Friday is a miracle.

I got some goodish news about my accident.., *waves hands* stuff. My lawyer has decided to pursue the two claims seperately, so I could see a payout from the first one as early as next week. And it's going to be more than I expected so I'm kinda jazzed. I mean, it sucks that I'm getting money as a result of being rear ended and all but it's money that I could really use right now. The second (and far worse) accident probably won't be resolved for quiet a while longer. I'm still in quite a bit of pain and taking pain killers almost every day. So. I'm happy at least one of them is being put to rest. That's that.

I bought my plane ticket home for next month. I haven't bought the return yet, though, because the tickets were a bit too pricey (got the one there on wicked seat sale) and my credit card needs a bit of recovery first (which is why the money from the accident settlement is coming JUST IN TIME).

Finally, this will serve as an official "Hi there, and hello!" to my new friends from this The Vampire Diaries friending meme. Let me take this moment for shameless promotion: [ profile] tvd_tv! It's kinda slow and I haven't done much with it as yet but let's see what happens! AND AND AND!!! [ profile] good_tvd_icons! Please watch, join and spread the word on this one!

Also, BRAND new that I haven't had a chance to do ANYTHING with yet- [ profile] vdaries_caps. I'll throw a layout up and get some rules up there over the next couple days.

Question. is there a place (community or otherwise) to get really great hires promos and images from the show and cast? I've been spoiled by other shows (like SPN) with the comms and sites that provide photoshoots and episode stills in freakish sizes. A lot of the stuff I've come across so far has been medium res, at best. If anyone knows of anywhere I could get nice sized images that would be great. PM me if it's on the DL.

Stuff I wrote last week about 112 Unpleasantville which I don't think I really finished )

113 Children of the Damned )

111 and 112 were capped okay but I tried to get a conversion programme for the caps that didn't turn out to work that well. I went back to the one I had on my old computer, I just didn't want it this time because it was bigger than I needed. But this one does a far better job. I might, someday, go back to reconvert the caps from 111 and 112 but for now they'll have to stay in huge file sizes. Lame.

* 1280x720 caps
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The Vampire Diaries 111 set 1 (351 caps ~ 93.9MB) // The Vampire Diaries 111 set 2 (351 caps ~ 91.7MB) // The Vampire Diaries 111 set 3 (353 caps ~ 83.0MB) // gallery

The Vampire Diaries 112 set 1 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 3 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 3 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 4 (262 caps ~ MB) // The Vampire Diaries 112 set 5 (263 caps ~ MB) // gallery

The Vampire Diaries 113 set 1 (354 caps ~ 26.7MB) // The Vampire Diaries 113 set 2 (354 caps ~ 29.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 113 set 3 (354 caps ~ 23.5MB) // gallery

113 Children of the Damned samples )
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Starting to get better, which is awesome, although I sound like DEATH. It was my first day back at work today, since last Thursday, and things felt weird. It felt like I missed a lot of stuff but seemingly I did not. Almost every call I took seemed to go like this: "Wow, you sound terrible!/like you have a cold/laryngitis/should be at home! Anyway, can you read me the fucking dictionary now?" *sigh*

ANYWAY. I signed up for [ profile] help_haiti. I'm offering 20+ icons here. I don't know what more to say about that.

[ETA] I guess I could show what I'm offering? *facepalm*

I am offering: 20+ icons, personalised if desired and exclusively yours if you so request.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Doctor Who, Torchwood, Twilight, SPN, The Vampire Diaries, Alice

Additional Info (optional): I can't do manips or animations (well, at least, so I prefer not to). Feel free to provide me with images or I can find them on my own, whichever floats your boat.

I'm really excited to go to bed tonight, got to say.
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I was a little worried about today because it's my first full day home alone but it's actually turned out really well! I was a bit concerned that I'd get weepy and depressed but I'm good!

I'm keeping busy with baking (going on four hours now) and I went out earlier to get some more supplies for the party on Tuesday. I spent more money than I liked but whatever, it's just money.

So now I'm just watching stuff while running to the oven. And I'm hanging out in the living room so I'm not cramped up in my room by myself. This way it doesn't feel so opressive. So go me.

And I feel better about the situation at work, as well. I can't do anything about what's happening so I'm just going to breathe through it and continue to ignore the person causing all the conflict. Keep to myself and wait for a sign of something better to come along.

Got to stay positive and today I have achieved that! Go me!

The only thing that sucks is that LJ has been super slow today. I expect it to with the holidays coming up and all but it leads to boredom. Lame! Oh well!

:D :D :D


Nov. 21st, 2009 12:27 am
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Today was a a bit of a shit day.

Then I won a $500 gift certificate to whereever I want.

Then I saw New Moon.

Now I'm drunk.

Now I'm going to watch Project Runway.

Today? Has been okay.
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This week has been one giant shitstorm after another at work. It hasn't been particularly busy but with the break in the middle of the week for Remembrance Day it bumped everything up and gave us deadlines in the middle of the week we don't normally have. And I've had to deal with some really, really, super dumb people, as well. I can't even explain it.

I don't see tomorrow being much different either. And with the week being so weird I don't know if the department that works with us is going to get their part done in time for me to leave when I have to but I HAVE to leave at a certain time for physio and.... BLERG. Fridays seriously blow in my job. On the one hand they rock because, hey, Friday. But when you have to do two papers and deadlines are earlier and we have to proof all these ads for Saturday that we often don't see proofs for until later in the afternoon, if at all... it just makes for a stressful fucking day.

Also found out today that my massage therapist isn't where she was working from before so I kind of have to track her down again and BLAH. It's just too much right now.

Next weekend can't come soon enough. New Moon on Friday and then my Christmas party on Saturday and I get to bring one of my besties. Should be fun. Drunk and fun.

Unfortunately there won't be any caps tonight. My computer's a little funky tonight and I'm tired anyway. I'll try to get them done tomorrow but I can't guarantee anything.

The Vampire Diaries 'History Repeating' )

The Real Ghostbusters )

AHHHH! This is the only time I've liked that song and wanted to learn the dance! I want John Barrowman to be my bff.

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It feels like there's next to nothing happening with my life right now but I've been SO BUSY!

--> Work is insane. Period. People are starting to get heavy into vacation so when one of us is away it gets fucking crazy. It's not enough to make me want to tear my hair out but it's enough to keep us going steady with regular work that we can't do our features. Which is not good for our budgets.

--> Wednesday was NOT a good day. I was in SO MUCH PAIN after physio and everything with the car and insurance was being so shitty that I cried a lot that day.

--> I went to Calgary to visit [ profile] estei on Saturday and to go to the gay rodeo but it didn't work out. I set out way too soon on such a long trip to a city with far more drivers than I'm used to. I did okay the first time I went up, managed to keep calm, but that was before getting rear ended totaled my car. So this time I was insanely jittery. Once I got into the city and got lost I panicked and freaked and it was bad. So the last thing I wanted to do was drive MORE to a rodeo.

Thank GOD for [ profile] estei. If she weren't amazing with directions and so patient with me and willing to help out a freaked out person I would STILL be driving around Calgary, I'm sure.

--> Have finalized the payout for my car so I have been trying to decide on a new vehicle. I'm pretty sure I'm going with a Toyota Matrix. Part of me is saying that maybe I should shop around a little to different dealerships this go around but I really don't have the luxury of time right now. The rental is supposed to be back by Thursday at 11:59pm. I can keep it longer but because the insurance has been settled I have to pay out of pocket. Only $25/day but still. It'll add up.

So I think I'll go with the Matrix. Right now I'm just waiting for my boss, who is a dragon slayer when it comes to buying cars, to come with me to see if we can't wheedle them down a bit in price or features or something. Although I feel kind of bad because my sales person is super nice. I don't know. I'm not one of those people that can haggle. I'll see what happens, I guess.

--> Have an appointment with a lawyer on Thursday to discuss the accident. The other guy's insurance is already discussing settlement. So I don't even know what to think about all that.

--> I watched a movie by accident tonight and it was pretty much awesome. Poor Boy's Game is like a Canadian American History X, basically. It was filmed in Halifax, NS starred Danny Glover and a hot, HOT guy named Rossif Sutherland. HOT.

--> Canada Day on Wednesday. I get a day off and will go see the fireworks. This is an ace day in my books.

Someday I'll be able to finish my Big Bang edits (Betas you'll be getting it... soon-ish!) and make icons. *facepalm*

--> I don't care, I like the song and I love this video for it.

Brief thoughts on episode 203 'Scratches' )

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True Blood 203 set 1 (246 caps ~ 17.5MB) // True Blood 203 set 2 (246 caps ~ 21.0MB) // True Blood 203 set 3 (246 caps ~ 19.6MB) // True Blood 203 set 4 (246 caps ~ 17.4MB) // gallery

Scratches )
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I am failing all over the place with fic and commitments and all sorts of things.

Work is only going to get busier, too. FML.

At least my work is such that I can leave it AT WORK when the day is done. But by the time I do get home I'm fucking tired. Then I go to the gym Mon-Wed, Sat & Sun (if I can swing it) so by then I'm BAGGED. I might get three or four icons made and then I'm DONE.

I'm going to get some B12 vitamins to see if maybe that will help? I've done a bit of research and it sounds like taking a bit of that a day could improve my mood/stamina through the day.

Anyone know anything about B12? I know at least one person on my flist gets the shot so what's the difference between shot vs vitamin?

Today, however, I'm taking off early because I have OT and we can't leave early on Fridays anymore. I'm getting my hair done (even though I think I did that last month), doing some running around, going to the SPCA with D and then watching some QaF with D.

I don't know. And right now tickets home are SUPER cheap (Vlog is booked to go home in July [for good!] and his ticket was only $200+, as opposed to $500+) but I have no time that I could take as it's all arranged, nor am I able to work around everyone else's time off. Lame. So no home for me until 2010 it's looking like.

I'm actually in a good mood right now, despite all this, but it's all bearing down on me and I'm one of those people who likes to bury my head in the sand about as much as possible until the very last possible second. That blows. But as long as I make it through it all in one piece it's A-OK!

Lotsa stuff

Apr. 7th, 2009 09:52 pm
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~~ Well, now that Kings is on its way to dead and buried, I won't be doing the caps anymore. I'm not often home on Saturdays or watching normal TV, anyway. But whatever, NBC. Whatever.

~~ Work is... work this week. Monday was hectic and I wanted to stab my eyes out. Today was hectic, too, but less stressful and I was in a better mood. Tomorrow I'll just have to wait and see.

~~ It was 18C here today, which is 64F. Tomorrow it'll likely be 18 again and Thursday I hear it'll be 18, which will likely be more like 22C or 72F. And people are still wearing effing winter coats! I wore skirts the last two days! SKIRTS! It was 3C a couple weeks ago and I was like- SUMMER'S HERE! *puts on strappy sandals*

~~ I think I restarted my BigBang last night. I honestly don't know if I'll be getting it done by May. I want to, but I'm seriously in a place where the writing isn't coming. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm a little sadface over it since I've enjoyed the experience the last two years but I'm coming to accept that I can't force what doesn't want to happen. I'm not Edward Cullen, after all.

~~ Finally, two people in my RL are reading "Breaking Dawn". Someone will now know the pain I've suffered through since last July. Oh, "Twilight". How I love to hate you. I have to bring in the window-sized banner of Edward Cullen from HMV that's in my car right now. I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna do with it.

~~ Project Runway Canada finale... next week? And new Fringe right now! Adventureland (I hope) and Hannah Montana this week! WHEE! AND AND AND! SHORT WEEK!!!!!!!
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Sarah Jessica Parker's scent "Lovely"? Actually smells quite lovely~.

Whodathunk? I might go out and buy some tomorrow. Or on my payday on Friday.

I love having days off. Like tomorrow today. It means that I can stay up later than usual on a Sunday and that the twitching in my eyes has somewhat subsided. My left one has twitched for about a month now. On Friday the right one started. I clearly don't handle stress as well as I thought I did.

Also? I totally didn't just miss my mouth and spill water down the front of my shirt. Nope.
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Don't know if anyone will bite on this but:

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other.

So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Or something completely random. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

AND. For people who have attended or know how a Creation Con works: right now the gold packages are up for grabs for the Vancouver con.

When will the other packages/general admittance tickets go on sale? If I were to purchase general admittance is it rush seating or assigned? It would be wise to buy photo ops right now before they sell out, even if we don't have tickets?

Oh second job, you are looking very likely in a couple months.

Work stuff is happening, family stuff is happening. None of it incredibly bad but it's enough that my eye has been twitching for about three weeks now. It did it back in August as well. I don't feel overly stressed but it could be that ever-present stress that I don't even notice anymore.

Perhaps I'll use my day off with pay next week and take a long weekend or something. That might be nice. I get one a month!

I want to do fannish things but I'm just so tired now. Tonight I went out for dinner with a bff. Tomorrow I have kick boxing. Thursday I'll be home but SPN will be on. FRIDAY. FRIDAY, I LOVE YOU. I have nothing that night. And then Saturday I'll be at My Bloody Valentine IN MY MOOSEHEAD SHIRT. (I think only [ profile] pipry23 will really get it)

I HAVE to start thinking about what I'm writing for Big Bang OMG. I HAVE to do BB again. I have ideas, I just don't know what....

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Jenseeeeennnnn. Be on faster. Some of us feel old beyond our years and need to go to bed ASAP.

Katie/Jared fic not being posted tonight, either. Too tired, can't find a title, can't even focus to review it beyond the first sentence.

I know I owe Christmas cards. I have them, some of them are addressed and everything, I just haven't had the time/energy to sit down and DO them.

Thinking of going to an open house this weekend at this fitness/dance studio to take a beginner kick box class. I need to do something.

I used my hands free set with my phone tonight and it thrilled me to no end. It was a bit awkward and it's like a headphone with one of those ear buds so it's not the most comfortable but. BUT. I can TALK AND DRIVE. WOO!

Oh, and I left a note on someone's windshield last night after work because when I came out to go home someone had parked so close I could barely open my car door. I had to crawl over my passenger seat. NOT IMPRESSED. Also? The car looked like something from 1992 and had a Club on the steering wheel. Um. :| Right. Whatever. Moron.

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I was away from the computer for maybe 16 hours today and I'm on skip=360?

Holy crap, guys.

TGIF, though. I sat around and did pretty much nothing today at work. By the very end of the day, aside from editorial, there were about 5 people in the building. And I was the ONLY person left in my part of the paper.


It's defo time to change out my icons.
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Christmas is next week and I haven't sent out a single one of my cards yet. I keep meaning to but I really haven't been home long enough to do anything about them just yet. I should send out the ones that I have done but then I'll sit on the rest and it'll be a mess. Just an FYI to people.

I have also received cards but, again, no time to sit down and find out who yet. Mostly international ones.

I haven't gotten my aunt and uncle's gifts (gift cards, not hard) and I still have to find a Christmas gift for someone and another gift for someone. I have no lunch breaks this week to go shopping because I'm banking time to be off next Tuesday and Wednesday.

My mom's gift she mailed is in the city but I can't go get it until tomorrow, at the earliest.

Got dinner and a gathering tonight, probably nothing tomorrow (first Friday I'll be home in.... three months?) and then shopping and shopping and partying on Saturday.

When did December get so HECTIC?! And now I have to go to work.

This is also the most festive icon I have right now, as I never got around to finding Christmas icons I like.


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