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Dec. 18th, 2010 10:06 pm
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I didn't do a list of everything I had written for last year at the beginning of the year, so I thought I'd do this instead. It's everything I've written on LJ from the past couple of years or so. There's none of my Buffy fic on here since that's archived away somewhere on sites in fandoms past. I'm making this a sticky, as well, for easy access and I'll try to remember to update it as I post new stuff.

Fics are listed, more or less, from newest to oldest.

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SPN Gen )

SPN other - het, crossovers, etc )


Queer as Folk Slash )

Queer as Folk RPS )

Queer as Folk drabbles, multi-fandom drabble posts )

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Title: when you finally know just how low, low, low
Pairing: Stefan/Elena
Rating: R
Words: 730-ish, unbeta'd
Warnings: potential dubcon? I tried to write around it but there is some definite overtones for it. If dubcon squicks you it might be best to keep going.
Disclaimer: no harm, no foul, don't own.
Summary:Betraying everyone's trust was probably the hottest part.
A/N:This fic represets so many things, especially right now. Not only is it the first fic I'm writing in The Vampire Diaries fandom but it's the first fic I've written since my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang last summer. I make no illusions about the quality of this. I'm mostly just so proud that I had an idea and saw it through from start to finish. It's short, unbeta'd and was written at 1am after I had an image from it pop into my head while trying to sleep. I've also never really identified anything in any of my fics as dubcon (that I can remember, anyway) so that's new, too.

I feel like saying something almost formal-like here because this IS my first TVD fic, as bad as it (probably?) is. A grand ribbon cutting? A ceremonial parade? Ah, fuck it. If you like it great. If not, keep going and maybe next time it'll work out.

when you finally know just how low, low, low )

And a bit of shameless Valentine whoring: My Valentinr - marishna
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And I'm being totally honest about that.

Words can't describe what a change today is from last week, even though it wasn't even THAT good. I mean, in comparison it was amazing but seriously, so much beter.

Got my schedule for the part time job and I heart it through April. It's just enough for me and I have some variety and it's awesome. Plus? I'm not working tonight, which is AWESOME as I haven't had a Monday off, aside from being sick, since October.

I'm still enamoured of my new hotass purse. Have I showed you my new hotass purse? )

I have a new layout. I don't know how long I'll keep it because it might be too light for me but I've been looking at it for a few months now and I finally got up the ... gumption, I guess, to change things.

And I wrote something last night. I'd set the sleep mode on my tv and was drifting off when this image hit me and I immediately got up, turned on the light and scrambled for a pen. I haven't felt the urge to write ANYTHING, let along like THAT, in MONTHS. Today I feel like a new person.

I can't say it's good or anything but I'm going to type it up and try to post it tonight. It's for The Vampire Diaries and I have no fucking idea where it came from but I just love that I wrote something and finished it and it wasn't forced. For anyone who's ever gone through an extended period of writer's block and felt helpless and like it was gone forever knows the relief I feel. Today I don't even feel tired even though I didn't get the sleep I should have. SO HAPPY.

TV talk )

OH OH OH! AND! I've finally got a layout and tags up at [ profile] vdaries_caps. I just have to put some rules together and an intro post and it'll be ready to go! Run, watch, post (when I have the rules up)!! Spread the word!
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I am failing all over the place with fic and commitments and all sorts of things.

Work is only going to get busier, too. FML.

At least my work is such that I can leave it AT WORK when the day is done. But by the time I do get home I'm fucking tired. Then I go to the gym Mon-Wed, Sat & Sun (if I can swing it) so by then I'm BAGGED. I might get three or four icons made and then I'm DONE.

I'm going to get some B12 vitamins to see if maybe that will help? I've done a bit of research and it sounds like taking a bit of that a day could improve my mood/stamina through the day.

Anyone know anything about B12? I know at least one person on my flist gets the shot so what's the difference between shot vs vitamin?

Today, however, I'm taking off early because I have OT and we can't leave early on Fridays anymore. I'm getting my hair done (even though I think I did that last month), doing some running around, going to the SPCA with D and then watching some QaF with D.

I don't know. And right now tickets home are SUPER cheap (Vlog is booked to go home in July [for good!] and his ticket was only $200+, as opposed to $500+) but I have no time that I could take as it's all arranged, nor am I able to work around everyone else's time off. Lame. So no home for me until 2010 it's looking like.

I'm actually in a good mood right now, despite all this, but it's all bearing down on me and I'm one of those people who likes to bury my head in the sand about as much as possible until the very last possible second. That blows. But as long as I make it through it all in one piece it's A-OK!


May. 21st, 2009 11:38 pm
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Fuck off, brain. I have to SLEEP tonight.

I was watching QaF with D tonight. We just finished the 5th ep and she loooooooves it. I'm so jazzed. I'm SO HAPPY to have someone I can like--physically poke at who loves the show, instead of just harass on the intarwebs.

ANYWAY. So we were watching tonight and she loves Gale. He's so LANKY and tall and legs and EVERYWHERE.

And then I was like, "Could you imagine Gale and Jared hooking up? It'd be all hair and legs and huge arms EVERYWHERE."

And then we DIED. And now I want to write fic, maybe. BUT I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN DREAM UP THE WORDS TO CONTAIN THAT HOTNESS.

Also, I posted this yesterday morning but I'm still open:


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The last time I did something like this was for an icon concrit meme that turned out to be more hostile than I was expecting. So I'm hoping this won't turn out the same way.

I'd genuinely like to know, as my thread says, if there are places I can work on improving or where I can focus that's already strong to help me write more, and write well. I've made no secret that writing has been extremely hard for quite a while and the motivation to stick to one idea keeps slipping away so I'm willing to try anything to see if I can regain some of the inspiration and drive I had to write in, say, 2007.

Even if I could produce a fic a month I'd be happy with that.

My thread is here at the Anon Writing Feedback Meme

I was going to wear my new awesome polka dotted skirt today but it's going to be 12C and raining so, not so much.
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Title: Only Now Do I Believe
Pairing: Sam/Chris Kane
Rating: PG-13
Words: 900-ish, unbeta'd
Warnings: zombie-esque fic, real-life event related (H1N1)
Disclaimer: If I owned it I'd never share it. I'm greedy that way.
Summary: Sam told him not to worry about it when he jokingly (but not really) brought it up.
A/N: This is the first in my Request a Drabble series. I'm hoping to work on the others tonight, or at least one. As you can see, this is longer than a drabble, but I can't guarantee the others will be this long. Anyway. [ profile] gwentastic has a hard on for Sam/Chris (Chris in general) so, of course, she requested that. Then she mentioned later that next time she would ask for something with zombies. So I ran with it. I've written more Sam/Chris stuff in the past but I've never posted it. I should get around to that someday, I suppose.

Only Now Do I Believe )
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The first ten people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level (You don't really have to do that, if you don't want to)

Fair warning, I sometimes sign up for these things and they don't always work out. BUT I REALLY WANT TO TRY THIS! I've just been doing so well with keeping up my word counts thanks to Big Bang that I'd like to try and keep going. I want to be writing again all the time, or at least have the inclination to. I have Sweet Charity fics to write so if I can carry on into those, that would be great.

So yeah. Let's stick to SPN and CW RPS and Twilight RPS (no Castiel/anyone, although I'm willing to try Misha and Katie and Gen are okay, as well. If you suggest a pairing/prompt and I don't know if I can do it I'll ask for something else) for now and I'll open it up to my already-written fics if people want a continuation or something that might have happened in a scene not written or something.
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Title: First time strangers; second time friends
Pairing: Jared/Katie
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1600-ish, unbeta'd (please excuse any awkwardness)
Disclaimer:*does not know, means no harm, plz to not be suing*
Summary: She called him an hour ago, before she knew he would be breaking for dinner, and said she was filming at the hotel a few blocks away from the sound stage. She was waiting and waiting for her scene, it was so boring sitting around, and couldn't Jared get away for a couple minutes? Just a couple, short, quick minutes? She'd make it worth his while.
A/N: I don't even know anymore. I've been wanting to continue their rendezvous since I wrote their first encounter but I just haven't had the time/energy/inspiration for. These two are so... for lack of a better word, horny. It takes a lot to keep up with them!

But luckily, I already have the next encounter snapping at my heels so hopefully I'll be able to get it out tonight and posted later this week.

First time strangers; second time friends )
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Not I. But guess who has 1,500 words of Jared/Katie porn?

That's right, bitches! Me.

I'm very excited by this. I think I'll post it tomorrow. Also, writing porn is so... awkward, I find. Because, for me anyway, when I'm writing a sex scene all the words that come into my head for description are the ones that are always those badfic indicators. Like mound and leaking and throbbing, swinging pendulum of cock ... those other ones. So then I have to sit there and think about what the hell is going on instead of staying in the moment.

What's the general way people refer to the vagina? Because you can't say vagina in fic, right? I mean, you can but it would sound weird. And people say "hole" is weird and it's just too complicated sometimes. Also, it's 1am and I'm a little loopy from the sickness and being tired and all.

There's probably an [ profile] spnroundtable discussion about this. I'll go check that out.

WOO! Fic!
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Title:When you lay them freezing on me
Pairing: Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart
Rating: PG-13
Words: 613-ish, unbeta'd,
Disclaimer: *does not know, means no harm, plz to not be suing*
Summary:The first time she asked for a cigarette Rob felt something in his chest twist a bit.
A/N: Okay so. OKAY. Dammit. [ profile] miss_sarac posted this:

And my brain was like- HEY YOU SHOULD DO THIS! And I was like- I hate you. But at the same time I don't. BUT STILL. This is a stream of consciousness thing that probably has horrid tenses and weird sentences and mis-spellings, but I don't care because the idea generally came out okay and I WROTE SOMETHING, DAMMIT.

Fucking brain.

When you lay them freezing on me )
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THANK YOU to whoever nominated Faint Stars and Bright Satellite Skies for the Salt & Burn Awards!

I haven't been nominated for anything fic-wise since I was in Buffy so this is quite unexpected and VERY appreciated.

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I booked my time off for [ profile] winchestercon! Whee! Sure it's not for another 11 months, what of it?

Going to reply to the love meme comments, but not tonight. It's almost 11 and I'm watching the rest of Fringe (which is breaking my heart this ep, it is) and then I'm going to bed.

Title: A Woman Waits for Me
Pairing: Sam/Ruby, Sam/Kristi
Rating: PG-13
Words: 747, unbeta'd
Summary: It took Ruby a couple weeks to get back to where Sam was.
A/N: I wrote this before 409 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" so this got Kripke'd. I was okay with the way it came out, and it was one of those random, stream-of-consciousness things, for the most part. Now if only I could apply that to the fics I owe people.

A Woman Waits for Me )
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Title: Recount our time
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1600-ish, unbeta'd
Disclaimer: *does not know, means no harm, plz to not be suing*
Summary:Jared was there to greet Jensen when he stepped off the plane in July.
A/N: This is kind of the first version of this fic, but that one has porn-like stuff in it. This is the one that makes me smile and clenches at my heart, though. This is the first fic in a while that I've been excited to post and that's made me happy.

Recount our time )
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IF YOU'RE A CANADIAN PLEASE VOTE TODAY. I kind of surprise myself at how staunchly supportive I am of our democratic process. If you don't vote you have no right to complain about the state of our country and/or government if/when they do something you don't like. Remember that, eh? AND. If you didn't get a registered voter card in the mail it's stupidly easy to still vote. Take your license with you to the voter station. OR if you don't have a license, two pieces of mail (bills, etc). OR, barring that even, get someone who will go under oath to vouch for you.

Easy peasy.

Oh, hai there giant copy of True Blood for this week. Nice of you to join us, almost 36 hours later.

The weather right now apparently wants to rock me like a hurricane. I am not receptive to its advances. I'd prefer to make it to work in one piece today. :|

So back 3 weeks ago I got a comment from [ profile] lovelyhera that she'd created a vid for me from [ profile] oxoniensis's Fandom Free-For-All. I was a bad person and forgot about it until tonight when I was trying to find a title for this fic. The result is here on Youtube. It's set to Death Cab for Cutie's "Cath" and the song is so wonderful for Donna.

Title: You're up against never being right
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3334, beta'd by [ profile] missyjack
Disclaimer: *does not know, means no harm, plz to not be suing*
Summary:There are some things you really don't learn about someone until you live with them and share their space. Not that Jared was a shy guy, by any means, but now that Jensen lived with Jared, it was hard not to be privy to his inner most thoughts.

Take the night of Jared's birthday party

A/N: Aside from by big bang that I posted in June I haven't written RPS in almost a YEAR. That is SO SAD. What's even more sad is that I think I write J2 stuff every single week but it never gets finished so it just languishes in my notebooks or in my google docs. I have another fic to post after this one, as well, and I'm determined to finish the Sam/Bobby one like whoa. It's RIGHT THERE but it's being difficult. Story of the past 10 months, really.

You're up against never being right )
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It's been a pretty good day so far. I finished an assignment last night and emailed it to the people who helped me out with it for their approval. I slept in this morning, later than intended, but it was good. I just checked my email and got a couple responses back about my assignment and they love it! I didn't realize I was nervous about their reactions until I got them, lol.

I finished the Ruby and Bela with Ruby/Bela tones to it last night. I'm waiting to hear back if [ profile] krylon_blue can/will beta it but if anyone else is interested in taking a look to offer suggestions, just leave your email and I can send a link through Google Docs.

About tags being limited to 1000. Is that individual tag categories or the total number of tags all added together within those categories? I is confused.

Has anyone else seen the promos on A&E for that new paranormal show? When I see them during the day I'm jazzed to watch the show but as soon as it's dark or in the middle of the night I have to turn away and not listen. I would make a horrible demon hunter.

I'm aiming to get another assignment or two done today, hopefully some writing and maybe post some icons. I heart no-class Fridays.
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Title: Out there amongst the waves and inside your lover's head
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1117. Un-beta'd.
Disclaimer: If I owned it I'd never share it. I'm greedy that way.
Summary: During those moments he does anything he can to force it back down, clawing and burning all the way. [...] Dean can still remember the music that was playing.
A/N: I don't really know where this came from. It was about 11pm and I needed to get some writing done for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. Less than an hour later I got this. I tried to write something Sam/Dean-centred last night since I've been focusing on the Sam/Ruby I've been wanting to finish and TRYING to write some damn Jared/Jensen but nothing was happening on any front. Then I started listening to Kane- Crazy in Love and that WAS the fic. That's what's playing in the fic, in my head.

It's schmoop in the middle of angst and unbeta'd because I'm impatient. I like it.

Out there amongst the waves and inside your lover's head )


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