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Birthdate:Jul 16
I'm 28, Canadian and very unsure about life. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up although today I pondered becoming an ice technician.

I'm in fandom. Many of them and many aspects included in them. I hail from Buffy the Vampire Slayer originally, then dove into Queer as Folk, had a fling with Lost and then fell head first into Supernatural. That relationship petered out in 2009, leading me, reluctantly to The Vampire Diaries, that, once I finally accepted it, I loved in the end.

I've also had friendships with many British fandoms, such as Doctor Who and Torchwood, Misfits, Primeval, Secret Diaries of a Call Girl and maybe Behing Human, if I stop toying with it.

My shameful piece on the side is the Twilight (movie) fandom, that I know is wrong and yet I go back to every time. I love the RPF side of it mostly, because I'm a sucker for grungy people falling in love (although I do really like KStew and don't like it when people put her down for being all eye-fluttery and stuttery and lame in the first Twilight movie). Hate the game, not the fandom-playa, yo.

As far as my contributions go I make graphics, I cap and I say I write fic, although the evidence of which lately would beg to differ. I have written, anyway. I'd like to write. I'm working on writing. Eh.

So that is the state of (fannish) me. Feel free to add away! I'm going to do my best to kick this thing into shape but my promises are usually pretty hollow, sorry to say. I have good intentions! *Cliches about*
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