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I haven't posted since I've been back from New York. Finally got home around 2am Thursday morning. I got sick in the last couple days of our trip, I'm thinking from all the little shits on the subway who don't COVER THEIR MOUTHS WHEN THEY COUGH. UGH. Alisha got sick, too, and as far as I know she's still laid up with it as she didn't get to the going away party for a friend on Friday. I only stayed for a little bit as it was because my cold was all up in my brain. I'm feeling better now but still booger-y and cough-y and whatnot.

Got a second degree sunburn on one arm also, which was fun. That was even with 70 sunblock, but I guess I wasn't consistent with it. Right now it's a gross, cracked mess and is all scrunchy and kinda hurts when I lift my arm. FUN.

Took lots of photos in the first few days but then I got sick of carrying my big camera around and the little one had focusing problems so I let Alisha and Todd take over on that front. I haven't even looked at the ones I took yet.

I loved my time in New York, although I was definitely happy to come home after spending a solid week with two other people with very little alone time. Now that I'm done with that trip it's time for me to start thinking about LIFE things, about where I want to go with things, if I want to move, if I want to change careers and, if so, to what, etc. It's a bit daunting and was before the trip but moreso now because I realized on the trip that I feel as though I have no passion for anything. I don't know how to explain it. It's something I'll have to talk to my therapist about.

I feel like I have moments of things that make me happy. For instance, buying a bag at the Coach store. Made me incredibly happy for a while. A new episode of a show I watch. Getting ice cream. Small things that, in that very moment, I FEEL something over. The rest of the time I feel very listless, emotionless. I don't even feel the panic that I did a month or so ago. There's just nothing. My mom got laid off and I didn't feel relief because it's what I'd waited for, or sadness because she was given the shaft by a company she'd poured 26 years into--just an automatic response. Friends are leaving my life and I barely feel their absences. Things in the news that should illicit a response I only react to because I should, not because I want to.

I usually feel very lively in the summer, like anything could happen, but this summer there's been none of that. Time has just passed in a blur but nothing's been going on, it seems like. I wanted this New York trip to mean so much more than I feel it did and that makes me sad. Because I DID have a good time and I'm so glad that I went and it was something I definitely wanted. It's not that the city didn't blow me away the way I thought it would again but I think I'd been waiting for that feeling like falling in love all over again to happen and it just didn't.

There's been a general bereft feeling in my life of late. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing but I'm kind of at the point where it doesn't even bother me anymore. I feel like I'm ready to lay down and sleep through everything. I don't know if this is a phase or depression or what. And I don't know if I'd rather feel NOTHING then feel like the world is suffocating me. At least then, with the panic attacks and the hysterics I felt SOMETHING. Now I don't know if I can even cry.

I'm sorry my RL has been full of quasi-emoness of late. I don't even know.

I got to see last week's episode at the hotel, which was nice, but I can barely remember what happened, really. Doesn't matter because this episode was pretty fun.

I'm glad Tara got away and I hope she can stay away from Franklin. I know a lot of people love him but I guess I find his unstable nature a little more disturbing than cute. Who even knows if he's dead.

Glad Lorena's dead but I kind of wish it had been a little more drawn out or something so she could have suffered a bit.

I kind of know where the writers are going with the Sookie thing and I don't really like it. Blame Laurell K. Hamilton for my distaste, I guess, even though the two things probably won't even be similar. Still, I'm not all the jazzed about her storyline if they're going where I think they are.

I'm surprised Jason's storyline is taking as long as it is to work itself out. There's only, what? 5 episodes left before it's all over again until next summer. I wonder if Hoyt and the new girlfriend's storyline will go anywhere in the long run or if he's only ever going to be around for Jessica. Who I kinda missed in this episode! Same with Arlene!

Glad the thing with the dogfights wasn't dragged on for episodes. I hope Tommy can stay away from his parents because I like the new dimension he gives to Sam. A purpose. Sam has someone new to look out for and someone who can look UP to him.

Lots and lots of things happening that will get resolved or more convoluted before the season's over now. Looking forward to it.

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True Blood 307 set 1 (329 caps ~ 26.5MB) // True Blood 307 set 2 (329 caps ~ 30.9MB) // True Blood 307 set 3 (329 caps ~ 25.5MB) // gallery

I love this part of the mythology that the show claims for itself. Instead of going poof the vampires go GOO.

ERW wasn't as bad in this ep as she was last week. Maybe because she doesn't play the role frequently she needs an ep to get back into the swing of things so she isn's as forced?

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