Jun. 14th, 2010 09:40 pm
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Is there a 30 day meme for The Vampire Diaries? Where does one find the lists for those 30 Day things?

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love meme

--> I finally have my splint for my jaw from my accident(s) that happened over a year and a little under a year. It's weird. It's what I imagine one of those football things is like so the players don't lose their teeth, except not.

--> I have left [ profile] spnnewsletter after almost four and a half years. It feels weird. But since I'm not in the fandom it was the right thing to do.

--> Conversely I have posted the newest edition at [ profile] tvdnewsletter. I also joined [ profile] cw_land. First time I've ever done one of those challenges. We'll see. We'll see.

--> I have plywood for windows right now. 'Tis very dark. The apocalypse could happen outside and I'd never know. Until I went to pee or something. But STILL. It's the principle of the matter!

--> Might get my eyebrow pierced again tomorrow? We'll see. We'll see.

--> New York grows ever closer. EVER FUCKING CLOSER.

--> I'm in love with Wakey! Wakey! right now. His album is the first I've bought in.... two years? Three?

--> Time for bed. So happy it's the end of the week, even though this week has actually gone by relatively painlessly.
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-- It's gorgeous outside again today. 12 degrees, kids are skateboarding down the sidewalk, they're down at the skate ramps, people are out walking, sunbathing, etc. GORGEOUS.

-- I'm having the Oscar get togeher tonight (good time to have it, right? On Oscar night :P) so people are going to swing by in a couple hours.

-- I booked my car for when I go home. It's a bit of a unecessary expense for the time I'm there except that I'm surprising my mom for when I go home and showing up a day early and I'm leaving at like- 12am the night I leave and I'm flying in 4 hours from home so my mom doesn't have to worry about any of that stuff. I have to find somewhere new to stay because where I thought I'd be able to crash has fallen through and that upset me a bit. Both because of the extra expense and because I thought I might be able to stay with friends who I doubt I'll see otherwise now. Just gottan roll with the punches, I guess.

-- I have finally updated my caps list. I believe I have successfully changed over all the links in every post to the new website so my caps will actually, you know, show up now and people can dl them. If you do happen to run across a post with non-updated links please let me know. The updated caps list is here.

-- [ profile] apocalyptothon is taking noms for fandoms for this go around. I nominated The Vampire Diaries, Primeval and CW RPS/F. If anyone else wanted to go over and nom the same (esp TVD!) you could do so here. *nudge nudge*

-- Finally, I did that meme that everyone and their dogs have done. 80 things about me )
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So, funny story. As I mentioned in my post earlier today I didn't watch the hockey game because of the OMGPRESSURE and also I jinx things when I watch them. Well.

I turned to the game when there was 1:17 left in the 3rd. I had to pee really bad so I went downstairs to watch the last bit of the game since Canada was up 2-1 and I was like- YAY! I'll watch the rest with the fam and we win, wheeeee!

Anyone who watched/followed the game knows what happened next. USA scored with 24 seconds left. I hung my head, peed and banished myself to the upstairs again until I heard my uncle whoop in OT and THEN I safely turned to the game to bask in the celebrations. Oy, sports are HARD!

I finally posted icons! It's been months and that's pathetic! I have to get back into the icon making swing of things to fulfill my [ profile] helphaiti duties. I'm the worst, a-yup.

ANYWAY. I'm really proud of some of these!

02 x female celebs (Ke$ha & Michelle Trachtenberg)
05 x Chronicles of Riddick
10 x Secret Diary of a Call Girl
19 x Supernatural
23 x Katie Cassidy
44 x Gossip Girl and cast
46 x The Vampire Diaries

07 x 1152x833 & 1440x900 wallpapers (The Vampire Diaries, Twilight cast, Katie Cassidy)

All 149 (!!) icons and 7 wallpapers can be found in this post at [ profile] morbid_girls

Meme stolen from misty_writes )


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:43 pm
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So here we are at the start of another week. There were quite a few developments at work today and some of them aren't that great for our department, honestly. It means we're losing a full-time person (to another department) but we can hire a part timer. BUT what we all wanted was to keep the three of us and ALSO take a part timer because there's just TOO MUCH SHIT going on for us to take at once. And losing one of us as a FT person? NOT GOING TO HELP.

My supervisor came back from vacation today and she was ready to go for the throat at management and she defended us as fiercely as... something really fucking fierce. But I'm just at a really zen, not-caring place with the job anymore, honestly. I need to start getting my ducks in a row to find something else somewhere else. I'm not making this change within the next six months (I have things I want to do that I will require keeping a FT, well-paying job for) but I need to start thinking about where I want to go and what I might want to look into, job-wise.

In other news, I did a meme I stole from [ profile] exp0se! Woo! A meme I actually finished!

TV DVD list )

I ordered season 1&2 of Primeval today and put seaosn 3 in the staff holds box for later this week when I get paid. I want the show in all its dvd shiny glory. Very excited! I also watched all of seasons 1 & 2 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl yesterday but I'm going to wait until season 3 finished airing before I watch that. It took an interesting turn in season 2 so I'm kinda jazzed to see what happens next. Soon!
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My Valentinr - marishna
Get your own valentinr

This week hasn't been nearly as bad as last week was but I'm still happy to see the weekend. Especially since it's a long one! The premier out here decided it was too long to go from Christmas to Easter break without a holiday so he made one in February.

I'm watching Pulse 2 and Pulse 3 right now. Even though it was bad I liked Pulse with Kristen Bell and Ian but this is the first I've seen of the second and third ones. They're... really not good. God I love bad movies.

Also, made plans for an Oscar party when they air in March. By party I mean three friends (maybe more but three for sure) are coming over but that'll be fun all the same. Might go to Value Village to find something cheap and fancy (perhaps a discarded bride's maid dress? in fushia, even?) so I can attempt Oscar glam. I'm stupidly excited for this, honestly.

Finally! I've now launched [ profile] vdiaries_caps. The rules are posted and I might post an affiliate entry but I don't know if I'll bother We'll see. Anyway, if you post caps, feel free to post yours there.

114 - Fool Me Once (with a passing mention of the books) )

* 1280x720 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
* Comment and credit if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

The Vampire Diaries 114 set 1 (290 caps ~ 17.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 114 set 2 (290 caps ~ 19.1MB) // The Vampire Diaries 114 set 3 (290 caps ~ 14.2MB) // The Vampire Diaries 114 set 4 (293 caps ~ 15.0MB) // gallery

Fool Me Once )
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I POSTED FIC LAST NIGHT!!! I'm still so excited for myself because of this. It's for The Vampire Diaries and can be found here.

Also, I have a Valentine's... thing. My Valentinr - marishna
Get your own valentinr

Physio was bad today because I hurt like a motherfucker right now. I've had a headache since my appointment and I had to take four muscle relaxers and two Tylenols to get through work tonight. Here's hoping tomorrow will be better.

So I'm going to bed so I can recharge and hopefully heal.

we'll see

Dec. 14th, 2009 07:32 am
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And so begins the time of the season when I hate everything and want Christmas to be over. I don't, but the depression is creeping in and it blows. My family leaves in like- two days so I'll have lots of time to wallow.

I'm taking things one day at a time and trying to think of things that will keep me occupied while I have time to myself. Re-watching all of The Office, for one. Perhaps watching s2 of Merlin even though the show didn't really grab me during season 1. Etc.

Oh! Re-watching Alice a bazillion times!

And I signed up for the Holiday Love Meme thingy.

Holiday Love Meme || My Thread
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I'll be posting a new tutorial over at [ profile] morbid_girls today and possibly some icons. Not sure yet. But I have to make a new wallpaper for sure because I got a new 17" monitor and went from 1024 or something to 1440 so everything looks wonky.

Also I need to change my moodtheme because the colour on this Twilight one drives me. Damn you, Catherine Hardwicke. I have a That 70's Show one open that I'm considering although I kind of want to make a Katie one so we'll see what happens.

Snagged from [ profile] truffle_shuffle

1. Select a song at random from your music library.
2. Pick one of the words in the title of the song and do a search for other songs containing that word.
3. Select a new song from the list and repeat step 2.
4. Your playlist has to be at least 25 songs.

I went above and beyond and uploaded all the songs, too. I have a bit too much time on my hands right now and am too lazy to go get ready for the day )
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Almost done Buffy s7. This is the first time I've re-watched those eps since the show ended. I had to fast forward/skip some of them. Like First Date, Him, Lies My Mother Told Me... Yeah.

I defo need a new dvd player. There are a couple eps on these dvds my player outright refused to play but they played when I took them downstairs. So.

Aaaaand there's a meme:

the i-envy-this-about-you meme
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Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post the comments

* I ate rice today that tasted like the rodeo.

* I caved and bought the last two seasons of BtVS. They were only $20 each and in the new, super slim packaging. Now I get to hate s6 all over again. YAY!

* My phone still won't update my Twitter. I could have shared that newsflash about the rodeo!rice far earlier than right now. DAMN YOU, INTERNET PEOPLE WHO CAUSE PROBLEMS! *shakes fist*

* Feeling very 'second verse, same as the first' about writing right now. I want to do it but there's nothing there.

* RIP John Hughes.
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Well, my physio therapist but a kibosh on my gym plans (I was thinking I might try tonight, even though I hurt like a motherfucker) so I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my back, watching Torchwood and eating CRUNCHY chips. I've been having cravings for yummy crunchy chips lately. I'm not a chip person, either.

I was looking at new cars today. I'm hesitant to get another Yaris, even though I loved mine, just because I'm so skittish right now with driving (I feel that zing of fear when I'm approaching lights that might go yellow as I'm approaching now) and like... I don't know. It's like when an actor in one of your favourite movies does something reprehensible so you can't watch the movie anymore. I think I want something with a little more ass end to it so if I get rear ended again there will be more there to take the impact.

So I'm looking at a Matrix, Corolla and, still, a Yaris. Going 4 door this time, though. The Matrix is the most expensive and has some wicked blind spots, from the short look I got, but I like the look of it. The Corolla is only $1 more a month in lease than the Yaris. But I like my hatchback. So I don't know. I'm torn.

I can't even properly test drive a vehicle right now just because I'm still so sore. I can't turn my head right or look around well so I don't want to be out in a strange vehicle and making choices on something I'm (hopefully) going to have for a few years.

ANYWAY. I has a meme.

Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.

I'm into SPN, True Blood, Twilight, Twilight RPS, CW RPS, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Um... I'll do Buffy and QaF, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars and I think that's it. Try me. I don't know how unpopular my opinions will be but I'll try for something.
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The last time I did something like this was for an icon concrit meme that turned out to be more hostile than I was expecting. So I'm hoping this won't turn out the same way.

I'd genuinely like to know, as my thread says, if there are places I can work on improving or where I can focus that's already strong to help me write more, and write well. I've made no secret that writing has been extremely hard for quite a while and the motivation to stick to one idea keeps slipping away so I'm willing to try anything to see if I can regain some of the inspiration and drive I had to write in, say, 2007.

Even if I could produce a fic a month I'd be happy with that.

My thread is here at the Anon Writing Feedback Meme

I was going to wear my new awesome polka dotted skirt today but it's going to be 12C and raining so, not so much.
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Once upon a time (well, April 11th) [ profile] gwentastic was doing that icon meme thing where they post icons people picked for them to explain, then they offer to do it for other people. And I threw my name in there.

A month later I'm finally doing it. *facepalm*

SO. If you'd like me to pick some of your icons to explain leave a comment and I'll be prompter with that than I was with this. Promise.

Gwen's picks for me )

We live super close to the airport so I'm used to the sound of airplanes landing all the time here but this evening they're absolutely SONIC. One plane even TOOK OFF over our house and I'm not sure I've EVER seen that before. It was loud and, got to admit, kinda scary. But I like the sound, honestly, when it's more in the distance.
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The first ten people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level (You don't really have to do that, if you don't want to)

Fair warning, I sometimes sign up for these things and they don't always work out. BUT I REALLY WANT TO TRY THIS! I've just been doing so well with keeping up my word counts thanks to Big Bang that I'd like to try and keep going. I want to be writing again all the time, or at least have the inclination to. I have Sweet Charity fics to write so if I can carry on into those, that would be great.

So yeah. Let's stick to SPN and CW RPS and Twilight RPS (no Castiel/anyone, although I'm willing to try Misha and Katie and Gen are okay, as well. If you suggest a pairing/prompt and I don't know if I can do it I'll ask for something else) for now and I'll open it up to my already-written fics if people want a continuation or something that might have happened in a scene not written or something.
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But it's still going!

Check it out!

I think I might actually spend time making icons tonight! [ profile] deidre_c, I actually started on yours! WOO! I might even POST some. STEP BACK!
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Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the fic? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.

Say hi or wave or tell me something about yourselves!

I want to make icons and maybe do a fic meme or something this weekend. I'm terrible at fic memes but I like them. So maybe.

SHOW IN 24 MINUTES! *notes that [ profile] gwentastic is on time this week.
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Iron & Wine music meme snagged from [ profile] wherethewind

Music meme, now with dl'able music! )

So [ profile] machiiina did this meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. and I bit. These are the things she gave me.

Supernatural - involving unspoiled S4 spec, new!ruby, etc )

screencaps )

horror movies )

Lily Allen )

Canada )

Oh. Drew Barrymoore is apparently in talks to direct the third Twilight movie. Brace yo'selves.

And this is the comment I made to the [ profile] ohnotheydidnt post regarding Rihanna and CB reuniting. Fuck, I hope it's wrong.

I really hope this is fake. I know, People is reliable, blah blah, but I really hope that they jumped the gun and it's wrong.

If it is true (and I'm expecting it is) it becomes a particularly frustrating situation for people watching this incident, fans, friends and family all inclusive.

Yes, this is an abuse case and this is something unfortunately typical of people in abusive relationships. Returning to the abuser for whatever reasons (any number) is horrific and, well, retarded.

But what makes this even more mind-boggling is that Rihanna doesn't need to return to CB for money or security or stability. They don't have kids, he can't ruin her life, etc. It's not like John and Jane Smith down the street who are everyday people and one of them thinks they couldn't possibly survive without the assistance of the other or that they'd have to face the shame of going to a shelter to get themselves back on track.

Rihanna has money, a support system, her own EVERYTHING. And yet she returns to a man who police want to lay attempted murder charges against. ALL cases where the victim returns to the abuser are annoyingly frustrating but in this case there's so much more of a WHAT THE FUCK? aspect to this.

Way to end the post on a downer moment, eh?
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I don't really have an opinion on the Christian Bale outburst/tirade/rant that was leaked to the internet yesterday.

I do, however, have an opinion about the remix of his outburst. I have shit an awesome brick.

Project Runway Canada... eh.

Looking forward to Fringe. Like whoa. x10.

AND AND AND! VALENTINE'S DAY GAME!!! [ profile] svmadelyn has done this for a few years now, maybe longer, and I've participated in it for the past couple at least.

It's a really nice way to get a Valentine that makes you feel super special, both as a giver and a receiver.
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Don't know if anyone will bite on this but:

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other.

So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Or something completely random. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

AND. For people who have attended or know how a Creation Con works: right now the gold packages are up for grabs for the Vancouver con.

When will the other packages/general admittance tickets go on sale? If I were to purchase general admittance is it rush seating or assigned? It would be wise to buy photo ops right now before they sell out, even if we don't have tickets?

Oh second job, you are looking very likely in a couple months.

Work stuff is happening, family stuff is happening. None of it incredibly bad but it's enough that my eye has been twitching for about three weeks now. It did it back in August as well. I don't feel overly stressed but it could be that ever-present stress that I don't even notice anymore.

Perhaps I'll use my day off with pay next week and take a long weekend or something. That might be nice. I get one a month!

I want to do fannish things but I'm just so tired now. Tonight I went out for dinner with a bff. Tomorrow I have kick boxing. Thursday I'll be home but SPN will be on. FRIDAY. FRIDAY, I LOVE YOU. I have nothing that night. And then Saturday I'll be at My Bloody Valentine IN MY MOOSEHEAD SHIRT. (I think only [ profile] pipry23 will really get it)

I HAVE to start thinking about what I'm writing for Big Bang OMG. I HAVE to do BB again. I have ideas, I just don't know what....



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