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It's nice to know that since Amanda Bynes isn't working right now she has OODLES of time to update her twitter. All day. Every day. Quotes and RTs and tweeting back and whatnot. Seriously.

In OTHER news, I FINALLY bought Doctor Who season 3. Now that I've put some time between when I watched it and now I'm missing it and I think I underestimated it a bit. Martha's still my least favourite companion, after how much I loved Rose and before how FUCKING KICK-ASS Donna was, but I'm ready to go back and appreciate Martha.

ALSO. NEW RPATTZ/KSTEW PHOTOSHOOT. Um, I would link it but the comms I'm in have locked posts and I'm lazy and going to bed ASAP. But yes, check that shit out. I'm going to become less sheepish-eye-rolly about my like for Twilight now. Sorry. It's just gonna happen for awhile. Especially since I BOUGHT MY TICKETS FOR NEW MOON WOO! I almost missed them, though. I went to get them online BUT the site said they were sold out. I had to call the theatre instead (which is not an easy task, given the calibre of employee they have there) to ask if there would be a second show. They said the late show wasn't sold out and voila! I went to buy them at the box office and now I have them.

I should check them just to be sure they're the right ones, now that I think about it. Again, calibre. *shakes head*

And I'm SO EXCITED to go to sleep. Oy vey.
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Iron & Wine music meme snagged from [ profile] wherethewind

Music meme, now with dl'able music! )

So [ profile] machiiina did this meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. and I bit. These are the things she gave me.

Supernatural - involving unspoiled S4 spec, new!ruby, etc )

screencaps )

horror movies )

Lily Allen )

Canada )

Oh. Drew Barrymoore is apparently in talks to direct the third Twilight movie. Brace yo'selves.

And this is the comment I made to the [ profile] ohnotheydidnt post regarding Rihanna and CB reuniting. Fuck, I hope it's wrong.

I really hope this is fake. I know, People is reliable, blah blah, but I really hope that they jumped the gun and it's wrong.

If it is true (and I'm expecting it is) it becomes a particularly frustrating situation for people watching this incident, fans, friends and family all inclusive.

Yes, this is an abuse case and this is something unfortunately typical of people in abusive relationships. Returning to the abuser for whatever reasons (any number) is horrific and, well, retarded.

But what makes this even more mind-boggling is that Rihanna doesn't need to return to CB for money or security or stability. They don't have kids, he can't ruin her life, etc. It's not like John and Jane Smith down the street who are everyday people and one of them thinks they couldn't possibly survive without the assistance of the other or that they'd have to face the shame of going to a shelter to get themselves back on track.

Rihanna has money, a support system, her own EVERYTHING. And yet she returns to a man who police want to lay attempted murder charges against. ALL cases where the victim returns to the abuser are annoyingly frustrating but in this case there's so much more of a WHAT THE FUCK? aspect to this.

Way to end the post on a downer moment, eh?
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I don't really have an opinion on the Christian Bale outburst/tirade/rant that was leaked to the internet yesterday.

I do, however, have an opinion about the remix of his outburst. I have shit an awesome brick.

Project Runway Canada... eh.

Looking forward to Fringe. Like whoa. x10.

AND AND AND! VALENTINE'S DAY GAME!!! [ profile] svmadelyn has done this for a few years now, maybe longer, and I've participated in it for the past couple at least.

It's a really nice way to get a Valentine that makes you feel super special, both as a giver and a receiver.
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Sarah Jessica Parker's scent "Lovely"? Actually smells quite lovely~.

Whodathunk? I might go out and buy some tomorrow. Or on my payday on Friday.

I love having days off. Like tomorrow today. It means that I can stay up later than usual on a Sunday and that the twitching in my eyes has somewhat subsided. My left one has twitched for about a month now. On Friday the right one started. I clearly don't handle stress as well as I thought I did.

Also? I totally didn't just miss my mouth and spill water down the front of my shirt. Nope.
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I will say this about the Golden Globes--the camera work has kinda sucked. When the winners are announced the camera stays on the presenters a couple seconds too long so you can't see the reactions and by the time they do switch to them there are so many goddamn people standing in the way it doesn't matter.

This night has sort of dragged on forever. Weird.
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I just spent the past hour watching the E! Red Carpet whateverthefuck waiting for the fucking Golden Globes SHOW to start because I thought it was going to be on and guess what?

It's not on that channel! My brains have leaked out of my ears for NOTHING.

Fuck you, Ryan Seacrest. And you too, Watch with WRONGDA.

Now I'm torn between watching the GGs or the 24 premiere in an hour. I haven't seen the last season so I wonder if I should? I have it dled, I just didn't get around to watching it....
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01) Fic banners. Sorry, but I adblock just about every single one of them. Especially if they're crossposted to five communities in a row. Or if they're bigger than like- 200x100. Cut them or save them for big fics or something.

02) That Blake Lively and Penn Bagwhatever feel the need to damn-near grope each other in every magazine shoot or promo for GG. WE GET IT. YOU'RE TOGETHER. Can you please stop touching each other now?

03) Wtf, Paul Newman? It's been coming for awhile, but STILL. 2008 is the year of deaths or something.

04) LJ's need to overhaul our user info. It's fine the way it is. Leave shit alone that doesn't need to be "fixed" and work on stuff that does. Like that I've seen 4 billion people post about their icons that have been changed to someone else's lately. Might want to fix that, eh?

06) That someone on LJ did something, I think, that has made the top of my pages look like this -- cut to save flists )

What's up with that? All my comment pages look like that.

Today I've got to go to the laundromat (see: firemen at our house this week because the washer was on fire or something), go to look at desks, maybe shop, get groceries and check out how to volunteer at the SPCA! Whee!
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A beta, a beta! My kingdom for a beta!

I love how yesterday Clay Aiken came out, finally, and there was nary a peep on my flist. It's a total non-event, except for the Claymates who have to face up to the cold, hard truth. There's already been a f_w report on the aftermath which was sad to read, just for the excerpts from forums where Claymates were all- "It looks like the date on the magazine is 2004. Can someone confirm for me? And other such things.

For the SPN fandom it would be like- finding out Jared and Jensen aren't in love, amirite?

35 hours!


Feb. 19th, 2008 05:49 pm
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GQ interviewed Mile Ventiljkbauigada (the same magazine that featured a photoshoot of Hayden Panaiysdftsjkbf dressed as a ten year old or whatever it was at the end of last year) and this quote was posted over at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt:

HALO. That’s what the blogs are calling you and Hayden. Does the nickname bug you?
You know what, man—it makes me smile.

I... have no words. They're together, whatever, it's never bothered me. It's not like it's going to last, you know? But this blows my mind. I don't think it's sweet. I think it's kinda weird. And cheesy. And uncomfortable.

NOW I feel kinda icky about them. This quote has put their whole thing in a new light for me and I can't even explain why.

This quote was posted as well, which is also kinda icky when you think about it in context of the photos they did.

Hayden was GQ’s Obsession of the Year. Did you like those photos?
Yes, I did. They were very nice.

Celebrities are weird.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:49 pm
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[ profile] the_lj_herald just posted an entry saying that LJ is slow and it might be attributed to Heath Ledger's death (what? You didn't know?). I think that's a pretty strong leap. And while I feel bad it happened and for his family, etc, I'm not broken up over it. *shrugs* People die.

In other news that directly affects my RL there's this job I'm thinking of applying for in TO. It's with a gay and lesbian publication but it's been on Monster for over a month now so I doubt it's still open. I'm going to email the contact and see what's what, see if there's anything else available in the same area or if they hire summer students or something. That could turn into something just as good. I'm kind of nervous, though, because I still have two months of this course left (we were told that if we get a job early they could arrange for us to be done in March) so I don't want to be like- the person they've been looking for only to be told that they can't take me because of this stupid programme.

I made my 800th SPN icon last night. Fun times. I think I might post some later.


Jan. 4th, 2008 03:09 am
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I have an 11+ hour travel day tomorrow, it's 3:10am and I have to be up at 7am. What am I doing?

Checking this post on [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and watching this feed.

There are police cars, fire trucks, an ambulance and THREE FOUR (three police?) helicoptors over Britney Spears' house right now. In the comments someone mentioned a gun but there was/has been NO CONFIRMATION of that but there was footage of a stretcher being wheeled into the house.

Not much is happening and I should be in bed but I can't help but be enthralled, not because it's Britney Spears and I swear she'll be dead before the year is out, but because this is LIVE. I'm seeing this happen. It's so novel to me, you know. Even now, using internet and cells and texts and whatnot- seeing news LIVE, unedited, uncensored in a news broadcast.

I'm dorkily excited. :D But I DO have to sleep soon. :(
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I don't want to fan the flames and I hate how this whole thing has made fandom recoil in horror at what's gone on today but I'm just so disgusted by some of fandom's reaction to this whole Katie Cassidy thing I want to comment further.

Some people have brought up what a double-standard there is in fandom because if Jared or Jensen had gotten caught for public intoxication or drunk driving or something there would be a lot of people (not all) who would be willing to over-look their indiscretion because of who they are. I'm pretty much in agreement with this assessment right now.

Recounts and videos from this past weekend's Chicago con showcase one of the questions asked of Jensen as something along the lines of, "What's the stupidest thing you or Jared have done while drunk?" Jensen didn't answer that which leads me to probably accurately infer that yeah, they'd been drunk enough to do something stupid and it's not something they want out there publically. Who knows? Maybe it's even something worse than what Katie did.

I just can't reconcile that there might be people in fandom who were disappointed, maybe a little upset, that they didn't get to hear a tale of Jared and/or Jensen's awesome drunken adventures and then would turn around and rake Katie over the coals for such a minor infraction compared to a lot of Hollywood's arrested stars and even people in this fandom. Yeah, it's fun to hear people's "I was soooo drunk" stories but not when you're going to be two-faced depending on who the story is about.

If you're so upset by this/her/her character that you want to wish her harm, call her vindictive names, hope she's written off the show because of it, etc, maybe you should step back from the show and fandom and reconsider your priorities. Violent reactions to the bad choices of someone you don't even know makes a fandom/show look just as bad as some people are accusing Katie of making Supernatural look.


Nov. 15th, 2007 11:31 am
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Can anyone tell me what the schedule for new SPN eps looks like for the next month? New ep tonight, then repeat next week and for a couple weeks, then another new ep? I'm scared to go looking myself for fear of being spoiled.

Also, Katie Cassidy? Not the smartest move in the world on her part but I can understand why she lied. I'd probably be scared shitless if I were underaged, drinking and got pulled over by the cops, too. I don't think she did anything maliciously and it's not like she was driving/killed someone/ate a baby/etc. I'm also not sure how well I believe what her mother supposedly said. Doesn't make any of it right, but I can understand how/why it went down.

That doesn't excuse that she was doing something illegal (drinking underage) but in the grand scheme of things there are a lot worse things she COULD have been doing. I drank underage. A lot of you probably did/do. I don't really get why the drinking age is 21 in the States anyway. Up here it's 18/19, depending on province.

[ETA] Because people seem to be wondering about the connection- Katie dated Jesse McCartney who was on Summerland with Taylor Cole so I guess Katie and Taylor are friends, or something like it? Does anyone know if Katie was also on Summerland? Someone at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt said she was.

I just don't want there to be wank. Please don't let there be wank?

All that being said, I got a good chunk of my media buy done last night! Woo!


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