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Going to try going to work today, see how that goes. Can't eat anything, which sucks. I might try some soup at lunch or something. Don't know how it'll settle. :( I really want FOOD, too. Chicken, potatoes, pizza--ANYTHING! UGH.

03 x misc
03 x Buffy the Vampire Slayer
04 x Merlin
04 x Skins
08 x Doctor Who
09 x random celebs (Gale Harold, Jennifer Garner, etc)
12 x random TV (Torchwood, Friday Night Lights, Lost, etc)
14 x random movies (17 Again, The Dark Knight, 28 Weeks Later, Push)
48 x Supernatural (mostly season 4)

See all 105 here @ [ profile] morbid_girls.
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Didn't mean to wait this long to post new icons. Whoops!

08 x Doctor Who season 5
11 x Harry Potter cast
12 x KStew/RPattz/Robsten
12 x Lady Gaga "Telephone" video
20 x stock icons (mostly kittehs!)
23 x Katie Cassidy (20 for [ profile] celeb20in20
28 x The Vampire Diaries

See all 115 here at [ profile] morbid_girls.
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So, funny story. As I mentioned in my post earlier today I didn't watch the hockey game because of the OMGPRESSURE and also I jinx things when I watch them. Well.

I turned to the game when there was 1:17 left in the 3rd. I had to pee really bad so I went downstairs to watch the last bit of the game since Canada was up 2-1 and I was like- YAY! I'll watch the rest with the fam and we win, wheeeee!

Anyone who watched/followed the game knows what happened next. USA scored with 24 seconds left. I hung my head, peed and banished myself to the upstairs again until I heard my uncle whoop in OT and THEN I safely turned to the game to bask in the celebrations. Oy, sports are HARD!

I finally posted icons! It's been months and that's pathetic! I have to get back into the icon making swing of things to fulfill my [ profile] helphaiti duties. I'm the worst, a-yup.

ANYWAY. I'm really proud of some of these!

02 x female celebs (Ke$ha & Michelle Trachtenberg)
05 x Chronicles of Riddick
10 x Secret Diary of a Call Girl
19 x Supernatural
23 x Katie Cassidy
44 x Gossip Girl and cast
46 x The Vampire Diaries

07 x 1152x833 & 1440x900 wallpapers (The Vampire Diaries, Twilight cast, Katie Cassidy)

All 149 (!!) icons and 7 wallpapers can be found in this post at [ profile] morbid_girls

Meme stolen from misty_writes )
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I'm reaching the end of my rope of options with the condo, I think. My family can't co-sign for me so I'm... kinda shit out of luck unless, by some miracle, someone randomly is produced who would be willing to step in with me. We'll see. I'm not crushed by this because I was expecting them to say no (and I think they might have said yes, had they been ABLE to, but they really want to sell their own house and it's just a big numbers/debt thing so whatever). If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. It just would have been nice, is all.

ANYWAY. My DS is still fubar'd, although it turns on now, kinda. But I can see the water behind the screens so I have to find a tool that will get the machine apart so I can dry it out. I can't fuck it up any more so if something happens while I take it apart, so be it. It'll blow, though. Maybe I'll just see if I can find a cheap used one on ebay or something. Ugh.

AND. I have icons!

04 x Twilight
04 x random female celebs
13 x random movies (Ginger Snaps, Planet Terror, etc)
17 x Torchwood
18 x random tv shows (Lost, Queer as Folk, Gossip Girl, etc)
43 x Supernatural

See all 99 here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

ALSO! I'm taking icon requests at that same post. 5 images per person, no guarantee that they'll all be made. 20 spots are open, medium quality and up preferred. Minimum of 500px here, people. My preferred iconing subjects are the fandoms I'm in, Katie Cassidy, Twilight/Kstew & Rpattz, Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, etc. Celebs are okay, too. Just don't leave the requests here at this post, please.
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I think the birds outside my window are in some sort of bizzare mating ritual. They sound PAINED. It's interesting to listen to but when you don't hear it very often it's a little disconcerting, as well.

03 x Chris Pine
03 x Sophia Bush
03 x Harper's Island
03 x True Blood
07 x 90210
09 x Kings
09 x Lindsay Lohan
19 x Katie Cassidy
21 x Kristen Stewart
55 x Twilight

All 134 icons here at [ profile] morbid_girls


Sep. 18th, 2008 08:07 am
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20 x Supernatural (episode 3.04)
25 x True Blood (mainly 1.02)

To see the rest check out this post at [ profile] morbid_girls

FINALLY getting my car today. FINALLY. Good lord I never realized there was SO MUCH SHIT involved with buying a car. But I suppose once you have one it gets easier for the next one? I'm going into work late, though, so I can get my damn registration because we got there last night the MINUTE they closed. LAME.

Also, [ profile] truebloodnews. Started on a bit of a whim but right now there's not much in the way of news so it can be a weekly and [ profile] gwentastic and I can switch off. If anyone's interested in helping out, making it every three weeks or so (or even twice weekly) comment to the first edition over there.

Oh, and hey! Isn't tonight the premiere of something? The name's on the tip of my tongue but damn if I can remember what it is.... ;)
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I'm still waiting for my car. I have insurance hold ups because I was covered under my mom's insurance for so long that it'll help me here but I"m waiting for the official papers from her provider to prove it. I can't get registered until I get insurance and I can't drive my car off the lot until I have the registration. SO. Cross your fingers for me. I WANT MY CAR. If only to avoid taking the bus with the unwashed masses any longer. And I mean that literally.

I posted more icons last night!

To see the rest check out this post at [ profile] morbid_girls.

On Fringe: I caught bits of the pilot again last night during the repeat and I'll give it another go on Tuesday. Maybe I wasn't in the best mood when it premiered last week, I'm not sure. I can't say I'll be totally committed to it or that it won't lose me shortly into it because, honestly, I'm better off waiting for JJ Abrams shows to end, finding out what the hell is going on, and then re-watching the show from the beginning knowing what's driving it the whole time.

On the 24 peek last night: I didn't get to see s5 or 6 or whatever the last one to air was. I have it dled and ready to go before the new season starts but wow. The movie that's supposed to bridge the old and new season together looks terrrrrrible. Has Jack Bauer lost his mojo?

True Blood has potential to my my next big fandom - thoughts on 1.02 )

* 1680x946 caps
* Uploaded to my own personal site.
* Comment and credit if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

True Blood 102 set 1 (187 caps ~ 25.0MB) // True Blood 102 set 2 (187 caps ~ 25.9MB) // True Blood 102 set 3 (187 caps ~ 24.6MB) // True Blood 102 set 4 (187 caps ~ 16.8MB) // gallery

The First Taste )


Aug. 20th, 2008 10:22 pm
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I said I'd post icons and I did. It took FOREVER to put the post together but they're up! Only another 140-ish icons to go! I'm making an icon for every person watching [ profile] morbid_girls as if the 200th person joining in. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Yes. So it's worth it.

Blah blah blah.

I'm adding a couple filler lines so the icons line up properly when I view them on my layout. That drives me.

To see them all check out this post at [ profile] morbid_girls

Interested in a Picture Prompt Ficathon? Cast your vote here!

I has icons

Aug. 1st, 2008 12:24 pm
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11 x Veronica Mars
10 x Misc shows (Skins, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Gossip Girl, Torchwood)
07 x Supernatural and related
05 x Doctor Who
04 x Movies (Sex and the City, Planet Terror, Dr. Horrible)
03 x Celebs (Amanda Sayfried, Justin Timberlake)
01 x Katie Cassidy header (made with images from Conventional Loser)

See them all here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

I also wanted to bring attention to this post which explains really well the situation that [ profile] sacrilicious is involved in right now.

Her mom has been battling cancer for months now. As the post explains, the cost is very pricey and her mom has no health coverage so [ profile] sacrilicious is taking care of her mom in every way she can. It's not a hoax, but if you're concerned the poster offers evidence and there are pictures on the site.

Even if you pass on the link or keep Arch and her mom in your thoughts, it would be a nice thing to help them out. Positive thinking. :)

Now to shower and get ready for party preparations!
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First off, in all the birthday excitement yesterday I forgot to wish a happy birthday to my birthday twins! *smacks self upside the head*

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] playfullips and [ profile] medie!

I wasn't going to post icons tonight but the urge struck, so I went with it. My actual intention was to be in bed with the laptop almost an hour ago to write. We'll see how well that works once I post this.

01 x Amanda Sayfried
03 x Ashlee Simpson
02 x Animated Series icons (The Oblongs and Family Guy)
03 x Gossip Girl
15 x Doctor Who
01 x Ashlee Simpson header/banner

See the rest here.
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I has goodies! Still working on the Sweet Charity icons and slowly working on the request icons so these are old.

25 x Skins
10 x Supernatural


The icons and the textures can both be seen at this post at [ profile] morbid_girls.

Anyone know anything about hypoglycemia? How to deal with it and whatnot?
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I was in SUCH a horrible mood earlier. I woke up with a bad headache this morning which I think is from sleeping so hard on the side of my face that it made my jaw ache. I'm exhausted today so thank god for two days off, which I'm taking the full time of. Fuck work.

Once I ate and had some time to myself to calm down and relax I started feeling better. I see from reading my flist that I'm not the only one in a poo-poo mood today, so rock on.

I was talking to [ profile] spuzz earlier and she was like- dude, I'm SO ahead of you on the icon posting thing. She's put up 21 icon posts, I've put up 9 as of tonight. So I need to do a severe clean out of my icon folder cause I have about 350 hanging around in there right now. Sick, eh? And most of them are SPN icons! LAME.

So icons!

02 x Various movies (Drive Me Crazy and The Faculty)
02 x Kristen Bell
05 x Planet Terror
05 x Angel
05 x Roswell
07 x various TV (Doctor Who, Aliens in America, One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights)
09 x Gossip Girl
10 x Skins

All 45 icons are here.

I've been wanting to make some posts for [ profile] morbid_girls for awhile, things like a font guide and a basic icon/tips guide, maybe an SPN caps colouring guide by season, etc. Is there anything anyone here wants to see? A specific icon tutorial? Anything? Please, let me know! And I'm working on my Sweet Charity icons AND I've still got those interest icons in the back of my mind!
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50 multi-fandom icons, including request icons from 2 months ago are all here at [ profile] morbid_girls

I'm not ready to offer request icons at [ profile] morbid_girls right now but I wouldn't mind having something to focus on for a bit. So, the first five people to comment with interest will get an interest icon. Possibly more than one, we'll see. Generally I hate interest icons because I get overwhelmed with the choices, but I'll do five and see what comes up.

I really wasn't expecting this result:

I thought I was more likely to get Ruby or something, the way the questions were going.

This kid on America's Funniest Home Videos is up for money for getting 50$ for a special occasion and announcing to the giver: "50$! I thought you were a cheapskate!" If I'd done something like that when I was younger (or hell, now) my mom would have had a lot more to say than just to laugh at me. :|
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I posted icons! 65 multi-fandom/request icons (I totally bungled the math in the breakdown at the post).

See the rest here.

I'll probably be putting another post taking more requests later.

Speaking of icons [ profile] turnyourankle has a weird/angering situation going on right now. You all know the show Skins, right? Well, she made an icon about a year ago that was used in someone else's banner that was submitted in an official E4 graphics contest (I think that's the gist) for Skins. This person WON. She gets an official viewing party or something from E4. [ profile] turnyourankle wrote to E4 and said that one of the icons used in this person's graphic was her own but E4 wrote back saying it wasn't hers and there was nothing she could do.

Copyright and ownership of image crap aside, this is despicable. This is as bad as ripping off someone else's words to put in your own fic. If you want to find out more about it and help her out by complaining to E4 see this post. We all jump on fic plagiarists, and this is no different.

Valentine's Day is coming. Woo. *twirls finger* I'm more excited for the cheap v-day candy and the start of spring break on Friday. THANK GOD. Words cannot describe how ready I am for a vacation, even if I don't do anything but wallow in my hatred for this programme.

Give me love?
My Valentinr - marishna
Get your own valentinr

ALSO! [ profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Love Game submissions are due TOMORROW! I still have to get mine together (I've been meaning to do this for the past week or so) but there's lots of time if you want to participate, too!

I'm getting worried I won't get my [ profile] abouttwoboys fic done this week. Or any fic due this month, for that matter. :( I WANT to write but I'm having such a hard time getting excited and motivated to do it. I think now that the request icons are done I'm just going to force myself to write. I'll TRY to get my fic done for Thursday but, I mean, it's Monday and I have about 500 words. UGH.

I was going to do an unpopular fandom opinions post this morning but, luckily, I got tied up in other things.



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