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Going to try going to work today, see how that goes. Can't eat anything, which sucks. I might try some soup at lunch or something. Don't know how it'll settle. :( I really want FOOD, too. Chicken, potatoes, pizza--ANYTHING! UGH.

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08 x Doctor Who
09 x random celebs (Gale Harold, Jennifer Garner, etc)
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48 x Supernatural (mostly season 4)

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Okay, so I sound like this right now, pretty much. Only I'm not as cute and I have to talk on the phone. Yeah. I'm looking forward to a house to myself this weekend so I don't have to say a peep, if I don't want to.

The rest of me feels pretty much okay, although I'm still snotty and coughy, to the point of where I was happy I didn't pee myself at work during a particularly nasty coughing session. And my stomach's still kinda upset which doesn't make eating regular food again as fun as I wish it were.

Every. Fucking. Time. Firefox closes now my journal reverts to horizon (the site default with everything at the top) but I'm a die-hard lover of vertigo (with some of the stuff down the side, but not the old school layout with the blue & orange). I don't know how to correct this and I don't have a cookie deleter or whatever set in my FF so things revert to default so I don't know what the fuck to do. Get used to it or find a solution? With this new computer I've just resigned myself to not liking a shitload of the stuff it's been throwing at me. And I'm kind of okay with that, although I shouldn't be. I think I'm more just content not to get worked up about it.

My thread for [ profile] help_haiti is here. I'm offering 20+ icons. Go, bid!

So excited to go to bed tonight! Night!
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Starting to get better, which is awesome, although I sound like DEATH. It was my first day back at work today, since last Thursday, and things felt weird. It felt like I missed a lot of stuff but seemingly I did not. Almost every call I took seemed to go like this: "Wow, you sound terrible!/like you have a cold/laryngitis/should be at home! Anyway, can you read me the fucking dictionary now?" *sigh*

ANYWAY. I signed up for [ profile] help_haiti. I'm offering 20+ icons here. I don't know what more to say about that.

[ETA] I guess I could show what I'm offering? *facepalm*

I am offering: 20+ icons, personalised if desired and exclusively yours if you so request.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Doctor Who, Torchwood, Twilight, SPN, The Vampire Diaries, Alice

Additional Info (optional): I can't do manips or animations (well, at least, so I prefer not to). Feel free to provide me with images or I can find them on my own, whichever floats your boat.

I'm really excited to go to bed tonight, got to say.


Feb. 18th, 2009 07:55 pm
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I just got the new Entertainment Weekly today (I don't know if I'm behind or right on time with my issues or what) and it features, for the 45,786th time in the past 6 months, KStew & RPattz. Which I'm okay with because it often leads to an entertaining read.

This issue has a sneak peak at Catherine Hardwicke's director's journal or whatever it was she kept that's just going to make the franchise even more money ($350 million apparently to date!). There's a little blurb by the magazine about what's going on, then the exclusive stuff from the journal comes.

At the top of the second page everything's sideways so, naturally, you'd turn the magazine.

And just in case you forget or don't understand the mechanics of reading, there's a graphic at the top that says "rotate magazine".


Also, I've had about four billion updates from Creation today but all about the damn Twilight tour. Not a single one about the SPN cons. I pounce on them every time I see an email from them in case the cheap tickets are finally going on sale for the Vancouver con.

--> Update on an SPN guest star (the first!): Hope he never cheats on her.

--> I'm feeling better although my stomach's still rolling like a storm across the prairies. I had wicked chills/hot flashes all night and woke up feeling disgusting. AND I had the weirdest dream. Everything hurt, everything ached, even my teeth. So I didn't go to work again today for fear of sweating on someone. I've now eaten something solid, although I likely shouldn't have, and my body temp has appeared to have evened out. So tomorrow it's back to the grind.


Feb. 17th, 2009 06:21 pm
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So, yeah. Sick. Spent most of the day in the bathroom, thanks very much. So I left work at around 9-ish, I think? Maybe later, I don't know. I don't know if I'll be back tomorrow. Guess it depends on how my night goes and if I can get rid of the chills.

Update on The Vampire Diaries: Nightfall or whatever it's called. Um )
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I made it almost 2 hours at work before everyone in my department collectively sent me home. They don't want to get sick and I have the luxury, now, of being in a department where if I'm not there it won't harm their work load any. So yay. My job calls for a lot of talking, on the phone and in person, and my voice, although better, sounds like shit and is getting worse the more I talk.

My sinuses are aching a bit today and I'm still snotting all over and my coughing is pretty bad so I totally get why they sent me home. I get 18 sick days a year, apparently, and I've been there since May without taking a single one, not even when I hurt my back so badly I was standing to do my work and crying. THAT'S the difference between the department I was in versus the one I'm in now.

So I have new drugs specifically for my sinuses, I have four new containers of juice (I've had six since Saturday, I'm in the middle of the seventh so that'll be 11 things of juice) and a pizza and a half in the fridge waiting for me (the first time I've been truly hungry in three days, you bet I'm eating something good) so I am prepared for a day's worth of election talk and results.

Still wearing Obama blue!
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Thank everything holy in the universe, my layout works. [ profile] gwentastic gave me all the links to the community posts I needed and talked me through what to do and was likely restraining herself from headdesking as I tried, tried and tried again to get the damn thing to work. BUT NOW IT DOES!

I have a flexible squares layout and YET I have extra entry links, other than the number of comments and a reply link. How awesome is that? So major props to [ profile] gwentastic!

If anyone has a few seconds to spare how about voting at [ profile] supernatur_lims?

I'm not going to work tomorrow. I spent yesterday in a big fog, both sickness and drug-induced. I had NO voice yesterday and for most of today. I still sound like someone's punched me in the larynx or something now, and I'm still getting the sweats so I'm probably still contagious. I called my supervisor and she was like-- uh, yeah. We don't want what you have. Stay home. The only thing that sucks is that I'm early shift this week so someone has to take over for me. But I'll be back on Tuesday. I'm sure I'll be better by then. Hopefully, anyway.

What sucks is that this wasn't even a major thing when I got it. I had a bit of a thing in my throat, like I couldn't clear it properly, and then my voice got hoarse (as if I'd smoked a half pack on Thursday night, my supervisor said) and then on Friday it settled in. Awesomesauce.

I also have made NO progress on my Mini!Nano or any further in my [ profile] autumnwrites. October was a huge wash for me, writing-wise. Sadface.
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Halloween was fun, although I started falling sick hardcore today. Right now I've got some chills, body aches, fever, the usual, of course. I still went out for dinner, because I felt good enough for that and didn't want to bail and had the best blue rare steak ever. When you ask for a rare steak, some businesses need to learn what the hell that means. This place did it well. It likely wasn't the best I've ever had, or ever will, but it satisfied the craving I've been very obviously having.

I slept through most of the movie we were watching, though. The two RL fangirls were there, including the internet!RL!fan, so that was fun.

So I've just taken Nyquil for the first time. My throat hurt so bad it's hard to swallow anything and the taste of it almost made me gag.

So now I'm going to bed, and like, dying.

I got some pictures, they might follow tomorrow if I feel up to it. I can tell you're all very anxious. ;)

So, yeah

Jun. 19th, 2008 06:03 pm
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Tail bone? Most likely cracked (re: this morning's entry). The doctor can't really tell, though, because they have to do an x-ray for it. I'm still walking (albeit slowly, and like I've got a load in my pants) and since I can't get to the x-ray clinic until Monday at the earliest, I'll have to take a shitload of ibuprofen and hope for the best.

I went to the walk in clinic right behind my work because I couldn't take the pain. I was crying at work, it hurts so much. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand and it DEFINITELY hurts getting between the two. I asked the doctor about my molar infection, too, and he didn't even LOOK at it. He just wrote me a script and sent me on my way. On the one hand, I'm sure I'm right and this will DEFINITELY help, but on the other... the fuck? He was in the room with me for about a minute and a half to two minutes.

When I got back to work one of the sales ladies got my supervisor and the other guy in the department to jack my monitor up on a box and put my keyboard and mouse on make-shift stands so I can stand up and do my ads. It's not comfortable but it hurts least since after I sit for about ten minutes my ass hurts like nobody's business. At no point, of course, did anyone dare mention the idea that I go home and not be on my feet all day. There's just too much work to do. :|

Work sucks, I hurt, I'm starved and I have to do the newsletter. I still have three days of work, too, after working the past 11. HOW FUN DOES ALL THAT SOUND?!

*tries to convince self calling in and quitting on the spot is NOT a good thing*
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I fell down the stairs this morning, at 5:30am. I think I'm going to have to start closing my blinds a little because the sunlight is fucking with my body.

Anyway, my butt REALLY REALLY HURTS. I hope I didn't do anything to my tail bone.

I also seem to have some sort of infection behind my left molars which makes it hard to talk, eat or even open my mouth.

I can't miss work because I work this weekend and we have SO MUCH work to do that my supervisor would probably have a coronary if someone else called off sick or something.

Some days I really, really want to just walk out.

I've only been there since May 6th. :|


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