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My tumblr totally shat itself between last night and this morning. I had enough posts in my queue for a week or more and every single one of them got posted. I mean, shitty enough that everything I built up is gone but also that I basically assaulted everyone who follows me with close to 200 more posts than they're used to. UGH.

Therapist says I'm depressed but she doesn't want to prescribe any meds yet. I understand and I agree but at the same time I kind of want something, anything, to turn around or feel differently so I wouldn't be opposed to them, for sure. I almost wish she had prescribed some. We'll see.

But we definitely touched on something that made a lot of sense and has started me thinking on a new path after last week's appointment. I doesn't make things any clearer for me or make me any happier but I'm hoping it will start me on the road to being able to figure out what I want, what will make me happy. I be content and able to breathe in one spot. My only worry at this point is that my initial reaction will be to settle because I've already started thinking along those lines. I can't trust that those thoughts are legitimate or if they're merely a desperate attempt to feel better about everything falsely.

It's hard enough working through feeling sad and anxious half the time and not feeling ANYTHING the other half, while on top I have to do something that feels like re-finding myself. Although I don't know if I've ever felt that I've found myself to begin with so whatever. ANYWAY.

I don't know. I mean, it's cute and all and there's enough character relationships that I'm interested enough in to keep going but I don't find it that funny. Or witty. IDEK. It was a bit of a impulse buy. Well, kinda. I had to order it into the store. I don't know why I didn't just try the first ep before I bought the season. I usually do. Oh well.

I will say that I HATE the credit fonts and the way date stamps sometimes fly across the screen. The colours and font are very dated. So '90s. I like Leslie Grossman, though.

This episode was ALL over the place.

- Sophie-Ann was heard but not seen. I guess she really didn't need to be in the episode but then we had the random randomness of that one scene between Arlene and Terry. I can't believe how many people STILL don't get that RENE is the goddamn father. I suppose they needed to throw them in a scene somewhere just so we all remember they're still around.

- Jason was a dumb-fuck, of course. I like him with Crystal, though. I don't know how long that will last, however.

- We still don't have 100% confirmation that Franklin was killed, no? Talbot mentioned that he had to bury bodies and talked about Lorena but he didn't mention Franklin, right? So who knows.

- I was very happy when Sookie and Bill decided to part ways. Sad it only lasted about 40 minutes. I'm sure that this whole scheme was only concocted because we haven't seen Anna Paquin's boobs since last season. Hello there! Welcome back, Sookie's tits! How're ya hangin'?

- I really liked the Bill and Jessica reunion and how he was training her how to fight werewolves. However, all that likingness went out the window as soon as Bill and Sookie started sexin', leaving Jessica (who, the last time Bill saw her, was wounded and being chased by a werewolf, thanks) to fend for herself. Yes, he would have known had she been hurt or killed or whatever but until that VERY moment would he have been able to get to her in time if she needed help?

- Sam/Tommy/the parents. I don't really have a comment on this right now.

- Why was Eric's face and ear bleeding when he grabbed Hadley in the hall? Did I miss something on that one?

- Naked!Eric. Naked!Eric having gay sex. Naked!Eric having gay VAMPIRE sex. It was all pretty hot until the situation got all gooey, and not in a good way. I didn't mind Talbot, thought he was funny, although he was definitely acted like a petulant child most of the time.

- I wish that Tara was given a new dimension sometimes. I get that her personality is that which is very angry and can turn at a second's notice but she and Sookie end up fighting more often than not now. Every time they have a "moment" Tara usually flies off the handle. I don't know.

- I was glad to see Lafayette and Jesus get past their differences, at least for a little while. I think Lafayette's mother is on to something, though. Of course no one can be happy in Bon Temps for more than a day so there's shit coming down the pipeline for those two.

- ALCIDDDEEEEEEEEE WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAAAVEEEEEE. Not just because the werebitch showed up but because they were going to kisssss and it would have been so hot and UGH. WHY CAN'T SOOKIE AND ALCIDE BE TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY'RE SO HOT AND HE'S BETTER THAN BEEL!!!!!!

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True Blood 308 set 1 (267 caps ~ MB) // True Blood 308 set 2 (267 caps ~ MB) // True Blood 308 set 3 (267 caps ~ MB) // True Blood 308 set 4 (267 caps ~ MB) // gallery

What the fuck did I miss, for serious? Did Talbot get kinky while Russel was away?!


When she opened this up I was like- when the fuck did she find time to scrapbook? And then there was only one photo and I was all, "Oh."

A little American Psycho, no?

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