Feb. 19th, 2010

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First off, what's the point of adding people from a friending meme and then cutting them a couple weeks later?

This week has been terrible. Terrible. One more time, TERRIBLE. I haven't stressed about it too much, aside from the first day everything started happening, which makes me kinda realize I'm over this job. It's a good job to have and I make pretty good money but I'm coming to the point of not giving a shit anymore. I want to do my job well but beyond the direct communication and duties I have with customers I'm pretty over trying to bend over and let the company fuck me up the ass.

I'm not going to get into explaining what exactly happened but I'll just say that there were expectations put upon us that caught my whole department off guard and we're going to fail their goal that we're supposed to achieve by Wednesday. And I. Don't. Care. Because no matter what I do or say we're going to get in trouble. Because shit rolls downhill, as we were told, literally, this week. By someone from management, might I add.

I finally have gone back to a massage place. My first massage therapist has kinda fallen off the face of the earth and I don't know if she's even doing massage anymore so I found someone new. She was nice enough, hard to tell how we'll gel after one appointment, but my shoulder and lower back muscles are rebelling right now. They HURT. I liked my original massage therapist because she would tell me what was happening as she worked on me, what was doing what and why this or that hurt, etc. With this new one we just shot the shit about everything and anything else happening. Which was kinda cool.

Anyway, on to other things. Like a review of last night's Project Runway )

I'm downloading stuff like CRAZY these past few days. I was trying to get all the episodes for The Vampire Diaries so I can re-watch the eps I didn't pay attention to or missed, ran out of free download whatever with Megaupload so I bought an account. I've dled the Kevin Smith talks and the Ellen comedy specials, Primeval s1 & 2, Secret Diary of a Call Girl s1 & s2, some movies, going to get whatever there is of Robin Hood, perhaps I'll dl Merlin S1 and s2 to give it another go, etc, etc. I'm burning them all, though, because I never watch the shit I dl onto the computer. I'm too easily distracted.


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