May. 18th, 2010

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I noticed some people a while ago commenting about how dead lj was buy I chalked it up to the site being slow bc of the ontd switch over & stuff. But I've been noticing how quiet my flist has been of late as well. In fact, I've only had two updates in almost 2 hours.

But I've noticed myself posting less lately, too, and spending more time on Twitter or tumblr. Anyone else finding that?

I did quite a cull on my facebook, going from 72 people to 40. I deleted a lot of people from hs/college who I haven't talked to since before I moved. My life and theirs are in different places and, I don't know, it's just not that interesting to me. I'm also kind of toying with the idea of deleting my facebook since I haven't used it since February or something. Couple that with the increasingly alarming security issues wirht the site and it's not really something I want to be part of.

However, when I was deleting people I saw a friend of a friend who I hated through school and who I got stuck with as a roomie in 1st year for a couple weeks (the proctors in years after used our example as a training exercise!! Great! My legacy lives on!). Anyway. I checked out her page to see if hers was locked down a z whattya know, it wasn't. So I saw photos of the baby she had a few months ago and the man I presume is her fiancé. Who looks about 55. I found this highly amusing for many reasons that would take too long to get into but boils down to being somewhat appropriate but at the same time so fucking weird since I figured she'd never leave our town or her parents.

It also served as a reminder to lock that shit down on my own fb.

Getting more and more excited for NYC. Realized last night that ny based shows, like gossip girl might very well be filming when we get there and almost plotzed. JAZZED!!!

Anyway. Typing on the phone is annoying and I have to sleep.

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