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Attention New Yorkers on my Flist!! I'm going to be in the city starting on the 21st and I'm SO EXCITED! Perhaps there could be a meetup or dinner or something arranged?

I'm realizing now that where we're staying is going to be a bit of a hinderance to us but not too much of one, I hope. It's going to be a LOOOOOONG trek from the Newark airport all the way over to Queens (which I found out thanks to a website linked to me by [ profile] itsthedetails. I kind of wish now that we HAD chosen a hotel in New Jersey but I don't know if it really would have mattered much in the long run. Once we get into the city or where we're going every day we won't care, I don't think.

We fly in on the 21st and I'm sure that once we get there on Wednesday we'll venture out a bit in the neighbourhood but I don't think we'll be doing anything too strenuous or touristy since it'll take us a bit to get to the hotel and nerves may be frayed. But Thursday? Watch out NYC! I want to shop, shop, shop. And then shop some more! We want to go to the Moma and the Museum of American History (pardon me if I'm butchering the names), maybe the Bronx zoo.

Can anyone suggest some good vintage places or funky clothing stores in the city that I should check out? Or some antique shops or just quirky things stores?

I'm really enjoying this season so far! I think Jason's storyline is the one I could care less about (which is really par for the course with me and him) and I'm kinda bored with Tara but now that the dude is mixing in with the Kind or whoever the hell Russell is again I'm hoping that her inclusion with the vampire stuff will work out in her favour and for the benefit of the viewers.

I wish, wish, wish Sookie and Bill were going to stay broken up. He's just so goddamn boring when he's with her. I liked the vive Sookie had with Alcide. Although I wouldn't want anything happening between them right now with him still being hung up on Debbie. That sort of thing just depresses me because you know it won't work out in the end. But if Alcide stuck around for a while I definitely wouldn't mind.

That little scene with Sookie and Eric was also interesting but I don't know if I like the direction Eric is going in right now. It almost seems like he's losing his edge a bit and I don't know if that's because of his increasing infatuation with Sookie or because of what's happening with the Queen.

I'm even looking forward to seeing more of the Sam storyline, but that could easily change again next week since I'm not a huge fan of Sam most of the time. He's also very boring to me.

I'm just all around super enjoying the werewolf storyline and how that ties into something that's been around for generations and has?? a tie in with the Nazis. I find that whole storyline very intriguing and all the characters that are coming together to resolve this storyline are also interesting.

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True Blood 304 set 1 (316 caps ~ 21.6MB) // True Blood 304 set 2 (316 caps ~ 23.1MB) // True Blood 304 set 3 (316 caps ~ 19.6MB) // True Blood 304 set 4 (319 caps ~ 21.9MB) //gallery

Set 3 is a little behind the others but will be finished in about 15 minutes

neo called for you, Russell. He wants his look back.

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