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Doing a little better emotionally this week, I think. Sort of. I think I'm back to not feeling anything again. I have an exercise I have to complete for my next meeting with the therapist on Tuesday and I've been trying to think about it for the past two weeks. Evaluating my life is hard.

I'm trying to keep some stuff on my plate right now. I have a movie date Tuesday and Friday I'm going out with the girls from work. I'll see if Saturday the group will go out to Pirhana 3d.

So I'm finally finishing the QaF marthon that a friend and I started, oh, a year ago? We still had half of season 4 and all of s5 to get through but she's gone now so now I'm on the last couple eps of s5 after a day. The show really did peak with season 3, huh? I mean, I still enjoy the last couple of seasons for sure. It's not like I was with the end of Buffy where I couldn't even bring myself to BUY the last two seasons until like--last year.

Season 4 was all about depressed Brian and season 5 was VERY politically motivated. It really does feel like at the end of it Cowlip took the feeling of the moment and just threw it as a blanket over the whole season. Which isn't necessarily a BAD thing but it didn't make for the most rounded characters. Especially when it came to the Mel and Linds' storyline, the custody dispute, etc. These two characters were just two episodes ago having violent hate sex and then they ask to take their kids to another country and Michael, King of the Whine, is all--yeah, sure. Take them away! Never mind that I threw an epic shitfit when I realized you two were separated and tugging our kids back and forth!

And the whole Brian/Justin thing. Jesus. I remember at the time the fan discussions of how Cowlip really liked rubbing it in to Randy about his character that he didn't agree with and writing him stuff that he hated. Gale's acting when it came to the proposal scene at Brighton was cringe-worthy. Wow. His whole characterization at the end of season 5 was bizarre, bombing notwithstanding.

I think Emmett's storyline at the end of the season, breaking up with Drew, was beautiful and touching, even though the whole thing leading up to the end was a bit far-fetched.

I also watched the first season of Popular last week. I think it had good potential but I don't think I really agree with Ryan Murphy's storytelling when he's left to run amok. Same with Nip/Tuck and Glee. I started NT back in the day and even have the first couple seasons on dvd and then it went WEIRD so I stopped watching. I might get the second season of Popular since there's only one more but I don't know. I want to see it but at the same time I don't know if I want to expend the effort for a show that I'm not totally YAY about and that leaves you hanging after the next season (I already know, kind of, what was suppopsed to happen in the non-existant season 3. I heard about it, even if I didn't know 100% who everyone was).

I don't know what to start watching next. Maybe I'll finally get around to watching all of the One Tree Hill seasons I have but never got through. Or I'll just hold out hope that The Vampire Diaries has arrived early and I can snag that instead.

I don't even know about this episode.

I'm pretty sure I liked it? But there was SO MUCH STUFF in it that I don't know if I can properly process it all.

I'm getting frustrated with Crystal. I get why she's doing the things she is and why she's so attached to her family but like--fuck off with wanting Jason and then saying he's a rapist in the next breath. I don't even know what that's supposed to accomplish. She either needs to tell Jason what's going on or leave him the fuck alone. I know what's up with her and right now it's just annoying the way that storyline is playing out.

Bill can fuck off and die. Again. UGH. I wish Alcide would come back, even though it's only been a day since he left. He should just send Bill away.

So... Russell, eh? I don't even know. I've heard some brief comments about him from the book storyline and this doesn't sound like what was supposed to happen. Same with the Franklin thing. I'm glad he's gone, honestly. I found his portrayal scary more than funny, but that could be my own issue with men who are delusional to a terrifying degree.

I'm glad Tara is seeking help, FOR SURE. If anything could come from this shithouse of a storyline for her it's that maybe now she'll get real help, rather than getting spiritual "aid" from her mother, an exorcism or fucked over by a meanead. Maynead? Whatever, don't care. Although I don't know what to think of this new waitress that's inserting herself into Tara AND Arlene's lives, especially at times when they need help the most. Of course nothing is as it seems in Bon Temps so who knows who/what she'll turn out to be. Maybe she WILL just be a nice, helpful, human lady. Hope springs eternal, of course. But she's probably going to turn out to be a squid hybrid with connections to Rene or some mystical whossit or something.

Would have been nice to see some after-the-fact concern on Bill's part for Jessica. But I suppose he was still high from fucking Sookie. UGH. Also, they'd better not hold out on the big "reveal" on what Sookie is. I know what she is but I don't want Bill to make something up about it or hide it or be generally shifty about it. I hope this isn't the end of Hadley, either. I kinda like her. I would imagine that once Sophie Anne is able to get out of Russell's clutches she'll be able to find her.

Jesus and Lafayette are adorable. Jesus' tattoo is cheesy.

I rather like Nan Flanagan. She's no bullshit and I like that her part has been enhanced a bit.

I don't know what to think of the Sam/Tommy thing this week. I thought that perhaps the kid was starting to come around a bit and would be less of a royal fuckhead but guess not. And Sam losing his shit was interesting. I don't know if I like Sam out of control. Same with Arlene this week. I feel for her but because of the other waitress I don't know if I should trust the situation or Arlene to make GOOD decisions on this one. Terry's going to be far more upset if she does something to that baby than if he found out it wasn't his. Which he will. And she probably will, too.

Only 3 episodes left until the end of the season!

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True Blood 309 set 1 (280 caps ~ 21.1MB) // True Blood 309 set 2 (280 caps ~ 22.8MB) // True Blood 309 set 3 (280 caps ~ 22.3MB) // True Blood 309 set 4 (280 caps ~ 20.0MB) // gallery

There were a lot of boobs in this episode. I almost slapped one in here of Tommy's lady friend but chose Sam instead.

Yeah, that's right, Bill. Tackle that bitch to the ground. *rolls eyes*

This scene amused me a bit. Although what's left of Talbot looks just like the jam my family used to make back in the day. Yummy.

Love how he's so nonchalant about having some dude's spine in his hand. Although it looks like a bloody turip root or something.
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