Jun. 12th, 2010

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It's a gorgeous day here, finally. There are menfolk on the roof, putting down new shingles and I finally have a window again. It's weird how quickly you gets used ot change without realizing it. Now that I have the window back it's a little weird but I love it. I can finally see out. I missed the leaves growing fuller on the trees over the past few weeks and it's now almost totally summer.

It is SO frustrating how long it takes for my caps to upload on a Saturday.

Saw the A-Team last night --no really big spoilers )

I watched and capped "Vincent and the Doctor" last week but I didn't have time to sort and upload them as I was having people over. It's been a week so I won't cut my reactions to it.

LOVED IT. It was a gorgeous episode that made me cry and from the few episode reactions I saw afterwards I gather that was the general concensus from most viewers.

The story was awesome and I felt bad for the monster, as well as Van Gogh. The ending was simply wonderful and all the characters were fun and light and melancholy. The colouring on the episode was also wonderful. The graphics I've seen come out of the episode have been lovely.

Doctor Who 510 set 1 (216 caps ~ 20.1MB) // Doctor Who 510 set 2 (216 caps ~ 22.8MB) // Doctor Who 510 set 3 (216 caps ~ 20.5MB) // Doctor Who 510 set 4 (216 caps ~ 24.2MB) // gallery

** Preview caps for the next ep are in the last zip.

510 - Vincent and the Doctor )

The Lodger & one comment about the preview for next week )

Doctor Who 511 set 1 (216 caps ~ 20.0MB) // Doctor Who 511 set 2 (216 caps ~ 19.7MB) // Doctor Who 511 set 3 (216 caps ~ 15.4MB) // Doctor Who 511 set 4 (216 caps ~ 17.6MB) // gallery

** Preview caps for the next ep are in the last zip.

The Lodger )


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